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Happy New Year to My Readers 2015

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Thank you ,everyone for visiting my blog and Wishing you Peace, good health and
prosperity in the New Year !

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Overcrowded classes at MES Indian school in Doha

I was really shocked to read in a local daily that  an Indian school called MES is so much overcrowded that they are not allowed to admit new students at all.  In a facility designed for  around 5000 kids there are more than 10 000 students !

illustration only

Physical education class at Nelson College for Girls - Photographer unidentified, 1913

Healthcare woes in Qatar in 2014

 81 complaints were
found valid
were concerning incorrect examinations/assessment/diagnosis/treatment
18 about the
conduct of the practitioners
9 regarding those practising
without licence !

regarding violation of the local

Good news : less cheaters are trying to get permission with their fake certificate . This number was in 2009 17 %  but as the authorities got really though on the fake  medical certificate holders nowadays only 1.7% is trying to get a job with forged certificate !


Have you ever been mistreated at any health care facility in Qatar ?

You can write about it for the QCHP 

Dr. Heath injects serum [human]  (LOC)

illustration from Library of Congress

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Qatar Optimist Cup

The race was interrupted by strong winds on the first day but it will go on today as planned .
Participants from 11 countries  will sail at the Katara beach ....

more info

New Indian Community school planned

The Supreme Educational Council is offering a school building for free in case the Indian community wants to set up its own community school .There is a shortage of affordable seats at higher classes in Qatar . Many schools opened in September but they are expensive or offering education only for the small kids .
The Indian community is the largest in Qatar .
To recruit  professionals for the mega projects in Qatar affordable schools needed with quality education .


Friday, December 26, 2014

Chamber Music at MIA: Telemann and Mozart

 I was very excited to read about this as a lots of Hungarian musicians are going to perform. According to the list  of names five of them must be my compatriots .

When :Thursday, January 8, 2015, 6:00 pm
Where :Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Atrium
Tickets : There is no charge for this performance
 What to expect : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Horn Quintet in E Flat Major, KV 407 / 386c
Georg Philipp Telemann: Suite in F Major for 2 horns, strings and basso continuo, TWV 55: F12

Eugen Bold, violin
Flóra Kovács, violin
Islam Nour El-Hefnawy, violin
Raluca Stancel, violin
Edita Fabek, viola
Judit Kelemen, viola
Olivia Farkas, cello
András Chlebovics, horn
Atilla Szücs, horn

life sentence for trading amphetamine pills

Three persons were sentenced for possessing and trying to trade amphetamine pills in Doha .One of them got life sentence the others 15 and 10 years .They possessed more than 201,000 amphetamine pills .
Their nationality was not mentioned but we can guess that they were expats as the court talks about their deportations after the prison terms ...Yet, there is one thing I do not understand ... how can someone be deported when he got life sentence ?
What life does sentence mean in Qatar ?


Monday, December 22, 2014

Cold weather is coming tonight

Winter is here . In the Southern part of the country the mercury drops under 10 C -while in other parts the expected temperature is between 12 -15 C at night .
The weather is as it is expected at this time of the year . 22 -25 C  around Xmas at day times -and strong winds  bringing dust may disturb the visibility ...
Drive safely  and enjoy the winter  !

Sunday, December 21, 2014

how to find your way - Al Rayyan road closed

Numbers in Qatar - 38 %

38 % of Qatar revenues comes from LNG = Liquefied Natural Gas

 2/3 of their customers comes from Asia

Qatar is the world biggest LNG exporter for the time being

New branch of Lulu is opening in Barwa city ,Doha

New branch of Lulu is opening in Barwa city

Grand inauguration on 22 December
from 12 
location : Barwa City  - near Newton British Academy

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Proud Past of Qatar

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Do you know timbah ?

TIMBAH = Kora-t-elkadem =football 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Terrible Traffic Jam at Jaidah flyover

The traffic jam is terrible a the Center shopping complex .It has been always jammed for shorter and longer ways but now the  traffic jam is from Radisson(formerly known as Ramada ) signal to the Jaidah flyover .Actually the lines of the cars are on the bridge itself .
When someone tries to turn to the shopping complex can not find the roundabout .No way to turn to the Center  - one must go all the way to Ramada then  to turn back .
The Center roundabout will be replaced with traffic signals - the roads will be wider and stronger .
Three more weeks and it is over ! At least for that part of the road .

Traffic Jam in Arabic : Zahma -t -elseehiar

Monday, December 15, 2014

Traditional Boat Show on Doha Corniche

Qatar national Day 2014 /Corniche programs

National Day Parade 

Date : 18th December ,2014
Time :  Audience should be present before 7 am 
The parade will start later

 Palm trees illuminated from 15 to 31 December  2014

Fireworks only once for 10 minutes only  starting at 8 pm

Flag of Qatar Ornament
Flag of Qatar Ornament by almawad
Check out other Flag Ornaments at

News about the Lusail Light Rail constructions .

Lusail Light Rail Project

 an 8 km long tunnel completed

 7km of electrical and mechanical works are also

 The light rail project features 35
stations in a distance of 32km

Doha Metro News

16% of the total work of the metro line is ready

85km of railway
lines planned

in the two directions

three lines - Blue, Red and Green


Numbers in Qatar 3 billion dollars

When the 3 billion dollars investment to the expansion of the Hamad International
Airport (HIA) completes it would be able to handle 53mn passengers per year .
Current capacity is 30mn per annum .

Friday, December 12, 2014

Raising Wild Animals and its Consequences

It has been noted recently that some are raising some types of wild animals at home ... and some others take them to the public places or roam around with them in their cars.

These hobbies involve serious consequences as the responsibility of the person who pets them goes beyond to other people that reside in the neighborhood or the area as well as those visit parks or open recreational areas. It as well amount to violation of the prevailing laws that prevent terrorizing innocent people or frightening them.

The source of fear and concern of the other lies in the fact that these animals cannot be trusted as they are by nature wild and this wild nature cannot be changed by home environment and they may exhibit their original nature at any moment.

Hence, the Ministry of Interior tries to raise awareness on the seriousness of such behavior from its responsibility to maintain security and work to strengthen the community and to prevent the occurrence of any crime caused as a result of this hobby as it exposes the lives and property at risk.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions regarding these type of behaviours and how to counter them.

the horrific case of lion kills house-maid in kuwait

some years ago a cub attacked and nearly killed a 5 year old child

heart attack while playing cricket /bus station accident

A  young  Indian expatriate died of heart attack in Doha on Friday morning . While playing cricket in his free-time the young electrician had sudden chest pain then collapsed .He died before reaching the hospital ...He was from Kerala .

more information

This Friday was tragic for many other people too .A bus driver lost control over his vehicle and drove into people waiting at the bus station platform .Minimum four deaths were reported by witnesses and ten injures .
16 month ago similar horrific accident happened at the same station !


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Qatar National Day programs /Mega Cricket Tournament

Mega Cricket Tournament

 when :  Qatar National Day, 18 December 
 where : at the Cricket Stadium in West End Park
  what time :  from t 7 am in the morning and final will be played around 6 pm. 
 what to expect : . Six Community teams - Qatar, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka - will partake in the tournament
 Zaheer Abbas will be the chief guest
 Entry  free
transportation : buses availablefrom Family Food Cente - Airport Road, DPS-MIS school - Wakrah, Home Centre -nearby Jaidha flyover

Korean Food Festival at Lulu Hypermarket in Doha

 when : 11 -20  December 
where : Lulu hypermarket , Al - Gharaffa
what to expect : Korean cuisine themed programs

inaugurated by the ambassador of Korea Chung Keejong

Learn more about Korean dishes !

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

final with the French Epee team

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Ladies only dinners on Wednesday

Post by Wyndham Grand Regency Doha Hotel.

Ladies Night at Chopsticks restaurant  to spend an evening with female friends /relatives/business partners while enjoying  a sumptuous dinner.
When : every Wednesday
Where ; Chopstick restaurant /Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel 

Excellent idea !

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Katinka Hosszu breaks new world records

you made our day Katinka !

Hungary's result in the swimming event in Doha : 6 gold 3 silver 2 bronze thus we are ranked number two second to Brasil only .

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Reem island ghost caught

Reem island ghost was caught on December 4 ,2014 .After stabbing the Hungarian-American teacher she was wandering in the city then planted a bomb in the yard of an American -Arab doctor's garden . It did not explode ,luckily .
The woman lived in a luxury home .She is from the Emirates and she is 38 years old .
That's all we know .

Rest in peace Ibolya !

MORE DETAILS ON THE CASE : Dala al Hashemi, a Yemen-born Emirati national ( 38 )is the suspect for the murder . She admitted killing Ibolya . She pretended to be an old woman  and asked the victim's help for using the toilet for disabled people .Ibolya was  a helpful woman . The suspect was waiting for an American national to be stabbed . While Ibolya entered that toilet even she got into a friendly chatting with her to learn about her nationality .When Ibolya told her that she was American then she stabbed her 6 times .She was crying for help - some female security guard sent away the people from the lavatory but then the killer already did her job . Ibolya tried to get to the corridor . Unofficial sources claim  that some doctor living nearby tried to keep her alive ...till the ambulence arrived . I think she must have lost too much blood -she died in hospital soon . Her sons were to meet her at a cafe -they were wandering the mall -could not figure out what happened to their moms .Later they returned home where they got a phone call from a friend then the police was guarding them .

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

American Teacher killed in Abu Dhabi mall

 A 37 year old American kindergarten teacher was stabbed to death  by an unknown woman in the toilet of a mall in Abu Dhabi on Monday afternoon
The incident happened at the Boutik Mall on Al Reem Island .
The attacker is still at large . She looked like a woman -she was wearing black abaya and her face was covered with veil .
The witnesses of  the incident told the victim and her attacker had an argument in the public toilets outside Waitrose supermarket. 
The attacker then took a knife and stabbed  the American woman .
So far no more detail is known about the case .

Five years ago a Pakistani boy was killed in the toilets of a mosque in Dubai .

video about the suspect entering the mall , asking for direction from the guard ,taking a newspaper ,then after one hour a lots of people scared running out from the corridor and the suspect leaves   by lift goes out and nobody holds her/him up ... then the horrific scene of the murder with blood everywhere in the toilet

rather do not watch it  -it will spoil your day

update :  the victim was Ibolya Ryan - a Hungarian  teacher ,nee Ibolya Balazsi  -she got American nationality most probably by marriage ...

UPDATE : Dala al Hashemi, a Yemen-born Emirati national ( 38 )is the suspect for the murder . She admitted killing Ibolya . She pretended to be an old woman  and asked the victim's help for using the toilet for disabled people .Ibolya was  a helpful woman . The suspect was waiting for an American national to be stabbed . While Ibolya entered that toilet even she got into a friendly chatting with her to learn about her nationality .When Ibolya told her that she was American then she stabbed her 6 times .She was crying for help - some female security guard sent away the people from the lavatory but then the killer already did her job . Ibolya tried to get to the corridor . Unofficial sources claim  that some doctor living nearby tried to keep her alive ...till the ambulance arrived . I think she must have lost too much blood -she died in hospital soon . Her sons were to meet her at a nearby cafe -they were wandering the mall looking for Ibolya -could not figure out what happened to their moms .Later they returned home where they got a phone call from a friend then the police was guarding them .

Katinka Hosszu - the female swimmer of the year is in Doha

Katinka Hosszu , the Hungarian female swimmer who got the title of the female swimmer of the year - is going to swim here in Doha - she'll be racing the 200 fly, 100 back and 400 IM the first day.

the 12 th FINA World Swimming Championship ( 25 m)
will take place in Doha / Hamad Aquatic Center
on December 3 -7
Tickets at the Virgin Megastore

3 years prison for unintentional killing

Two drunken Filipino men started to quarrel on their company accommodation in Al -Khor . Then one of them kicked the other so badly that he had died due to internal bleeding . Doha court sentenced him to three years imprisonment .

Monday, December 01, 2014


Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Huangs not guilty according to Qatari court

The parents of Gloria -a little child who was found dead in her room after four days of not eating were acquitted from the charges of starving their child   to death .
 The parents were aware of the eating disorder she had had but never took her to any doctor in Qatar .They knew that she was hungry still they locked her in her bedroom for nights because of her garbage eating habit .( Why did not they lock the garbage  bin rather ?)

Their  case  shared  the public opinion  very much . Some people prefer to see them as totally innocent people who were the victim of a  bad bad  Middle Eastern justice  system which might have been biased towards the American couple with Chinese origin .

Others see their  case as a pure case of parental negligence  - a case which would get harsh punishments  in their own country .
Gloria was an adopted little girl from Ghana . She had been suffering from an infection as well which was not treated either .Her American parents had all the means to provide her the best medical care possible . But they did not !After all the procedures of higher and lower courts it is still not clear why they  failed to take her to one clinic in Qatar !

A video for music and hedgehog lovers

Piano lessons in Doha

1. Qatar Music Academy 

you pay for a term or for a full academc year /around 4 000 rials
location Katara QMA buildng 08

2 .Steinway Showrooms -Pearl

adult group course is specially designed to teach people how to teach themselves
From September to June, they have two groups every week: one on Tuesdays (ladies only) and one on Wednesdays (mixed). Each month, they start with a new group. Classes are given in their showroom 6 to 7 pm, by  qualified instructors.

Costs of the course are QAR 2000 (for 4 lessons). - together with a friend you pay only QAR 1000 per person.

3 Mrs. Daniela Skaf

Mrs. Daniela Skaf is now a distinguished teacher in harp, piano and keyboards in the area of Doha, Qatar. Currently she works at the International Academy of Dance, Music and Arts in Doha. She also gives lessons in harp and piano privately.

Mobile: +974 660 20264

more info on piano teachers
you can check out this conversation too

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Avenue 23 cafe - my breakfast experience

The breakfast was served with style - the tea came in a glass kettle and a candle kept it warm . It was not the usual tea bag but some pressed herbal tea in a metal tea infuser .We were sitting upstairs in a small room with glass partitions to separate us from the smoking guests .The windows were looking for the shabby area of Bin Mahmoud . If only it was in a nice park !
The white and purple decor /the comfortable armchairs made the place to have a stylish and cosy feel .

The time to taste the breakfast came !The omelet was very good - just a bit oily /just a bit hot with green chilly .The sausage was fried and very nice .The baked bean was nothing special .The labneh platter came with cut vegetables and toasts -it was artistic ! Very nice .
We ordered some crepe as well .It had beautiful look - as you expect a crepe in a five star hotel not in a street cafe .
Unfortunately , I forgot that chocolate cream means around here Nutella .That was disappointing .But the kids liked it - it came with banana and walnut pieces . It is also very strange for me that they do not sell in Qatar sweets stuffed with ground walnuts .Is it because the walnut grinder costs a fortune ? And the electric grinders are not really good ? Yeah I come from the country of Gundel crepe and I am very critical .The crepe with fresh fruits also came with Nutella . That really made me upset .No other filling exists around here ?

As we were leaving we saw everywhere only men - no one woman or family .

We arrived at this place on a Friday morning with coupons - just to hear that they do not serve breakfast on Friday mornings - they do not have chef !
We came back on Saturday morning - they had no clue what the advertisement promised us as breakfast . Finally what we got was totally different from what was promised . We did not make a fuss about it - and it was good . We had to wait 40 minutes for the breakfast .All the place have a very strong smell of cigarette . The smell in the small non-smoking rooms was of a chemical which was to neutralize the smoke's smell .

It is located right next to the Red Lobster restaurant at the end of the Al-jazeera street .

Sabah , the singer died at age 87

 The legendary songbird , the Lebanese  Sabah died the other day  .She was 87  and she has been singing for 60 years .  She had more than 3000 songs during this time . She is popular all over the Arab world among Muslims and Christians .
 I saw her around ten years ago  in TV shows  many people wondered how old she was but she did not answer those questions - she had  young  look but her voice sounded old . Actually I am surprised that she was only 87 - I  thought she was well above 90 .

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Equestrian Photography Competition

Theme : the Arabian horse in action
Prize :a trip to France’s most prestigious equestrian event, the Qatar Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe which will take place on the first weekend of October 2015, return flights and a 4-night stay at a 5-star luxury hotel in Paris
Deadlines :
until midnight 31st January 2015

who can participate ; anyone  who is 18 or older with a a valid qatari  id

more details

Monday, November 24, 2014

new women and maternity hospital soon opens

 New women and maternity hospital will have 200 beds, Qatar is a young society . Unlike other parts of the world the rich and the middle class have a lots of kids . The economic stability encourages expat families  to have more babies   than their middle class compatriots would typically have in their own country .
The number of deliveries  is 21,000 annually in Qatar hospitals . Delivery outside the hospital is not allowed .Hospital beds sometimes simply not enough .
The government 's hospital service has different levels to accommodate mothers . The standard rooms usually have 2 /4 beds with telephone /TV  and bathroom  and chair  bed for the relative who would like to stay with the mother .
Private rooms have only one bed with bathroom and with all the above mentioned services .Private suits at hospitals have a little "living room"  for the mother can have a place for visitors .

Government hospital's doctor have huge experience  - but those who prefer private hospital they can choose from 2 - 3 places ...They get for their money  five star hotel like experience .
It is also chic to go abroad for delivery ....but that is another story .

New buses and taxis coming soon

Mowasalat  announced  that they ordered more buses and their new 150 buses are being  produced . When those buses arrive  then the public transport company will have 300 buses in their fleet .
They are planning to invite more people/company to join the private taxi franchise  - taxi drivers will have to pay only around 1000 rial rent  - 500 rial less than before . 

Starlight Doha Skyline by Swapna Namboodiri

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Doha British School - Winter Bazaar

Victorian Christmas Cats Print

Victorian Christmas Cats Print
Victorian Christmas Cats Print by almawad
Check out other Victorian Posters at

Victorian Christmas Cats wearing lovely blue ribbons - they are sitting like kitties with good manners . Great gift for cat lovers /kids /vintage collectors . The original image is courtesy of Nova Scotia Archives. It was retouched and applied on this item by Alma Wad ( aka me )

Friday, November 21, 2014

NO -Kill shelter in Qatar gest QR 50 ,000

I was very happy to discover that there has been in Qatar a no kill shelter for animals since 2009 . Their name is 2nd Chance Rescue and the founder is Abdulla al Naemi . I was happy because I am totally disgusted from those places where they advertise " we have to kill poor thing unless you adopt it " One organization even left the cats unattended in a hot summer day in their cages when a fire broke out and pure kitties were grilled alive ... What a horror !2nd Chance Rescue is a nonprofit, no kill Rescue Shelter which takes in injured, abused and abandoned animals; nurses them back to health, and works hard to find them a loving home .So far they have a manager and two full time workers and  their capacity to shelter animals was limited to 120 .Hopefully, with this large amount they can give shelter to more animals . It was Chevron Phillips Chemical Qatar who donated this amount .

2nd Chance Rescue is welcoming anyone who would like to donate . If you are interested in their Volunteer Program, you can send them a private message or email

Grand Prix Fencing - in December

when :From December 5 to 7

where;  Venue 1 : Competition being held at Aspire Dome (5-7 Dec. 2014)
Venue 2 : Finals will be held at The Gate Mall (6 & 7 Dec. 2014)

what to expect
: Fencing  Grand Prix 
 In collaboration with FIE with the slogan "One Series. Nine Cities." Doha Qatar was selected to be one of the nine cities.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Doha Flowers Expo 2014

 Where : Museum of islamic Art ( MIA) park 
 When : Thursday 20th November
12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Friday 21st November
02:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Saturday 22nd November
12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

 What to expect :  international expo of the flower and gardening industry /live entertainment 

 more details

Qatar wins hosting rights for 2019 Athletics WC

 Qatar celebrates as it won the rights to host the  World Championships in Athletics in 2019 . One more reason   to hurry up with all those construction projects .

Qatar and the football world cup 2022

Now that Blatter confirmed Qatar position as a host for the FIFA world cup of 2022  - and now as it is cleared from bribery allegations - now that neighboring countries  send back their diplomats I expect quick changes in the city . I expect the acceleration of construction projects and the influx of expat workers .I expat soaring rent and other prices .  I expect chaotic  traffic due to the constructions  and even fewer places at expat schools .

 I expect more entertainment and exhibitions than ever  remembering the years before the Asian Olympic games in 2006 . One festival came after the other ...

I know people who left Qatar and now they wish to return .Life may be more exciting here than ever . May it bring good luck for everyone !

Monday, November 17, 2014

Businessman visa and truck driver visa through smartphone

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Numbers in Qatar - 421 millions

 There was an online auction the other day in Qatar . Fancy registration numbers were sold  by the Traffic  Department. 19  numbers sold and brought 421 million of Qatari Riyal .

Thai snack restaurant - debunked myth

I had read so many good things about this restaurant before .On the tripadvisor it had been called the best budget restaurant of Doha . I had high expectations .

At least to eat something tasty ...

The interior of the place was shockingly low level . Very low ceiling with some pink paint and some posters advertising the Thai tourism and large -painted fans .

The guests were   strange fellows that one never sees in Doha . I just asked myself where all those people come from .Ethiopians or Americans in large group with one single female with them ,  old rocker looking Brits , some Far - Eastern people .

Their menu was very large .Illustrated . One dish cost from 20 -35 QR -the large steamed fish around 70 .One soft drink was 5 - home made ice tea 8 .

I asked for chicken noodle soup . It came quickly in a large melamine bowl . It was full of small pieces of chicken which clearly was not cooked in the soup -but looked like leftover chicken torn into small pieces .It was very disgusting -I had to force myself to eat it . It had no taste - I had to season it ...
The kids asked for fried fish - for 30 rials they brought some little pieces of fried  Pangasius fish  on a very small plate . The children
ate it quickly and they were still very hungry. I ordered two steamed rice for them - they served only one - then later they wanted to make us pay for three .
The curry was also very disappointing - having no taste - some tasteless gravy with very small portion of chicken ...

I am not a connoisseur of the Thai cuisine . But for similar prices I had already had much better meals at the Thai smile
restaurant at Al-Bida park .Sometimes I cook at home yellow curry in Thai style ...I have always thought that it was very amateurish dish - I just cooked chicken/beef cubes in coconut milk and Thai curry mix from the supermarket - but my beginner's tries tasted like gourmet specialty compared to this one.

It was not cheap at all - we payed 200 QR and we were still hungry .Next to us I saw a young Korean looking couple sharing one single noodle soup then payed . This way it might worth it .
I do not recommend this place to anyone . If you wish to have Thai food then rather look for the Thai smile restaurant .At least at the Al-Bida park they had a much better looking interior with tastier dishes and happier service .Now  that branch is closed as all the park did close but they have other branches in the city .

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Beautiful bottle trees at the Aspire Park

Beat Diabetes Walkathon | Life In Aspire

Beat Diabetes Walkathon | Life In Aspire BEAT DIABETES WALKATHON Awareness about diabetes and healthy lifestyle.  Participants will walk one/two kilometers on the track around the lake in Aspire Park  
Date: 14/11/2014 -Friday
Time: 15:00 - 18:00
 Collect your free T-shirt and cap from 1pm onwards
Free blood glucose test
Live music
Fitness& Zumba session
Kids Fun Zone
Sports Zone
Drumming and more

Aspire Park Poster
Aspire Park Poster by almawad
Look for more office art at

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Art competition for students at MIA

Would you like to see your artwork published and displayed at MIA?
All you need to do is enter the Marvellous Creatures Art Competition by 15 December, 2014. 20 finalists will have their work selected for publication in an illustrated album. 

Who can apply:  all students born between January 1, 1989 and December 31, 1998 living in Qatar and abroad.

Works must illustrate ONE of the 4 stories provided

a 2‐dimensional art media wanted

Original art wanted

Prize : 
The 20 finalists will be awarded by the panel of judges during a reception for the opening of the exhibition, to be held in the MIA Library.

 more details 

The most prominent families in Qatar

Qatar, Top 10 Families (Weighted by market value) 

Thani (rulers)



 Note :a family in Qatar might be much bigger than in the west -  some families have thousands or ten thousand members - I guess

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Korean language courses at QU soon

Korean language courses  will be available for Qatar university students from the next academic year .
Qatar University (QU) and Korea Foundation established a Korean language teaching programme at QU .


South Korea and Qatar established diplomatic relations in 1974.
Their estimated number here is around  2 thousand .Five Qatari nationals -112  students, 2,067 had other types of visas.

North Korean workers are reported to be among the lowest paid in the country, earning US$170/month.

Learn more about the Koreans in the Arab world .

2nd Qatar International Boat Show (QIBS 2014)

When : 11 - 14 November 2014
Where ; Mourjan Marina/Lusail City
What to expect :
boat builders and suppliers of marine equipment set up their stalls at the venue
they are from the region / France / Italy /UK /US

Visitors could tour the marina during the four-day exhibition
My tip : go there even if you are not interested in boats as it is a wonderful new marina of Doha - not discovered by the crowds yet

yacht in the bay print
yacht in the bay print by almawad
Shop for Posters & Prints online at

Monday, November 10, 2014

Eric Lanlard baking Master Classes today in Doha

Eric Lanlard, the “Cake Boy” is in Doha on 10th and 11th November.
Eric Lanlard, aka the Cake Boy and star of Channel 4’s Baking Mad, will be giving baking Master Classes on 10th and 11th in Doha, courtesy of Tavola

QR 1,750 per day

Camping Season is Here

711 entries for novel competiton

Katara, the Cultural Village
Foundation’s Arabic Novel
Prize has received some 711
entries.157 novels were submitted
by women .The Arab Spring countries
have also the largest number
of  authors ,particularly  Egypt's ones .

Sunday, November 09, 2014

1,900 students barred from school exams

1,900 students barred from mid-term school exams at the Independent Schools . The Supreme Educational Council had warned students before taking this step . Simply there were too many students missing classes without proper reasons , Those who were absent seven days or more will be barred from exams .


Saturday, November 08, 2014

Friday, November 07, 2014

Rough fights at Al- Mana Secondary School

Qatar is not typically the place where rough and noisy fights or quarrels happen .The locals themselves are rather of quiet nature and the expats embraced this " khalivali "= let it go culture .Avoiding the conflicts is part of the daily routine around here .That is why someone gets surprised when hears reports about a brawl in a school .

17 students were arrested when a fight broke out at Al-Mana Secondary School . The school administration could not control the situation and called the police to prevent serious injuries . Not all
the parents were happy with this solution . They think the school should have solved the problem themselves .


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Free screening Rio at MIA park

Yoga classes for ladies in Qatar

yoga woman shirts
yoga woman shirts by almawad
Look at custom t-shirts online at Zazzle

where : Shimmers Yoga Studio/
AL-Siraj St. Opposite Peninsula Building D-ring Road Near Lulu Hyper Market
instructor : Reena Sahoo

Yoga Classes Timings:

6am to 7am
7am to 8 am

4pm to 5 pm
5pm to 6 pm.

call for appointment 33252536

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Sunday deadly accident

The story is brief and so much deja vue ...
Land cruiser strayed from the road and killed someone at a workshop working peacefully . The driver also died . One injured is in critical condition ... Why someone drives this crazy way so early in the morning ? At 6:30 ....
 On Salwa road  driving towards Abu Samra ...


Sunday, November 02, 2014

Trees and parks in Doha

Palm trees in Doha Card
Palm trees in Doha Card by almawad
Look at Palm Cards online at

Park in the Middle East Card
Park in the Middle East Card by almawad
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unusual tree greeting cards
unusual tree greeting cards by almawad
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Avoid Rumeilah/ Al-Bida Park

  I took my child for riding his little bike Friday night to the Rumeilah /Al-Bida park .
   It was full of people as usual - but it was like a nightmare .
No playgorund at all . It vanished . Around the lake missing fences / at the top of the hills -missing fences . Every toilet closed . Two buffets are still open but the Thai smile restaurant closed down ...
Kids can fall into the lake and  die =kids can fall off the higher areas onto concrets - kids are peeing around ...

 Later I found a notice that the park is under maintenance .
At other place I found an article that it is closed officially . 

 Why people are not warned ? How people with small kids are allowed to enter  when  all the area is full of hazardous objects ! How the  buffets are allowed to be open when the toilets are all closed !

Memory of the old parks of Doha

I met a young mother at a party. When we told her that we have been here for more than a decade then she said " Qatar must have been terrible when you arrived .. I mean there were no greens and parks "

Park in the Middle East Mouse Mats
Park in the Middle East Mouse Mats by almawad
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I was thinking about it - when we arrived along the Corniche -
there were 3 parks - The Sheraton park , Al- Bida , Museum park - I think all three are closed now
At weekend they were quite crowdy then we would go to Muntazah park . It was never crowdy - there was a very small entrance fee - and the fee kept the crowds away ...the great old trees .. the fountains , the swings , they were all wonderful . Then it was closed down for maintenance .10 years ago !

For an affordable fee there was a ferry boat taking us to the Palm-tree island .It was like a tale !Fresh air and palm trees everywhere !

Yes , Aspire park , and MIA park came later - and I like both - but the memory of the trees and old parks is still strong
in my soul ...

middle east sunset posters
middle east sunset posters by almawad
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IKEA and Middle East Peace Process

Out of 193 states in the world, 138 recognise Palestine. But until yesterday, this included only three EU member states: Poland, Hungary and Slovakia - now a new EU member stepped into the club  :Sweden .

Lieberman, Israel's foreign minister :

"Sweden must understand that relations in the Middle East are much more complicated than self-assembly furniture at Ikea."

Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom

"I will be happy to send Israeli FM Lieberman an Ikea flat pack to assemble. He'll see it requires a partner, co-operation and a good manual"

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Unexpected wall-decor in an American restaurant in Doha

There was a Soviet WWII poster as wall-decor in an American restaurant in Doha . It was in ciril letters calling for the victory and tanks and planes - I understood only words .It has been for a long time that I used my Russian .One sees in Doha more and more Russians and does not get schocked when hears that they want to set up a Cultural Center in Doha . But an American restaurant to have Soviet propaganda wall -decor ! It was something totally shocking .

It has not been the only unexpected thing there - It has never happened to me before . The waitress took my changes with my receipt away though I did not want to leave them any tip . I left that jar with the changes on the table while I was reading an article . I wanted to finish that thing before I pack away my changes - then she came and asked me about the bill " It is arranged already " - I looked up from my paper then she took the jar away with 14 rials and my receipt !

I was speechless ! I could not believe that this happened . I left it with her just because I was too tired . She gave us a big smile and "Thank you very much for coming "

Their breakfast was OK . My kids were happier with it than me . I ordered Cajun omelet which was supposed to come with "smoked salami and jalapeno " .It had no one single piece of jalapeno and the salami was rather tiny pieces of ham ... well it is the cultural differences ... in America salami must have other meaning ... I told to myself . It came with two tiny pieces of bread ... for 25 -30 rial - I do not remember exactly . My kids were luckier -one of them asked burrito for breakfast which was full of mushroom and veggies - the others asked salmon sandwich with poached eggs . They did not have Cappuccino ! Only Latte ! How comes !No foaming machine or device !

It was not so original ! And the service was very very slow.
By the way it was Roger's Diner in the Suhaim bin Hamad street - nearly opposite the Red Lobster. It is  in the mighty looking building of the Qatar Rails.

Halloween Brunch - Four Seasons Hotel Doha

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

fire drills in the country

Horrific accident in Sharjah

The terrible accidents in Doha of this Eid  is still strong and fresh in our memory  - then comes this accident with speeding locals in the  UAE . It is sad - very sad . The same pattern  - youngsters playing on the road at dawn /night when they believed it was empty /nearly empty ....they find their fate under a parking truck ...horrible dictu  -  two of the speeding car's passengers literally lost their heads .
May the common sense rule on the roads !

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kids Yoga at SFQ Sports Academy

Kids Yoga in Gharafa and West Bay Locations. Classes start November 6th!
Al Gharafa:
3 – 5 Years
Thu : 4 pm – 4.45 pm
Sat : 9 am - 9.45 am
6 – 8 Years
Thu : 5 pm – 5.45 pm
Sat :10 am -10.45 am
West Bay:
3 – 5 Years
Tue: 3 pm – 3.45 pm
6 – 8 Years
Tue: 4 pm – 4.45 pm
Register Now as spaces are limited.

Airbus A330-243 takeoff and landing - Emirates' new route

Oct 27, 2014
Emirates' new route from Dubai to Budapest . Welcome Emirates!

Budapest - Tehran luxury train journey

Budapest - Tehran luxury train   arrived in Tehran yesterday . The passengers were mostly wealthy Britons and Australians .It cost them more than  $3o thousand.Two weeks on train ! I like trains very much but it is so difficult to imagine that so much time can be enjoyable . The Golden
Eagle Danube Express train, operated
by Hungarian Railways -it offers decorated beautiful carriages and city tours in Iran .
What an unusual route and way to travel abroad !

I miss trains so much in Qatar !

some photos found on twitter !
thank you for sharing .

expat Qatar