Sunday, August 30, 2015

beautiful tree in doha - posters and Canvas Prints by almawad

beautiful tree in doha canvas print
beautiful tree in doha canvas print by almawad
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beautiful tree in doha poster
beautiful tree in doha poster by almawad
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Ceiling of Shopping Center collapsed in Doha - 18 injured

It happened in Ramez Shopping Center . A part of the ceiling collapsed leaving 18 people injured .  The building on the Salwa road was an old one . Some others shops were forced to shut down as electricity was cut in the area .

 This is not the first ceiling collapse in shopping centres in Qatar . As far as I remember in the last decade there was a false- ceiling collapse in the Landmark  and in the City Center as well . These were new buildings  and the quality of the  work  must have been poor . This is the first time I hear about old building collapse in Doha .

 Similar accident happened in Doha  in 2015  when a baby was hurt  .

 Here is the Ministry of Interior's tweet about the accident

summer festival 2015 - my experience

 After  Summer Festival 2014  when  there was a great Fun City set up in  Doha Exhibition Center I visited the facility with great expectations .Last year theme was winter - slides and snow villages , ski lessons and many more original and memorable  games . Like the school of acrobats where kids learnt about  the art of jumping from real acrobats - they were allowed to swing on the trapeze  and juggle with balls .. Well , this year there was the old ,tired ,boring games  . Nothing original . NO theme .Just very loud music , flashing lights and minimum 15 year old rides .It was rather sad , not fun at all . My kids played a bit on the inflatable slides - then  a session on the trampoline ... they were watching these " skill games "  where one has to throw a ring or a ball into a bucket or bottle neck... sadly ,they looked like a daytime robbery rather than fun games  - we were watching them for about 20 minutes and nobody managed to do them ... All in all - the fun city was a step back  compared to last year . Is it only me who thinks that our kids deserve more ?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Entertainment City Programs today

جدول عروضنا لليوم في المدينة الترفيهية. #مهرجان_صيف_قطرOur events at the Entertainment City today. #QSF2015
Posted by Qatar Summer Festival on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Entertainment City = Doha Exhibition Centre=family fun destination = inflatable rides, soft play games, and skill and video games +‘Mini Trade Fair’ f0r shopping + stage with live performances with a new show every week

Travelling to Georgia without visa

 Good news for the Qatari residents and Qatari nationals  that Georgia  does not require  visa anymore  .
 Why Georgia ?  You  can find  the answer here .

Typical Georgian salad with walnut sauce... And what is your favorite one?Типовий грузинський салат з горіховим соусом...
Posted by Georgia and Travel on Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday, August 02, 2015

qatar summer festival 2015

بدأت عروض مسرح المدينة الترفيهية. لا تفوتوا أجمل العروض الموسيقية للأطفال طوال اليوم. #مهرجان_صيف_قطر The live shows...
Posted by Qatar Summer Festival on Saturday, August 1, 2015
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