Monday, November 30, 2009

It was a nice meeting for Doha Mum's Group . The Indonesian mums hosted a breakfast for the international group . It was held at Al Waab 2 compound 's beautiful and spacious club house .Babies had their own play room. It was really great . I wish we could always have such wonderful facilities !
Are you interested in joining an international Mum's Club in Doha ?
You can do it here

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TODAY BEST AWARD FOR MY TIE DESIGN .Star shaped flowers all over the tie .Tiny patterns in cream color against brown background . Wearable fashion by Alma Wad . Great gift for Dad . Award winning design : Today's Best November 17, 2009 in US site)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Visiting Doha Zoo

We were lucky enough to be able to feed the girraffes .

The ducks were in a hurry not to miss the feeding .

The Zebras were having dinner .

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nice designs for little boys

I went shopping yesterday. Some new clothes were needed for a little boy . Great part of the money was left in my pocket.I was completely astonished: skeletons, skulls, monsters - that is trendy nowadays. At least, they want us believe that it is so .
Message for the Designers: I do not want my child to wear the symbols of death and killing !
However,I like colorful fun, cute characters, animals, toys, transport ...
Is this too much to ask?

The Tribeca film festival in 2009 - review

The Tribeca film festival really enchanted me .Also I must admit that I saw only one performance : a cartoon about a horse Assilia . The very special thing about it was that it was made in Hungary by an Iraqi -Hungarian director ,Al Zedi .
The way of watching the film was also magnificent .There was a huge screen on the Corniche - thousands of deckchair ... while we faced this cityscape by the sea -palm trees and skyscrapers - we were having some Middle Eastern stuffed cabbage sold by local women in tents around us .
Among the tents huge floral shaped retro style lamps were moving here and there ... there were tents in royal style to sit down and take a rest ....

I heard that the rest of the festival was huge success .. all performances were full of people hungry for films that have something to say ...

Yet the lack of public transport made me stay at home ...though I wished to watch very much other films as well ...
expat Qatar