Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hungarian politician in Qatar

   Shall we have some Hungarian  food product here in Doha ? Peter Szijjarto  was negotiating with top officals of Hassad Food as well .

Monday, January 28, 2013

Numbers in the Arab-Muslim World

Average  Age of  women getting Married   :  30

  20%  of women at age 40 are still single


It is spring in Qatar

It is spring in Qatar . We might have some cold spells in February   but it is usually like April in Europe .Yesterday it was sunny ,warm and no wind . I live in an old part of the city  where you can find a lots of trees . Birds were singing so cheerfully . Today it was    cloudy and a bit windy in the morning . Birds were still singing but not so happily . However I think winter with cold winds  lasted only ten days .

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arabian breakfast - ful ma gubn

 We had this traditional  Middle  Eastern   working class  breakfast  when we  ventured into a working class  restaurant    in Al-Wakra .
  It is fava  bean puree  with chickpeas and  cheese ( perhaps feta ) and  tomato dices . We had  to   admit that the working class    eats  really tasty and healthy dishes  here  in Qatar . (I would not say   the same much  about their  toilets .)
See  how to  make the dish .

Ful with cheese gallery wrap canvas
Ful with cheese gallery wrap canvas by almawad
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Qatar Airways the favorite airline of the Hungarians

Qatar Airways has become the favorite airline of the  Hungarians,   The survey called  " Az  en legitarsasagom " ( my  airline 2012 )  was organised by  the largest Hungarian online ticket  seller  agency .
  The same  Middle Eastern  company was the winner  in  the category   of the service value for money as well. In  brief , the Turkish  Airlines became the second and   the Dutch KLM the third .  88 percent of the participants of  the survey evaluated  a private travel and 12 percent business travel  .


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Numbers in Qatar - Population

Who are the people who live in Qatar ?What is the proportion of different nationalities ?
  Reading  an infographic   I learned  that  only 15 %  of the population  is Qatari.

    Roughly  there are 1,800,000  people in the country

24% Indian
16% Nepali
15% Qatari
13% Arabs ( non Qatari )
11% Filippino
7 %  other  ( westerners -latinos )
5%  Sri Lankan
5% Bangladeshi

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a trip to Dubai may be risky

A Hungarian lady living and working  in Qatar just complained  to me . Her  December trip to  Dubai  Atlantis  with her  child  failed as she was not allowed  to enter  Dubai . We  were discussing it   trying to find out the reason :  perhaps  the Hungarian Prime Minister's latest visit   to Dubai did not turn out well ....  it can be that ladies alone with a child  without male family members are not allowed .... then  we read this article  in the Gulf - Times . It turned out that  the same thing happened  to  several Qataris and other GCC residents   in the recent weeks . The reason is unkown  ...

Monday, January 14, 2013

how to make karak

 This cold  windy weather  calls for a  hot drink ! Karak is a kind of spicy oriental tea  which is very popular in Qatar

 It is  always sweet  and comes with milk .

  Basically it is  strong tea cooked with cardamom seeds and  sugar   then creamy milk added

 Recipe : 1  boil water
                2 add loose  tea ( Wizza  tea is preferred by the locals)  1  teaspoonful/cup
                3 add cardamom seeds and  sugar accordng to your taste  keep boiling them for some minutes
                4 pour   it  into  cups and let it set for some minutes
                5finally add some creamy  milk ( rainbow  milk is preferred by many )
 the tea -milk proportion is also a question of taste

  the result is a velvety /smooth  hot drink with spicy oriental touch

  there is  a simple way  to get your karak   - simply make strong tea then add the canned tea-milk which is already flavoured with  cardamom seeds

 I this your cup of tea ?


Sunday, January 13, 2013

It is cold in Qatar

It is cold in Qatar . 16 C at night and strong /cold wind blowing .
We went at the weekend  to an expensive restaurant  ... there were no heaters there either  -   we were sitting in a place where the cold wind blew on us at every time - the door was opened .
No heaters at my kids schools /kindergarten either  / nor at the office of my husband .

I saw workers  in the streets wearing slippers .Barefoot .

The local authorities started to speak about flu epidemic .... we are out of it  - I hope  - but it was not  easy to be cured .

 I am getting  introverted in this weather   - I like staying at home with a hot drink and reading something/watching an old movie ....  It feels like home ...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Umm Kulthum Hologram Concert

ND Productions created this uber sensational, nostalgic performance by a hologram of Kawkab al Sharq Um Kulthum at the launch event of MBC Egypt in Cairo with hundreds of Arab actors, singers, directors, producers and media persons.

ND was asked to generate full 6 minutes of Kawkab al Sharq performing live on stage appearing to be alive, giving the audience a wonderful and breathtaking experience.

ND was able to restore her footage from a 40 years old recording and resurrecting her soul on stage.

Monday, January 07, 2013

The Sugar in My Tea - Note Card

healing ginger lemon honey into your tea

 You will need  :  A small glass jars with lid
 1 lemon, sliced ​​(preferably organic)
Sliced ​​ginger (equal amounts of lemon)
(Hot water for tea)

 How to make it

Put the the sliced ​​lemon and ginger into the jar, pour the honey on them.  Put it into the refrigerator. A few days later it is ready .
Add 1 teaspoon of  it into your tea - not too hot  -for the honey's enzymes would be preserved .
Source: Eva Horvath 

down with flu

I do not know why  but some people think that the warmer countries like  Qatar are not affected by the yearly flu epidemic .In fact there is flu here as well .The Al Sadd emergency reported last week a daily 1700 little patients seeking help with flu like symptoms .A record number which can be due to the fact that some health centers closed for the expat families and operate for the locals only .

Home remedies are rarely suggested by doctors .At the supermarkets one can buy herbal infusions or baby tea  granulates .My kids love drinking the one in the blue jar ...At the Hyatt plaza  there is a TEA SHOP selling  a lots of  kinds of herbal infusion ...Linden tree blossom is something that every doctor would suggest in my country in case of flu .

Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year

Thank you  all my readers  for visiting my blog in 2012 ! Have a Happy 2013 and keep coming !

Winter holidays in Doha

IT  was  so quiet  in Doha last week .It seems that many people left  for winter holidays .  There  was not much  festive atmosphere here expect for the five star hotels .So many people  rather left  the country  to celebrate in the Emirates or at their home .
Ten years ago when we arrived to Doha we were pleasantly surprised at the sight of the Xmas trees in the malls .Then some three years ago those  artificial  trees   disappeared .It had disturbed the native population .They see in the tree  the symbol of Christianity  .When it has nothing to do with the Christians . It is a winter decoration in Europe /North America  ...to cheer  people up during the dark winter days .
On the other hand this is the first time that my husband got a day-off  for New Year  and   my child  going to an Arabic school got  a day-off  as well  for the  first time ...
Ten years ago when we arrived we  liked   winter  holidays here .It was not so  bad to spend the days outside at the family park /women's park in Muntazah .. since the those parks have been closed for unknown reasons .We liked the   festive selection of products at the supermarkets .Then a day while walking along the Corniche we saw a jazz band playing and singing by the sea  . There was a  winter festival that year in the city .

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