Wednesday, July 30, 2014

swimmer's death at sealine

 no details of the accident were given officially

 according to facebook comments he was a Nepali man  - a teaboy   of Arabilla Trading Company

THE USA - love and hate and the MiIddle East

Which countries love the most the United States of America . Interesting statistics also revealing who are the ones who dislikes the US .
The greatest fans are 1 . The Phillipnies .2 Israelis 3. South Korea
The less US fans live here : 1 . Egypt 2 .Jordan 3 . Turkey
the top three critics are from the Middle East Russia is only number four in the list - in war -torn Palestine - there are more US fans then in Egypt
more on the topic :

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mega Deals Qatar

I have just stumbled upon this site is collecting deals, discounts, offers & bargains on everything that you like to do, buy, eat or services in Qatar. Good idea to like them on the FB then you will know about the latest offers in the city .
Mega Deals Qatar

Friday, July 25, 2014

Coupon pages in Qatar

Coupon pages in Qatar

Everyone likes a good deal ! Buying things at half-price or so .
There are several coupon pages in Qatar where you can buy online goods or services .
I am trying to introduce them

1. Qgrabs
Their latest offers included : Mount. Everest Base Camp Trek ,Shoe Rack ,Online Photography Course with an Accredited Diploma,Eid Lunch for One, Swarovski Elements Ring, Eid Dinner Buffet
How you can pay ? Credit cards /paypal / cash on delivery
How you get the product ? For some deals you have to pick up the product / other ones are delivered to your home .
What you have to do ? After paying you will get an e-mail and print your coupon
see more

Their latest offers included : Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa itar buffet /Johnson Car Tinting/Eid Brunch Buffet /massage/ movie tickets
How you can pay ? Only with Mastercard .
see more
Do you know about more pages like those ? Please - leave a comment !

3 GCoupon - their latest offers included  BBQ Dinner with beverages (non-alcoholic) on a traditional Qatari Wooden boat
 I could not  find any other offer - they might be just at the beginning of their business
 You can pay by credit card (VISA and MASTER CARD)

using your accumulated account balance ( they give no explanation on that )

see more

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Qatar Summer Festival 2014

 when :right after Eid al Fitr holiday, from 4 August to 27 September 2014
what to expect : evening water fountain shows on the Corniche
Entertainment City at the Doha Exhibition Center
inflatable Aqua Park in Al Wakra
outdoor activities such as bike riding, kayaking and other games in Al Khor;

various activities in malls across Qatar including commercial sales and raffle draw and generous prizes
Disney On Ice show at the Qatar National Convention Center

Eid festival in Qatar July - 2014

sports, culture and entertainment for all
free of charge shows
Hyatt Plaza, City Center Doha, Landmark, Al Khor Mall, Lagoona Mall, and The Mall
seven days at various times from 5 pm to 9 pm

various entertainment activities, exhibitions and concerts
with the following partners
the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage; Katara Cultural Village; Souq Waqif; The Pearl-Qatar; Qatar Shooting and Archery Association; Lusail Circuit; Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Mosque; Al Dosari Zoo and the Game Reserve; Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum; Qatar Air Sports Committee; Sawt Al-Rayan; and Aqua Park Qatar.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

60 calls at the same time

the emergency number in Qatar is 999
 they get on average of 60 calls  at the same time
this is the number one has to call in case of medical emergency /fire /crime /accident might happen 
Qatar is such a multicultural place that the operators have to deal with these languages daily :
Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Filipino, Urdu 


 I am really surprised reading this  - I thought that the number of Chinese residents in Qatar is very low  but hindi /malayalam /tamil is a must at 999 call center

Dine out and Help Gaza victims

Dine out and Help  Gaza victims   -  dine out in one of the restaurants of Katara /Aspire Zone and you will help  Gaza victims as those restaurants are going to give  one day income for the Palestinans .The workers also offered one day salary of them for Gaza victims .

 When : 24th July
 Where : Katara / Aspire Zone

 Check out the restaurants of Katara here 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ramadan Corniche Car Parade in Qatar - Part 1

Corniche Car Parade in Qatar.
A huge variation of exciting cars in this video; from Bugatti Veyrons and Porsche Carrera GTs to Raised Toyota Tundras and Classic Minis!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

QA to avoid Ukrainian air space

Qatar Airways will not fly over Ukrainian territory until further notice .No need to call to get information about it .
This info was found on their homepage .

I guess a lots of worried passangers keep calling them about this topic .No wonder  that passengers are worried .

Saturday, July 19, 2014

the cause of our bad mood this summer

when I heard about it then I hoped that there were not many children on board - Europe is an aging continent - I hoped that it was not full of holiday maker families - unfortunately 80 out of the 300 passangers were kids :( : ( :(


how to enjoy summer when such things happen around us in the world ....?????????????

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ezdan Chef - cooking this evening

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dugongs in Qatar

Did you know ? Qatar has the second largest dudong population in the world after Australia .It is a sea mammal eating plants only .It is about 400 kg and can grow as long as 3 meters . Typically it has low reproductive rate so it is vulnerable to extintion .There is an ongoing research in Qatar about their lives .They are observing the dudongs in the beaches and looking for dudong tusks and they are interviewing fishermen . If you happen to see any of these sea mammals dead or alive then call dr. Mehsin Al-ansi at the Qatar University 7772 9996

28 New Schools in Qatar from September

 According to the Gulf Times  28 new schools is expected to be opened from September accepting around 10 thousand students .
 Parents seeking admissions to their children should check out the Supreme Educational Council 's website to learn about the new facilities .
 There is a shortage of school seats in Doha . Baby boom among the locals and  the increasing number of middle class expat families  are behind this shortage .

Sunday, July 13, 2014

ramada encore iftar buffet review

 Ramada Encore was built in an old part of Doha on a very small site .The building is high and next to other hotels .When we decided to try their iftar buffet then we wanted to explore something new .

It is a four star hotel . The restaurant with modern design  was so much minimalist that it nearly looked like a school canteen .It was rather small . Mostly families came to break their fast here but there was a large group of males as well .It really disturbed at first .I got used to families only sections .

 The buffet was modest looking . I started with harissa soup . That was the only kind of soup . It was spicy and light .Chickpeas and spices like clove or cinnamon  -  I thought first that it was an Indian soup but it turned out that it is  from  Maghreb area .It was a good start .

 Then I took some salads . The usual Middle Eastern salads : hummus ,tabbouleh ,mutabbal . I do not remember all of them - they were good and simple .

There were four kinds of main course on the buffet table .Lamb ,fish ,chicken  and mutton perhaps .I think Pakistani dishes .I forgot the names . They were good but not special .

On the dessert table there were some French pastry with oriental  sweet treats . I liked their rice pudding - it was a more concentrated one than our rice pudding that we eat in Hungary . The small cakes with silver icing were a visual delight .But they were not as tasty as they looked .

I tried not to eat too much .
The cappuccino was excellent .
And we are very picky when it is about good cappucino .

All in all it was a good but not very special iftar buffet .It was quite eclectic - when it is about Pakistani dishes I never ate better than in the rundown Shezan hotel's restaurant .
The service is excellent .Those waiters are probably the loveliest ones in Doha .

The value for the money : we used Qgrab coupons -so we payed half price  - 40 rials for adults/ 20 rials for kids .It was a real deal this way  but I am not sure that I would take it for the full price ...

official site 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Football World Cup final - watching in Qatar

Football World Cup  final - watching  it  in Qatar 

there are a lots of restaurant offering  soccer on widescreen tv -s  - you can watch  the final match while they expect you to spend a certain amount

Souq Waqif offers a huge screen -  free public event

Aspire Fan Zone offers climate controlled outdoor experience when watching the final of  Brazilian World Cup get your tickets here 

There is a fan zone at the Katara as well -tickets  distributed at the Exhibition Center  - it is free 

the final starts at 10 pm 

the fan zones have areas for kids

if you do not like soccer rather do not plan dinning out tonight

cake pops for soccer lovers

Soccer Ball pattern Cake Pops
Soccer Ball pattern Cake Pops by almawad
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

share your ramadan traditions

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Qatar and the solar power

Qataris dangerous plight in Abu Dhabi

Friday, July 04, 2014

mineral water unfit for human consumption

ZAMZAM MAQRI is the name of the mineral water which was sold without proper licences and found unfit for human consumption .
Beware of it ! Do not drink !


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