Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tribeca and Doha film festival separate

The film festivals in Doha started four years ago . It became a large event during that period .It was certainly  due to the fact that it was organised by Tribeca Enterprises .So it is shocking to read that they end their partnership with Doha Film Institute . What is behind that ? Is this because of the new leader of Tribeca ? What will be the Festival like after this rupture ?

Monday, April 29, 2013

The secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids - Lecture at the Katara

A secret of Europe revealed 

 when : 30 Apr 2013 05:30:pm - 07:30:pm
where :Drama Theater, Building 16

Join Dr. Osmanagich  as he shares the exciting story of the first pyramids ever discovered in Europe along with a lot of micro-images which will be presented for the first time.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

new countries that maids recruited from

Maids from Vietnam, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Cambodia and Bangladesh are going to enter Qatar soon . The Pilipinyas became way too expensive .Their embassy is asking now a minimum wage of 400 dollars plus plus plus .
Some Western people claim that they are the most intelligent ones in Asia and then they believe it themselves and they ask high fees . I have only part time maids now and then . I did meet one intelligent Phillipina and a bunch of annoying ones .
Talking to some Arab ladies from other GCC I hear that African maids are the best ones . Happy with their work and salary and loyal to the families  and they are serving decades there .

Light Showers in Doha and the secrets of the desert truffles

silent rains in Doha and  the desert truffle

 The  weather is not as hot as it was last week .   The sky is covered with clouds and a few drops are  coming down from the sky .It is called  light shower here .
 I enjoy this weather very much .Yesterday while sitting outside we were watching the sunset with clouds  then  the round shaped moon with  white vales .

 I just told to myself : Had been living here for ten years and I still do not know how the desert truffle search is made in Qatar . In Europe it is made by the help of pigs - but as in the Muslim countries pig is considered as an unclean creature then it is impossible that it is the same way .

 Then I just came across this article . I learnt the secret .Go to the desert after rains . Look for the plant called desert sunflower . Then try to  draw a circle  with  one meter radius around the plant  . Then you have to dig from five to ten centimeters  and you might be the lucky one who will find the truffles . They sell it 3000  Qatari rial a kilo . It is in February and March when you  find the most  .Especially in the North .

  Read this if you want to find out why it is a good idea to sell  truffles in Qatar !

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jews - Interfaith Conference - Doha

It was around a year ago that the Jews United against Zionism organizations leaders were in Qatar . They were here to inform people about the aim of their group / they emphasized very much the fact that it is unfortunate that many people do not differentiate between Zionism and Judaism. This is a success of the

Zionist propaganda. Judaism is religion while Zionism is a nationalist ideology. It is a transformation of Judaism

from religion and spirituality into nationalism and materialism ...
Now one of the most respected  Muslim spiritual leader Qaradawi expressed his dislike when some Jews arrive in Qatar for an interfaith dialog /conference ."The Jews were the one who caused so much pain to the Arabs " he said .
Can it be that he has not heard the request of those who asked not to mix those things up  ?

Friday, April 19, 2013

cool stadiums powered by sun

the plans for solar powered cooling systems for the huge football stadiums sound very exciting ... it is still nine years until 2022 soccer World Cup and Qatar wishes to show how they can use the solar energy ... they are negotiating with German companies about the researches ... Qatar wishes to sell energy in the future even when the gas fields are depleted .. this is a hot and windy country so they can use two kinds of alternative energy if they wish to do so

oriental sun mandala canvas prints
oriental sun mandala canvas prints by almawad
See more Abstract Canvas Prints at zazzle.com

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Emirati Dessert Lgeimat

fried dumplings in date syrup - the description is in Arabic -  you will need flour , sugar , baking powder ,milk powder , yeast powder , then mix them - add one egg , some oil, then mix again add slowly some water and a pinch of saffron  - then  you can form small dumplings either by wet hand or wet spoon and fry them  -eat it fresh with sugar /date syrup  ... a more detailed recipe can be found here

some words in Arabic  you might find interesting to learn
 flour  - taheen
sugar -  sookkaar
milk -  haleeb
oil  -    zeit
egg -   baida
water -  maa

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Child with dove coming to Qatar

250 million dollar for a Picasso painting  ...According to some reports it is a Qatari owner who will get the famous painting Child with dove .This way Qatar is collecting more and more famous paintings to open their own galleries .Previously they bought paintings of Cezanne .

related words in Arabic

child - teefl
children - alatfal

dove - hamama/ jamama

painting - looha
famous - mushhoor

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A ironic list about the signs of living in Qatar for too long


 How long have you been to Qatar ? How did it change your ways when returning home ?

 It is an interesting and ironic article .It is a British woman's point of view . Me as a Hungarian expat in Qatar see things slightly  in a different way .

 I  never use the five star hotels as a landmark when navigating the city . I feel lucky that a four star hotel  opened some years ago the next street and this way and I am able to make  the taxi driver understand where to come .
I have never found funny the street names here . Except for OLD SALATA  area - this is a district 's name in Doha and it means the OLD SALAD's area  - guess it - there is New Salata area as well !
But I think vegetables can be street names in other parts of the world too . At least in our town  at the posh green belt there are streets like ; Bean street , Pea street , Lentil street  .
 I wish our street in Doha had a name !Vegetable or  any other ! It has not . It  was built around ten years ago only .  Other interesting street name here  for me is Kahraba  street   which means the street of the Electricity  -  as this was the first street where  homes were supplied with  electricity .
Reading street names is a good way to practice Arabic reading. In Doha every street name is written both in English and Arabic .We often practice this way when walking the side streets with my  little children .

 The sight of farm animals on a truck is not unusual for me .Here one can see sometimes camels /sheeps being carried  somewhere. At home in Hungary I see horses  /cows rather .

Despite of leaving in Qatar for a decade I can stand the cold well .However sometimes it feels much colder than one should expect when it is 17 -18 C as the winds from the sea are usually very strong .

 I rarely drink Karak -  usually when I am at the Katara district .

About the Western outfits .  I was shocked when I came to Qatar . How many British women show their body ...I mean that this is a conservative Muslim country  and apparently they did not care .I was shocked to see overweight young   British women showing their tummy when wearing small tees when it should have been rather covered as there was nothing to be proud of .Luckily in Hungary women have more common sense and they cover up when it is more flattering .:)

 I miss the rain very much . I need it  as inspiration . I get very much in mood of writing when it is raining outside . The constant sunshine makes me an extroverted person.

  When  I went home the first time from Qatar I was shocked about the amount of green areas in my country  - about the indifference of the people towards the wonderful summer nights ( at eight everyone is at home watching tv ) - here though summer nights not as enjoyable as at home -one can see families in the parks even at midnight . I was shocked hearing a lots of foul language in Hungary / smell of wine and palinka in the streets and tobacco smoke at public places .I was impressed  how cheap my beautician works ( though she was trained in Paris and used famous French brands ) and that  despite the massive media coverage the Hungarian - Gypsy conflicts had no apparent signs  in the streets .I was pleased to hear that at the Tesco the shop assistants and the cashier was very polite and nice to the  Roma customers too  - that is rather  strange  attitude from shop assistants in Hungary .
Well - if there is a thing I really liked in Qatar that it is  impossible that anyone could be accused of stealing at shop only because he/she has a tan . I could tell you about humiliating experiences when the cashier made me empty my bag and pockets just because  my kids had not soo white look .Street dogs are rare here as well , and streets are not infected by their dirt .
Well , that was the point of view of a Hungarian living in Qatar for a decade .

Win a trip to Barcelona and travel with FCB to Germany

Passion drive us all  competition .

  What I have to do ?   1 . you click on the link above
                                    2. download and print the banner
                                    3 . get yourself photographed with the banner in front of a well known landmark  and submit the photo

Prize :  a trip( for two) to Barcelona, travel with the FCB team to Germany, and watch the Bayern Munich vs FCB game live on 23 April!
Deadline :    April 17  - when I am writing this you still have 18 hours !

Good Luck !

7.8 earthquake in Iran - around 1000 km from Doha - one hour after April 16 2013

Tremor and panic in Doha again . Tall buildings were swaying  and evacuated .  The center of the earthquake was in Iran /Pakistani border near the  town of Khash .It was felt even in Delhi they write .

I felt nothing  but  some says the bed was shaking under them while taking their afternoon nap . In Abu Dhabi many people complained that the whole school building was shaking / that people fell off from their chairs in their offices and that it lasted much longer than the  one last week .

  related words in Arabic

  eartquake    -  zeelzaal
  help            -  anajdaa

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Been to the Africa Festival ?

How did you like it ? I was absolutely amazed by the African art and  attitude .We saw African acrrobats /dancers / an African monster which reminded me very much to the Hungarian Busho  - we saw a lots of masks and sculpture . One of them look like an ET - really ! Colorful African textile and art . We saw a lots of African families living among us in Qatar but not noticing them  here .The highlight for my kids was the African drums . They were invited to the stage to perform with an African band and with twenty other kids . It was a really great experience to be united by the rythm  of the drums sounds .
We even got free food and drink . Some  rice with lamb /chicken couscous was offered with pineapple juice and ginger juice . They came in small dishes but even so . Rarely  I can mention you any event here where anything is offered for free . I remember a book fair where at the French  corner sweets were offered only for people with Qatari look . I was there with two little kids  who were screaming : Me too , me too ...
 I really wish to learn more about Africa after this  festival .

See photos here 

P. S. this festival reminds me a  North- African festival in our hometown in Hungary where  I was working as an interpret - it is a story that I must tell one day  - how  this exciting and wonderful event turned into a nightmare

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fashion Show in Doha

Event name :Fingerprint: 14th Annual Fashion Show

When :
16 APR – 18 APR, 2013
7:00PM - 8:00PM ( Your seat will be given away if you do not present your ticket by 6:45pm. No exceptions.)


Tickets : QR 50 ( seats  and reception ) available online
or at the Education city /VCU Qatar reception from 9am - 3pm

Eric Gaskins  , The New York based fashion designer will open the show then the work of VCUQatar fashion design students will be presented .

Death toll in Iran earthquake 37

God may save those who are under the rubbles .So far the death toll is 37 people . The area was around 100 km far from Bushehr - the nuclear power plant .I was really surprised that the power plant is on the coast and so close to us .I have always believed that it was somewhere in the middle of the country .It is only 400 km from us . Having spent much of my life in a town only 5 km from a nuclear power plant and having experienced alarms on in the morning and 40 minutes no information at all on the national radio channel about the cause - I really appreciated that the Arabian peninsula was free from nuclear plants .Now I know that we are not so much safe .400 km is not very close - but because some countries are threatening it always then it sounds worrisome to me .

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Earthquake panic in Doha one hour ago April 9 2013

There was an earthquake in Iran  of magnitude 6.3  . The tremor was felt in Doha . In some parts it was felt other parts not . Tower  buildings were swaying around 30 seconds .Tall buildings were evacuated in the Pearl and the zigzag . I did not feel anything nor did other family members or friends on various parts of the city  .
The day before I had terrible headache and weakness , I thought it was due to the changing weather  as we are going from early summer like weather to the hotter and hotter time .

UPDATE : APRIL 16 tremors in Doha again

Monday, April 08, 2013

palm trees and trampolin wallclocks -souvenir idea from Qatar

Sunset with palm trees and trampoline .Photo was taken in Doha Qatar in a park near the Museum of Islamic Art .The warm colors reflect the typical Middle Eastern atmosphere while the bars of the trampolines give a modern geometric feel .

Sunday, April 07, 2013

the last day of the park bazaar

It was the last day of the MIA park bazaar on Saturday before the hot season .It was a windy day and I had thought that it might have been called off but it did not happen so .Though there were some empty tables but there were a lots of artists : I saw origami ,paintings ,handmade jewelry ,fancy shaped soaps and a lots of people selling not original art but handmade products from their countries /simply homemade food or even secondhand books and clothes .It seemed that the organizers let it to be an attractive community event where people get together and sell what they have whether it is art or not .
It is free ! So every craft men and women should be ready  for the next art bazaar in November !

I liked Sue Akers  handmade jewelry very much .She was wise enough to have her business cards ready on her table .This way I managed to show my readers her page .Think about having your own business cards .

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Finding the right school for your child

Finding the right school for your child can be a challenging task . It is not always the best sounding name that provides the best quality education . Actually we found a wonderful school for our child some years ago at a school which was not very well known . At the same time my friends got their kids enrolled into an illustrious school - yes the name sounded very well internationally - but what they found there was very poor education at some subjects ( teachers with not understandable English / subjects where no teachers were provided but exam expected etc .)

Actually I know people who moved back to their own country and gave up their carrier in Qatar because they were so much disappointed at the quality of the education of the school that they chose for their children . And they simply could not believe that better education exists in this country at any other school .

So you really have to take your time and try to figure out which school would be fine for your budget /lifestyle / your child personality .It can be very harmful for the future of your kids and family if you chose the wrong one .

There is a list of schools where you can find all the existing schools in Qatar .

A lots of international schools open for anyone . Some international schools are made for the Muslim kids as they have daily religion and Arabic .The independent schools are for local children but one can find a lots of non-Qatari kids there as well . I do not know how children can get into those schools .I guess that government-close companies can provide places there . I heard that they are very well equipped new schools but I am not sure about the quality of the education . Community schools are for certain nationalities : Japans , Norwegians , Indians , expat Arabs ,Germans , French and more all have their own schools in Qatar .

So far the large Indian schools accepted non- Indian students but recently they complain that there are not enough sits for the Indian kids themselves .They were popular among some expats for their low fees / strong English ( Indian kids speak English among each other ) and Maths . They were infamous for the stress they put on the kids and on their way they force the kids stand on the sun in scorching heat . ( nearly every year the government had to threaten them for they give up assemblies outdoors in May /June ) in short they are not so much child centered .

I hope I could help you with this post . I have been here in Qatar for ten years and I heard a lot . If you are a mother looking for school for her kids then you can e-mail me for more information : argeleb2003@yahoo.com

Friday, April 05, 2013

Palm Trees at surrealistic sunset Print

Can you find out which park in Doha is featured on this art print ? There are small details - you can find out the answer if you know the park .

Poetic landscape with a surrealistic sunset .By Alma Wad . This image can refer to marriage /love /friendship . They are standing and growing close to each other .Nice gift for anniversary as well .Or without any occasion "just because " .Palm trees are trendy home decor - if you click on the main page then you will find out which size you want / which medium .

Cheap Flights from Dubai - coming soon

October 27   is the date   when the new airport in Dubai is going to open . This date will hopefully bring a new era for a lots of us  who could not travel home as often as wished  since two budget airline is going to   operate regular flights  as cheap as 200 euro  return ticket  Dubai - Budapest  direct flights . You have to pay extra for the baggages but even this way it is something revolutionary in the Gulf .
Wizz Air is going  not only to Budapest  but to Sofia , Bucharest , Kiev .

 The other budget airline is the Saudi Nasair and it is going to fly to  Saudi cities .

Check out the Wizz Air website to check out prices book and learn about the special conditions  when flying with this budget airline .

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

African festival at Katara

The busy season of festivals in Doha .  One festival just finishes then coming another one . It seems that there is a serious  wish from the side of the authorities  to turn Qatar into a more exciting place . May all of us benefit from such movements !
So what is next ?

 Event Name : African Festival

 Date : April 7 to 13

Location :Katara

 Featuring : African art, dance, music and film ,exhibitions, music and dance shows, jewelry and handicrafts, urban painting, a drive through cinema and a kidszone ,African Circus, stuffed animal zoo ,face-painting, workshops ,large wall where children can paint.

180 artists and performers from 15 countries

Africa Poster
Africa Poster by vintage_poster
See other Africa Posters at zazzle

Numbers in Qatar - 72. 000

72,000 visited food festival at MIA Park

this turn out was unexpected and highly praised succes

my personal view : the best food festival so far at wonderful location with interesting programs

International carpet expo in Qatar

Event name : QCarpet 2013

Date : April 2 -7

Time :from 10am to 10pm

Venue : Doha Exhibition Centre.

 What to expect ? carpets from Iran, Egypt, China, Iraq, Pakistan, Qatar, Syria, and the UAE and other countries

5,000sqm of exhibition area

Monday, April 01, 2013

Did you change your car number plate?

 From the facebook page of the  Ministry of Interior - Qatar "Did you change your car number plate? not yet? Rush to the workshop as specified in the Metrash message received by you as tomorrow (March 31, 2013) is the last date. Complete it before end of official duty hours tomorrow to avoid any violations."
See more details here 

Update  The final date has been changed to April 30, 2013.

New Food Delivery Site for Qatar

It seems to be a very useful site . You have to register then you are able to place an order at the restaurant of your choice . You can search for restaurants according to your location /cuisine type .  The site  gives information about the minimum order /opening hours .  The order must be submitted online .
 It was a little bit disappointing that to the area  where I live there were only 7 restaurants which are ready to deliver anything .
expat Qatar