Thursday, May 24, 2007

WHERE ARE YOU FROM ? - asked me a doctora . She might have been Qatari or something like that .
-From Hungary .
- I am so glad - she told me at the end . This is the first time I meet a Hungarian in person .
You are famous because of your Gypsies !
- Are we ? - I asked back shocked .She nodded .

We are famous for our Gypsies . Not for Irinyi ,not for Kando , not for pick salami , not for cheap nokia made in Hungary - it is for some Gypsie violinists because of what people remember of our existence at all .

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


a friend of ours had just returned from india and gave us a laughing brahmin statue . or is it rather a laughing buddha ? he is quite fat - with big belly and is holding honey and butter .It is difficult to understand how buddha could be fat .he had been fasting in the wood ..
anyway, we found some days ago a yoga master who teaches you how to laugh on purpose - to relax and give a massage to your whole body . try it !

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MATERNITY is in the air. There are so many expecting mothers around here . The out-patient clinics are painfully overcrowded .The hospital must delay planned c-sections . doctors are busier than ever .
Why all this is like that ?
It is may be due to qatari goverment encouraging local people having more and more kids .Arabian penninsula is underpopulated and this is a way to boost population density .
Another explaination might be the large number of expatriate women . Even Hungarians a re getting babies here every year .We are so few here . And still babies are coming every quarter of a year .
People love having a lots of kids around them here . When I arrived five years ago I had only one kid . When people asked me about the number of my kids -they became embarassed hearing th answer .THey ususally answered :" God will help you " . It is something unimaginable here that someone wishes to have only one or two kids .Someone had advised me to have a test tube baby . It is also available here . Simply I was regarded as the poor infertile woman - just because I had only one kid .
Where someone can deliver the baby ?
Well the answer is : Hamad hospital . It is a governement supported facility and the cheapest way - though not always the nicest .
There is a single private hospital which can provide full service for delivery .I heard - it is half empty .Very expensive .It is like a nice hotel with friendly service and doctors , but it seems that even the qataris prefer Hamad hospital maternity is in the air
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