Monday, June 30, 2014

Head on collision at Al -Khor -seven people killed

 A very bad accident happened early Friday afternoon in Al-Khor .A pick-up truck full of Asian workers tried to overtake a car .It collided head on with a bus .Seven people killed . Reckless driving or just a momentary bad judgement? Tragedy  for a lots of families . Nine people were also seriously injured .
Drive safe !

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Ramadan 2014 - the first fasting day is Sunday

According  to the Qatari AWQAF and Islamic Affaires   the holy fasting month will start  Saturday night June 28 so the first day to fast will be June 29 Sunday 2014 !

Thursday, June 26, 2014

brutal revenge for an insult

 A Pakistani man brutally killed a Qatari woman because she had allegedly insulted him .The killer was a farmer working for the woman's family. He  caught her in the garden kept hitting her head until she fainted then he strangled her with a t-shirt . The case is in front of the criminal court .What a bestial way of ending someone's life !
I remember a similar case 12 years ago . There an Indian employee who was fired from work killed the Indian woman who was the manager or owner of a small company .

She was pregnant when killed . So it was a double murder !

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Iftar Dinners in Qatar - Ramadan 2014

Iftar Dinners in Qatar   - Ramadan 2014 - iftar  dinners are very popular in Qatar .People from all religion attend them  not only Muslims .  There are a lots of restaurants offering set menus for iftar or buffet diner . I am trying to inform my readers here and add a new place  regularly .
Iftar= ramadan meal at sunset
Sohoor= night meal during Ramadan

Iftar Buffet at The Pearl Qatar 

 International Iftar Buffet at Casa Paco Restaurant, The Pearl

 QR50 for child
 Adults : QR120
 4yrs and under dine for free

  What to expect : Grilled Fish from the Fish Market on display, Chicken, Beef, Paella, Pasta, Pizza, Homous, Greek Salad and more!
  Beautiful views across the bay .
When : After Sunset – 10pm
Reservations required: 40027944


International Iftar Buffet at Al Tabkha , The Pearl

 Adults : QR120

  What to expect : iftar buffet with four daily traditional homemade dishes (beef or lamb, chicken, seafood and a vegetarian option) along with soups, appetisers, desserts and juices
healthy homemade Lebanese cuisine
family-friendly environment 
terrace area

When : After Sunset – 9pm


Pampano restaurant , Pearl

  What to expect : iftar special = sharing set menu with three different types of appetiser, a Mexican grill platter and dessert, plus Ramadan additions
spectacular views of the marina

 indoor/outdoor seating areas

  QR 230 =set menu for two persons

When : After Sunset –11 :30pm
Reservations required:4495 3876 ext. 1221

Outback Steakhouse Restaurant
Lagoona Mall ,West Bay

What to expect : set menu  with starters /soup/maincourse/dessert

 set menu for iftar : QR79

call : 4414 9028

Iftar Buffets near the Corniche

Lexington Gloria Hotel Doha

What to expect : mixed menu of Arabic, Indian and International cuisine!

Large selection of drinks including Ramadan drinks, juices and soft drinks
Variety of desserts and Ramadan cakes
Buffet will consist of a variety snacks, nuts & dates, starters, soup, cut fruits, main courses, deserts, water, tea & coffee

 brand-new, purpose built, Gloria Hotel 

Adult Iftar Buffet: QR99
 Child Iftar Buffet: QR59
( the same place offers much cheaper sohoor menu )

Reservations required 48hrs in advance : 44236507


Gokulam Park Hotel ( near Corniche )

What to expect : Ramadan Beverages,Soups,Salads,Starters,
Main Courses,Desserts

Modern, bright spacious restaurant

Adult Iftar Buffet: QR100
 Child Iftar Buffet: QR50
Children: 0-5yrs dine free of charge

Reservations required 48hrs in advance : Mr Manoj – 70481533


Horizon Manor Hotel, Sarangi Restaurant on the mezzanine floor (near Corniche )

 QR55 for child
 Adults : QR110
 5yrs and under dine for free

  What to expect : elaborate iftar buffet made up of Arabic delicacies including soup, an exotic salad bar, freshly prepared appetisers, delectable entrees, live cooking stations to prepare food just the way you like it and, to conclude, a sumptuous dessert buffet

When : After Sunset – 9pm
Reservations required:7048 1535

Iftar buffet at the Paper Moon - Italian restaurant

What to expect : authentic Italian flavours with some Arabian touches by Chef Fabrizio De Togni
 see their Ramadan menu

live football watching

Adult Iftar Buffet: QR160
until :8:15 only!

Reservations required :4016 6000


Ramada Encore

What to expect :  Iftar Buffet with soups ,salads , main courses ,hot appetizers ,Desserts,Ramadan special drinks and dry fruits

Adult Iftar Buffet: QR85
 Child Iftar Buffet: QR43

Reservations required  : 44443444 or email:

Doha Downtown Hotel 

Iftar buffet
What to expect : Special Ramadan Drinks – Qamrudin, Karkadeh, Vimto, laban
Traditional Arabic Mezzah, salads + two type of soups: clear and thick + Hot Appetizers like samosa & Kubbeh + Main Dishes both Arabic & International + Desserts including traditional Arabic Sweets
Adult Iftar Buffet: QR105
 Child Iftar Buffet: QR45
Children: 0-5yrs dine free of charge

Reservations : 44380444, Ext: 500/300


 Affordable iftar menus /buffets

Dairy Queen  Ramadan meal

 it consists of a large burger / French fries/ laban as drink
Qr 16 

Applebee's Iftar buffet

Iftar Buffet without main course QR 55
Includes selected drinks , soups , appetizers , salads , desserts
Iftar Buffet with  main course QR 96 (one main course from the menu card )

reservation :44427753


Broaster chicken  restaurant - City Center mall / 3F West Food Court Area
Meals  come with Ramadan’s side dishes:
- from 6pm – 8pm: Date + Lentil Soup + Small Water + Small Juice

- from 8pm – 1am: Selected Arabic Sweets + Small Juice

they offer sandwich meal/ chicken meal/fish-crab meal 

QR18 to QR22


Ikea restaurant iftar offer
 1 lentil soup
  1 laban
1 rice pudding  QR10

Thursday, June 19, 2014

beautiful Arabic calligraphy on a Maple leaf - Only in Qatar

Yes- it is the Canadian Embassy's logo in Qatar

The average Qatari and expats families income and expenditure

 Qatari family monthly income : QR72,700 ($19,964)

 Expat family  family monthly income ;  QR24,400 ($6,700)

Qatari household monthly spent on food : QR8,033 
Expat family  spent monthly  on food        :QR2,700

Qatari families monthly averages for overseas travel :QR5,700 
Expat  families monthly averages for overseas travel :QR1,648 

Qatari families monthly averages  for recreation and entertainment : QR2,031
Expat families monthly averages  for recreation and entertainment : QR444.78

Qatari families monthly averages for body care : QR2,500 
Expat families monthly averages for body care  : QR404

 Qatari households monthly spending on clothing :QR2,800
 Expat households monthly spending on clothing : QR621

survey was conducted from September 2012 to September 2013 and covered 3,723 households, of which a little less than half (1,826) were Qatari, the remaining (1,897) expatriate /  source 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Numbers in Qatar - 150,000 customers with fibre broadband

 Qatar Ooredoo yesterday announced that it had reached the milestone of providing Fibre Broadband and Mozaic TV services to more than 150,000 customers in Qatar .


Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Screening at Katara

June Screening at Katara

In Bloom (Grzeli nateli dgeebi)

Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Groß / Feature Narrative / Georgia, Germany, France / 2013 / 102 min
In French, Georgian, German / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Drama, Female Director
Qatar Premiere

Breakfast at Casper and Gambini ,Doha

It was a sudden idea to have a Friday morning breakfast there . I do not usually go to malls for breakfast but this time we had some vouchers .

So we went there .As we arrived they tucked into the kids hand a lovely looking menu . As we saw their selection and prices for kids and  we wanted to leave

at once .But as one of us was too hungry then we were forced to stay . They had nothing special for kids breakfast .Burgers and fries .Priced around

30 rial and over it .

So it did not start very well .
We ordered the most expensive breakfast item with my husband .( we had a voucher and we wanted to enjoy it) It was salmon with pouched egg and

greens . It was 42 rials .Hot drink not included .The cappuccino was 17 rial .So a breakfast can cost altogether 59 rial there .We had a voucher as I had

mentioned before so we expected that one of it will be totally free .

The appetizer arrived after ten minutes .It was lovely or olive bread  or focaccia bread - I could not really tell which one . It came with spicy labneh and biscuit

.It was a very good combination . We felt comforted a bit for the high bill that we were going to pay .
Then came the salmon with pouched eggs -it looked wonderful . It was served on an oval shaped plate - fresh green salad ( oak leaf salad perhaps) with
two small sandwiches .The base of the sandwich was focaccia  bread then a slice of regular smoked salmon then a nice mushroom shaped pouched egg sitting on the top .Unique look . We finished it quickly . The cappuccino was of a smaller cup very beautifully decorated foam on it. It was an artistic looking breakfast . It had good taste .

When we were about to pay we saw the bill even higher than we expected . I had done some mental math before . Was I wrong ? For the voucher which promised one free item from the breakfast menu they subtracted one of our kids breakfast -which was the cheapest item .It must have been a mistake - I thought .No - they said -this is their policy with the vouchers - they subtract the cheapest item . We had already been in several places with vouchers and we had good experience . This one was not logical . Finally ,we asked them to give us two separate bills.  One for the kids - one for us . This way they could not practice their policy - as with my husband we had two identical breakfasts . The supervisor looked very much frustrated but we were happy later that spoke up and did not to pay the more expensive bill . Even this way we left 100 rials for three little kids breakfast . This greedy policy left bad taste in the mouth and I thought what a pity that the management spoils the good work of the waiters and cooks .

I remembered with nostalgia to a hotel breakfast in Al-Sadd street  some years ago . We entered for a small French breakfast but at the order they offered free breakfast for the kids if we  took buffet breakfast . That was a real deal then a very good business policy -I think .

I recommend this restaurant for breakfast only for the big ones .Their items for kids are overpriced and not worth the money at all .
The restaurant was nearly empty at nine -atmosphere was like an empty mall on Friday morning .Later more people arrived .

 After the breakfast we were walking in the mall and  we heard some  razzmatazz - then we noticed that the French Paul's restaurant was full -no empty table . I felt sorry that this idea did not come to our mind earlier .
But I do not think I want to eat out at any mall again/near future . Their atmosphere somehow puts me off .

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Fresh salmon salad for snacks ???

As I am browsing the homepages of international schools in Qatar I noticed that some of the posh schools- or wanna-look-posh schools- want to act as professional nutritionist .I wrote about a British school which has a long list of forbidden food items like pizza or chocolate or cereal bars and any kind fruit juice giving no clues to the parents what on earth is allowed to take for snacks to that school . They also threaten the prospective students' wards with monitoring the snack boxes ...

I found a more liberal school's home page where they rather give advice than forbid . That is nice - but how deep were they thinking about the climate of Qatar and the food items that they recommend ?I was shocked to read that they suggest the parents packing snacks like "tuna and salmon salad " " hard boiled eggs " " milk based puddings""milk based soups " . Should we risk food poisoning for the sake of healthy snacks ?It is well over 40 C during the last and first months school year in Qatar . Though everything is air-conditioned but it gets quite hot in school buses sometimes .

I am not against health food but the lack of common sense which makes me vexed . How about selling those healthy food items at schools ?

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Summer with kids in Qatar 2014

 What to do in summer with kids in Qatar
  Year after year I am trying to collect in my blog the  fun things one can do in Qatar in summer with kids
  Here is my selection

  Summer camp   -  they are rather expensive / the cheapest ones cost 100rial /day  and there are some which go up to 300 rial /child /day


"Looking for a unique summer educational experience that will challenge and excite your child? Our classes are designed so that students learn technology skills through fun, engaging and dynamic projects."

 for ages  between 4-15
5 days as half-day camp
9am-12pm or 12:30-3:30pm
 FEE :  from 900 rial to 1100 rial /5days
Locations :
Al Jazi Village II, Al Gharafa
 or West Bay
+974 4451 7134
+974 66000756


 the annual   camp for budding and emerging little artists / they offer the joy of creating together at the campus of the Virginia Commonwealth University of Qatar
 Unique occasion to expose your child to art and creation from an early age .

 In fact they are so popular that they are already sold out in spite of their high fees .  There is only one course for 1100 QR and for 11-12 children .

If you missed it then better chance next year  .


 sea /swimming pool , fun  and friends   - that sounds really luxurious

"Our camps are more than just a short break from school during the summer vacation. Kids will explore new pioneering activities at The Ritz-Carlton, Spa evolving in a fun, secure and illuminating setting while embracing new friendships "

Date: Starting on June 29, 2014
Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Cost: QR 250 per child per day (*special discount will be offered for 2 and more siblings at a price of QR 200 per child, or if you purchase a package for 5 days QR 1,000)

For more information :+974 4484 8173, or via email:

Tornadoes Sports offers  sports camp

what to expect : swimming lessons  , play football, indoor athletics, basketball, multi-sports and tag rugby
age group : 6 - 13 year olds
 when : 29th June to 3rd July
everyday from 8.00am to 11.30am
Fee ; 900QR
Contact: 6628-7714;

Park House English School

Sport Summer Camp at
Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim - SFQ Sports Academy

• QR450 - 2 days or QR1620 per month

• QR620 - 3 days or QR2230 per month
• QR975 - 5 days or QR3500 per month
• 10% Sibling Discount
• Sign up for two weeks and receive a 5% discount

Monkeynastix® Lessons, Daily Swimming instruction, organized arts and crafts, storytelling, Multi Sports Development, Martial Arts, Healthy Cooking, and more!

Location : Jazi Village 2 Gharaffa 

Contact :  974 33179267


Places  with kids' activities

Grand Hyatt - Beach

entrance fee (QR175 for weekdays and QAR250 for weekends) Prices starts with QR 50 for 30 minutes

 rubber boats, kid’s rowing boat, inflatable balloon, and seat


IAID Summer Courses

June - August for kids 3-18 years

ballet /hip-hop /singing/karate/personality development/art

transportation service available

Location: near the Mall or Mumtazah signal

Call :44320974


Katara Beach

what to expect : private beach spans over 1.5km / sandy play area  for children/ water games in the sea 

                           your teens will be grateful  if you let them  try  water skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, parasailing, sailing or all the family would go on boat rides, banana rides, sea pedal boats  and why not to try canoe/kayak, hobbie cats and fishing trips ( needs to buy a Watersports Ride Ticket for these )

If you are not familiar with these activities then you/your teens can take a course in  wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing and water skiing.

Entrance fee QR 100 for adults

                     QR 50  for children ( 6-16 years
                     Free for children under 6

Ramadan special timings ( end of June to end of July ) - Beach No.3 (Gate 1 and 5)

3.00pm Till 6.15pm   Swimming Ends 6.00pm    /  

the Midnight Beach open for Sports Activities and Traditional Games

 from 9pmto12am

Summer festival 2014

Entertainment City: Doha Exhibition Center
Sunday to Thursday – 3 pm to 11 pm
Friday and Saturday 2 pm – 12 am (midnight)
what to expect :ski slopes, rock climbing variety of alternate entertainment, a food court, and live Arabic pre-school provided by the famous tv channel the Baraem

Free transporation from the Q post office to the Doha Exhibition Center
from 3pm to 10pm during weekdays and 2pm to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays

Inflatable Aqua Park: Al Wakrah
All week 3 pm – 8 pm
 Al Wakra Family Beach

Al - Khor 
 Adventure Fun tent near Al Khor Mall. Once you get here you can enjoy six thrilling outdoor activities – from kayaking to biking, and much more.

Musical Fountain Show 
everyday in the evening  - near Murjan restaurant  -free event

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Drawing Competition for kids

When  14th June 2014/ 9 am onwards
 Where   Volleyball club/Al hilal  ( when you register then a map will be provided )
 Free of charge  - but you have to register your child  or children /

Theme : Freedom with colors
Results would be announced on 21st June, 2014 at 6.00 pm at Al Asmakh Mall, Al Sadd

organisers Babyshop


 the winners were announced a week later
 when I saw the photo I was astonished as all the winners as well of the managers of the shop looked Indians

Was this competition for Indians only ?
 Babyshop !It was not nice for the non-Indian kids that they were not even considered and it was bad for you!
Bad advertisement for a shop willing to sell for an international community .
I do not advise anyone this competition next year !

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Old buses will be banned from Doha soon

School is a service or authority

I was totally shocked when I found a British school homepage in Doha . It promotes healthy eating at school - that is fine. But they are banning a great number of things . Children are not allowed to take with themselves as snacks the following things : any kind of drink with sugar( no fruit juice either ) only water and plain milk allowed , any kind of fizzy drink is forbidden ,no nuggets , no fried food ,no cereal bars , no chocolate , no biscuits , no pizza , no pastries , no candy floss , no pork ,no nuts ,no donuts . Some of their bans are understandable - but others are simply shocking .

What is allowed then ? If pizza is not then the famous Arab fatayer must be also no -as their ingredients are very similar . If pizza is no then croissant must be also no . They give very little advice on what to send with them . Shall  mothers send sashimi or scrambled eggs in the 50 C ?
It is very difficult to pack a snack that is healthy and won't be spoilt until 11 o' clock .

I will not let my kids go there -for sure , What disturbs me very much that they behave as they were expert nutritionists .Chocolates - dark chocolates have their proven health benefits . Pizza can be healthy depending on the recipe .Nuts can cause allergy but a great number of other things as well .
Then they should ban eggs and berries as well -'cause they can cause allergy as well .

Besides this the "staff of the school will monitor the snack boxes " = they have the right to interfere with your child's upbringing ....

No chocolates again - they repeat -never .  I just advice  this school staff to read  about Jeanne Calment  wonderful life and her habits of chocolate eating . And sharing food is not allowed either .....Ooh- what wonderful world ! When I was child they taught as just the opposite - we shared the weekend leftovers from our homemade cakes on Mondays or exotic fruits or any other tasty bites .That was up to our parents what they packed for us but the local bakery and dairy factory provided a cup of free milk and free fresh croissant daily .That was a totalitarian dictature  then . Now the Brits are trying to export their "democracy and freedom " to Qatar .

Children should be taught about healthy eating from very early age . Healthy food could be offered for free on regular basis for them from the school side  . But interfering with parents rights to pack what they want/ they can is totally unacceptable. School is a service not authority .

short story contest

Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing (BQFP) has launched a short story writing competition for aspiring authors in Qatar and Kuwait.

  Topic : write about an object which is of particular significance

 Deadline : July 23, 2014

 it should be between 800 to 2000 words

 in English or in Arabic 

Who can participate?

"for anyone with a fresh, original voice that really stands out from the crowd"

 submit to :

Monday, June 02, 2014

Qatar Foundation - Education City - One minute promo video

at the beginning of the video you can see the traditional way of greeting among the male of Qatar - they touch each other by the tip of their nose - this is not expected from you if you meet someone from Qatar but sometimes one can see diplomats practicing this when greeting the Emir on the day of Eid .
expat Qatar