Sunday, August 31, 2014

Drawing Competition for kids at Doha Exhibition Center

 Every evening inside the fun city of  summer  festival  -  small kids can color  -bigger kids  can draw fruits on a printed plate -and kids above ten or so are free to draw whatever they wish on a standard A/4 paper .

weekly prizes : tickets  of various  value to the jungle zone 

pencils and sheets of paper provided on the scene

Hungarian swimmer set new records in Doha

 Congrats Katinka ! We are very proud of you !

New Exhibition Coming Soon to MIA

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fire at the Old Civil Defence Building

There was a fire on  August  26 at the  Old Civil Defence Building( the building of the firemen)  It is not in use anymore and some reports suggest it was under renovation . The fire was put out and no injuries or death were reported .
But as it happened at daylight then it looked quite scary with thick black smoke billowing over the area .


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

zero gravity flights in Doha - coming in April

zero gravity flights in Doha - coming in April
freely float like astronauts
when : Doha in April 2015
it will be in Qatar between April 23 and 25
The flight lasts less than two hours

Passengers must be over eight years old.
Party Zone, which caters to up to 40 passengers, is available for less than $2,000

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Antique Coin from Palestine -1927

"For anyone who wants a simple proof that Palestine existed before 1948, here’s a coin from 1927 worth 10 Mils (this currency is no longer used). Also note that the word “Palestine” is written in both Arabic and Hebrew indicating not only a Jewish presence, but a prominent one. Jews and Arabs DID live side by side in peace. The Zionist idea that they cannot coexist is an absolute fallacy." -Sarah Aly

An evening in Souq Waqif, Qatar

Published on Aug 9, 2014
During the Qatar Handball Tour, Paris Saint-Germain players had the opportunity to discover some of the most significant aspects of Qatar’s culture.
That was the case of Samuel Honrubia, ZachariaN’Diaye, Jeffrey M’Tima and MladenBojinovic, who enjoyed a little break and discovered the vibrant Doha nightlife and craftsmanship at SouqWaqif.
To learn more about Qatar and Paris Saint-Germain, visit

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Painting Competition for kids - Safari Mall

Ice Bucket Challenge not without danger

One of the man died   who started the movement of plunging into cold water and collecting this way money for charity .  The 27 year old died while diving into the cold water in MA , US  - he did not come  back  to the water surface and was found later dead .

Cold water can kill - it seems  though it can be  also very good for your health . Precautions should be taken .

Such challenge event took place some days ago in a five star hotel of Doha  as well .


Friday, August 22, 2014

Ice bucket challenge in Doha

number of vehicles in Qatar

The Traffic Department

registers about 100,000 vehicles every year=the number of vehicles in the country  is more than one million


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Practical info for visas

I found this practical info on Hukoomi Qatar twitter account . Exit permit is needed for employees in Qatar if they want to leave the country unless your sponsor is your family member . It has been object to international criticism - so nowadays - it is made online  within two days .
Before the problem was that one's sponsor might have been abroad when one needed to leave the country  urgently .
Business  visa  is a special visa for employees .

Monday, August 18, 2014

Yellow Shuttle Bus to Doha Exhibition Center

If you happen to visit Doha Exhibition Center you can do it with a bus . There is a stop at the Q-post and near the Oryx . The double Decker yellow bus serves otherwise tourists who wish sightseeing  and it is 200 QR normally . But for the time of the summer festival it is totally free .
It  leaves every hour  - on week days it is at 3 pm the first bus/ and at weekends  it is at 2 pm.
 We chose the ride  at 4 o clock  - it was a bit hot up there as it is open -top model   - but it was  great joy to see Doha / the Corniche from one floor higher than usual .  If you prefer the air-conditioned version then you can ride down .
Coming back from the exhibition center  you can take the free shuttle service again - it leaves at every hour :30  
It was again  great fun riding in Doha by night among those futuristic buildings  and city lights .
 There is a hostess on the bus greeting kindly  the passengers - the driver is nice too .
When arrived I had to wait some minutes at the bus stop . The shelter at the  bus stop was air conditioned and comfortable !
Service recommended !

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dubai Budapest flights from October

The Emirates airline has announced recently that they are going to start daily flights between Dubai and Budapest from October .
For the new route they need new employees as well .
15 jobs were announced on their homepage

Inflatable Aquapark in Al Wakra

You can visit the family beach of Al Wakra to find a water park set up just for the summer festival .
You can splash around and slide down the giant slides .

Open for families .
3 years and above

Entrance fee : 100 QR for adults 50 QR for kids
open every day from 4pm-9pm
until September 27
Family Beach coordinates
25 °7'52.67"N-51°36'57.96"E

Buffet Breakfast at the Mercure Grand Hotel

I knew that it was cheap and I did not have high expectation . There was enough food on the tables but nothing special . The sushi was a nice surprise - there were only two kinds of them -but very well made . The sauteed mushroom was really good . At the live cooking station I had my favourite omelet made .There was a large selection of bakery products as well - but they were not fresh and tasted like the ones from the supermarket . There were some dishes that I found strange for a breakfast : chicken curry for example or penne . I understand that they are trying to please Asian customers as well . For the continental breakfast I found mortadellas - the cheapest kind of salamis - some slices of edami and fetas-eggs and franks . So it was not large at all . The cereals did not look inviting . For desserts there were tiny cakes - the one with cappucino flavor
was very nice - some sliced fruits were also offered .
The drinks came in very small glasses and cups .That was really not nice having to walk three times to get some drink .At the same time the place was full of unsupervised little kids who were on my way while balancing with some hot drink .
It was not the best buffet breakfast of my life - but it was OK . I had an omelet / edami and feta cheese / mushroom sautee /sushi and some rolls .

The waiters were working hard but not very happily - they were supervised very strictly by their bosses .The booking procedure was simple -everything went smoothly .

My visit to the women hospital

 It was a nice surprise the other day to visit the \Women hospital  -  the reception became really beautiful , the walls are decorated with artistic posters . Those portrait photos are featuring mothers /fathers and babies . The artist  Anna Geddes came to Qatar to make those photos and the models were from the ruling family and from sport men  and sports women ... They are amazing ...

  The other change I noticed was the Le Notre cafe  on the ground floor  instead of the usual cheap buffets . I do not really  know if it was  good or bad news .I did not have too much good experience with Le Notre and I think that it is not only the wealthy who get babies and would like to have a coffee ...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

warehouse fire again on Friday

There was a warehouse  fire yesterday  and last Friday as well . What is more strange is that soft drinks were stored at the building which burnt to the ground in Industrial Area , Doha .
Luckily no one was hurt  - Friday is holiday around here  .
It just reminds me the fires 12 years ago  -  one shop burned after the other . There had been rumor  about competing shops trying to harm each other  or scams to gain insurance money at that time . I do not remember that any of those allegations were proved  .
 It is worrisome anyhow .


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Saudi Hot Chicken restaurant experience

When my husband came up with the idea of having a grilled /barbecue /tandoori chicken from this cheap restaurant I did not welcome the idea . The memory of supermarket grilled chicken came to my mind and the stomach ache I got after having that kind of greasy lunch .
It took time until the delivery guy understood where we lived . More than an hour . I looked with pity at my spouse thinking that he would certainly admit that it was a bad idea . It was like a comedy / he went to the other part of the city .
Nobody expected any lunch anymore when the food arrived . We could not believe it !
The guy told my husband next time he would know where we live at once ... I felt sorry for myself as I started to have this orange colored chicken . It was after eid buffet lunch days -so I tried to persuade myself that we really spent too much at Eid and we have to suffer a bit to get back on our financial track .
What I tasted was completely unexpected . It was a very well done grilled /barbecue or tandoori chicken and so well spiced that it got number one rank from me in the grilled / barbecued or tandoori chicken category . It was simply supreme and 22 rials only .
We ordered some simple chicken broth and it was very tasty as well .
It was the Al- Sadd branch . We ordered several times the same chicken dish afterwards and always the same quality .
It is very difficult to communicate with them . That is why I can not tell you for sure what the dish name was - it was a whole chicken that is sure .
When I was investigating about this restaurant I found out that they have a very large menu offering dishes for every kind of Asian folks . " Jack of all trades" .. came to my mind but I can not know -all that I can say for sure they are the master of their chicken meal .

you can call  44131346, 77070699

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New International School in Duhail

 Good News for those who had always wished their kids studied in a place where child-centered active and playful learning  is the  common practice . The new  Qatar-Finland International School (Q.F.I. School)  promises  world-class education, based on Finnish education practices. 

It means that  they will inspire your kids to look for information and improve  themselves instead of forcing  them  to memorize things that they will forget anyhow ..

 Good news  is that this is a place where 
parents are always welcome to  school to join classes.
 Where kids  English will be improved with patience ..

Bad news  that it is rather expensive /  it is very far    - coming from Doha you have to pass the Ikea  to arrive there .... and it is only for primary classes 
No  school transportation,  either .

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Emirates flight smoking tyre incident Thursday morning

and some more incidents

Flight EY461 from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi was forced to divert to Jakarta after smoke began to pour out of two toilets

Read more:
An engine on an Emirates airliner caught fire as the plane landed in Boston on Sunday.

Read more:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Indian School in Al- Sadd area

Loyola international school is the second Indian School within a week  -  just approved by the SEC . It accepts kids for the lower classes only .
Its location is in Al- Sadd .
 They follow the principle of Learning with Fun to create curiosity with a  unique Activity based Learning 
Well-built, lush green vast campus that covers a total of 5200 sqm 
Swimming pool ,tennis court , badminton court .
Fees are  low  for Doha standard  .
As there is a severe shortage of English speaking schools in Qatar there is an effort made by the authorities to open more and more schools for the beginning of the new academic  year 
2014-15 .

visit their home page 

Qatar Summer festival - Rainbow Fountain Show

The show in on all the summer . On weekdays  from 7 pm at weekend from 6 pm . It is free . Do not miss it .

Friday, August 08, 2014

New Indian School to open from September

Name of the school : Rajagiri Public School, Doha
Curriculum : Indian curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
they expect students for kindergarten and primary classes including Year1 and Year 2 for the next academic year 2014-15

Academically managed by the Indian educational management group ‘Rajagiri’, the school is located near the Al Khebra driving school ,Abu Hamour

" quality education primarily for Indian students in Qatar "

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Festival for Gaza victims at Katara

this message was found on the twitter account of Katara - no details of the event were mentioned  then

Qatar Airways bomb threat incident

Luckily it seemed to be only a hoax but it frightened passengers and defense forces in UK .
What happened on flight Doha -Manchester on 4 th of August ?
A UK passenger sent a written notice to the captain about a bomb he had hidden on the plane .The pilot informed the defence forces which sent a military fighter jet to "escort" the plane .
What was the aim of the passenger with this threat ? How can a military jet change the course of the events ?
Yet there is no answer on those questions .
One thing is sure -there was no bomb on the plane .


Sunday, August 03, 2014

Banana bread - facts and recipe

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Eid buffet lunch at the Sarangi restaurant -review

It all started as a nightmare . I bought coupons for Eid lunch . It was valid for five days .I called them around midnight on the last day Of Ramadan to book a table . " you want to book now, madame ?" -"It is nearly one o'clock" it was 12 :20 - but never mind - all supermarkets and malls and restaurants open at this time in Qatar. I supposed that a hotel's restaurant is open at least for booking a table ."you can call after 9 am "
So did I . I was informed that there are no tables for the first day of Eid .If I want to have one I should submit a written application by sms. At this point I would have given up if it was not paid in advance by the coupons .Written application ? And only by sms ? Plus the unwelcoming voice ...I have never had so much trouble with booking a table . After the first sms I waited ten hours but no confirmation was sent .I called them - the same unwelcoming Indian man answered - he did not get my sms - then I sent it again - five minutes- no answer - called them again - finally it came through .
After this prelude I expected that the staff would be the same at the restaurant - but luckily everything was different..It was a spacious place . The windows looked on other buildings of the area .Some of them were old /others were nicer . - the waiters were welcoming and friendly .Actually very nice to our kids . The Indian instrumental music in the background was really soft and nice .
I started with a mushroom soup and I was amazed . It was very well made . Oh boy ! Later I read that this restaurant have award-winning chefs .It must be true . Some of their dishes were exceptional .I went on with salads which were OK and some grilled veggies .I was happy to find shrimps on the salad table and different sprouts . By this time a tray packed with grilled cubes of fish /chicken etc was placed on our table .It was included in the buffet price . They were excellent .When I finished my entrees and grilled cubes I was full . And I have not seen the main course table yet ! I went there just out of curiosity . Irish stew /dolmas /butter chicken /rice /baked potatoes were the ones I remember .I tried some dolmas which was good and some baked potatoes - that was excellent . My husband was amazed with the molokhia sauce .
The dessert table was packed with traditional Arab /Indian sweets and some French pastry .I tried their fruit custard as my little son informed me that it was very good. Yes, he was faster than me with finishing the main course .It had wonderful natural vanilla taste . So rarely one can taste in Qatar .No artificial flavours- they must have been made of real eggs and vanilla ...Just like mom's ile flottant ...
Finally we had some mint tea .
It was the best buffet lunch of my life in Qatar . If only I could forget the booking procedure !
expat Qatar