Saturday, June 26, 2010

criminal negligence  of a private mini van driver leaves another little child dead  Dammam , Saud Arabia  June 2010  

It seems that we did not shout  loud enough  when Sarah Gazdhar died in May ,2010 in Doha ,Qatar .
Not loud enough to be heard in  Saud Arabia

I do not wish to fill my blog with such tragic news  - but i can not stay silent when our kids life is so cheap . The story is the same : driver is too lazy to check the rear end of the bus . There is no attendant  -it is not a school van ,anyway .Little Fida Harris was found dead five hours later .

School transportation should be  reorganized  in the area ! Only dedicated drivers should be allowed to drive  kids to school / They should be trained   about the special challenges of transporting kids ! And because  the danger of death is so high in the hot weather those  buses should be checked by three different persons when arriving at the school !
500.000  riyal  fine for the school  where a five year old was forgotten on the bus .

 This happened in October ,2009 . The poor little girl  was sleeping at the rear end of the bus . A driver  was lazy to check that place . A school was too greedy to spend money on a bus attendant . The result  :   she was found in terrible conditions five hours later .Doctors were fighting for her life during days .Luckily she survived . It was October .Not as hot as May .She is still suffering from psychological problems .No wonder .
The driver got two year jail  and fined to 10. 000 riyal  which  is more than  the income of a year for a driver .
Shame on every school  where the life of  our kids is so cheap ! It was the Tunesian  School in Doha .

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It was cool the other day in Doha . It was hot in Hungary the other day .It was around 36 C  there and here 38 C.
In Hungary the government warned people to stay inside and listed public places with air conditioning where anybody was free to enter and cool down .Roads were sprayed with water ...Free bottles of water were distributed in the streets .

Here nothing special .It is just June . School buses still come and go for some schools . Their badly working air conditioning  does not disturb the school managements usually .

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good news In Doha

 We happened to go for shopping to the New Lulu the other day . As we came home we noticed that the new motorway is made .It was like flying ... no  traffic jam , no roundabouts no cross  no junctions . We made  two third of our way to home   on that new motorway .  Then we had to  turn into the usual jammed roads . At snail pace !
expat Qatar