Sunday, November 24, 2013

$350m help to Yemen -Numbers in Qatar

 Qatar is donating $350m to  Yemen.
 It is for a fund  for civilians and security force personals in the South ,.

compare it  with the help that was refused by Egypt some months ago


Death of a six year old

A little boy was playing  in the street when he was  crushed to death on Saturday . It happened in Al -Wukair . This is the short news I read . Terrible accident  - that I am afraid from so often . I let my children sometimes play in the street /parking lot .When the traffic is very little . But even so  -it is not the place for kids to play .
In Hungary in the town where I lived most blocks have a little garden and the number of playgrounds is much bigger than here .Here the blocks are designed with  no gardens .When one lives in a compound then it is OK  there are facilities  where kids can play safe but  outside the compounds  the parks  can not be reached easily .

I just wonder when I compare the town planners in Hungary and in Qatar . How well it is made in Hungary !Every district has its own park ,playground ,green area .

When we chose our place to  rent a flat in Doha we considered its proximity  to a park . We have a park just five minute drive from our home . Walking there is life threatening as there is a main road where the traffic is very heavy and no pedestrian cross at all .

Friday, November 22, 2013

Women's condition in the Arab World

Facts according to the Thomson Reuters Foundation .

 Arab countries with the best conditions for women

 1. Comoros  

 2. Oman



 5. Qatar

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Arab countries with the worst conditions for women

1 . Egypt

2.  Iraq

3. Saudi  Arabia


5. Yemen

 Read more in this issue

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Numbers in the Gulf 500 thousand

500 .000 thousand new pilots should be recruited in the coming 20 years in the Arabian Gulf
 mind boggling  number

 Emirates, Etihad Airways, flydubai and Qatar Airways  are planning huge expansions


New mall at Aspire Park ?

I was shocked reading about this .  The largest green area of Qatar with a big pond is already bordered by two malls ... Should there be another mall and more concrete ? I do not like the idea of having less green in the city .

Sad Blue Smilie Fridge Magnets

Sunday, November 17, 2013

heavy rainfall and flood in Riyadh November 2013

heavy rainfall and flood in Riyadh - three people is missing ... firefighters are busy to save people trapped in the flood

Rain in Doha

The so much expected rain arrived in Doha .  It is cooler now . The temperature is  between 20-26 C  . Like early summer in Europe .
It will rain all the week  as forecast by the Qatar Meteorology Department .Even thunderstorms can be expected .

 I love to listen to my favorite Italian pop song at this time  ...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

In memoriam of the old zoo of Doha ...

It was not the most beautiful zoo of the world but t had certain ambiance and retro feel . I liked  some parts of it .It had  more than one thousand of trees - old trees with shades .A rare thing in Qatar . It had some fountains and small artificial creeks .It was cheap . Only five rial per person .Tuesday was preserved for ladies only .

I liked their zebras the most .. -I loved to watch them and seeing me they  often came very close to me . Their elephant once scared me very much .It was very loud and  was moving towards the fence . The  zoo was not very big but just the right size for little kids .After watching animals we usually had a picnic in the grass and then we went to the playground  of the Zoo
Lovely memories . Good -bye old Zoo of Doha .

may the new Safari park come as soon as possible !

smiling ostrich no2 poster Flamingos at Doha Zoo Print zebra face canvas print zebra profile canvas print

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doha Zoo expected to Open in 2017

 So the old Zoo with its retro feel and sometimes sad conditions is over . The coming new zoo will be wonderful : Just imagine  more than 12 thousand trees will be planted . I was happy to read that the 1 thousand trees from the old zoo will be preserved . From this numbers we can see that the new zoo will be much bigger facility than the old one . Seven times .Three continents will be represented  and the experience of the different climates :  safari trips ,  car trips , trekking on foot through safe passages, trips by boats and Children’s Safari . Even the experience of the rain . Wow !

The  only problem is that my kids will be  four year older and less interested in wild animals - I guess .

By the way  - who knows something about Al muntazah Park? It was closed down for maintenance  in 2004 and it is still closed and no maintenance was observed .

Saturday, November 09, 2013

what really happened to little Gloria Huang

 I have been reading the  international /western press for a while . Their coverage on this issue is a one sided story ..

 They emphasize that there is a cultural misunderstanding / that cross race adoption is common place in The USA  and the Qatari police is ignorant . It was really shocking that someone from the officials here called the adopted African child " not good-looking "  - in fact they are really good-looking ones  - I think .

But a little girl died in Qatar. She had not eaten for three days then . And the American parents did not take her to the emergency in time . This little fact does not disturb the western media at all .

I have a picky eater at home . But if he refuses eating and drinking just for 24 hours then I will rush to the emergency . I can not understand why the Huangs did not rush . What were they waiting for three days ?

And I do not understand the western media  , either , Why these questions are not put up ?

  The trials are not over yet . The Huangs are  out of the prison but they can not leave the country .

We all want to know what really happened to this little girl .

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Numbers n Qatar - £4.4bn deal

Centrica and Qatar's national gas company, Qatargas signed a deal .
Here are the numbers

3m tonnes a year of liquefied natural gas (LNG)  to be imported to  th eUK

it will cost   £4.4bn ( 6.8bn USD )
till 2018
enough to supply 3 million households

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Mall of Qatar - an important project in Qatar

Quick Facts 

Location ; Al- Rayyan
Status of Project :  under construction
Opening in 2015 -2016
 Size : 400 -500 shops =195 ,000 square meters

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A Hungarian preschooler playing the violin n Doha

When I met Lili the first time she was wearing pampers and she looked  an average toddler to me .She was playing like other Hungarian kids at the kids party .Her parents are musicians one from Japan  -one from Hungary .

One year had gone - I think or two . I missed a party at the embassy just to learn that Lily was performing as violinist and she was playing not in preschooler style .I always felt sorry that I could not see her in live .I stumbled upon this video and I was so happy to share it !

Lili left Qatar for good with her parents and she is performing nowadays somewhere in Europe .
We are very proud of you Lily and felt lucky to meet you in Doha !

Damien Hirst Challenge

Create a painting, an image, a piece of sculpture, or multi-media. The only stipulation is that, in some way, your artwork is based on Damien Hirst’s exploration of life and death.

 Deadline  28th Of  December

You must be minimum 18 years old and must hold a valid residence visa of Qatar .

One entry per person.

Prize : a trip to London  to Gloucestershire to tour Damien Hirst studio, meet the artist and help create one of his famous spin paintings

MIA Park Bazaar in November -review

It was not very big event . In April  I saw so many tables selling crafts but on Saturday it was less big .I saw beautiful South-African textiles ,Pakistani embroidered bed spreads ,second hand books , fancy postcards and other art and crafts on display .The most shocking thing was to see old Hungarian postage stamps and old electric devices on sale . We are in Qatar and the ticket is minimum one thousand dollar from Budapest .A Hungarian speaking man was selling those things claiming that he just came right from Budapest's famous flea-market the Ecseri .

 The Italian women's cakes and desserts were also memorable .

I hope to be able to visit next month when the weather expected to be nicer  .

Watching the November 3 solar eclipse from the Aspire park

It was wonderful experience -all the family but one watching the eclipse together from the hill of the park .
I expected crowds but there were only a few other people observing the celestial event .I expected that local authorities would distribute solar eclipse  glasses but no one did .

All of it started at 4:20 -at that time the sun was up and strong and looking into it was disturbing even for some seconds only . At this place near the Equator the sun sets quickly .So within ten minutes we could see the setting sun and the moon cutting a large arch from the bottom of it .  The sun reminded me first to a big croissant then I thought that t was rather a parachute . Then at 4 :45 all of  it disappeared . The sun set and we heard the call for prayer .It had a special sound then.

Most people did not show interest in the event or just they did not know about it .They were walking running playing in the park as usual .

We had some madeleine  with milk from the nearby cafe and we all thought that it was a very special event .

.The next solar eclipse from Qatar will be  on December 26 ,2019 ! Early morning - do not miss it ! :)

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Qatari Czech Therapy Center

 As so many Qatari visits the Czech Republic every year  for curing their various problems   some therapists and doctors decided to establish  a therapy center right here in Doha .

Six villas will offer all the services when they open all their wards . They are already working in three different villas .

 They have alternative therapies like hydro therapy , magneto therapy  , shock wave therapy ,Exilis therapy ,MOJZIS METHOD - just to name a few .

 They treat patients with arthritis , back pain ,injuries ,paralytic polio -myelitis , post stroke disabilities  . The mojzis method can help and cure  some kind of functional FEMALE STERILITY .

They use the Exilis therapy to REDUCE FAT, contour the body and tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

 The registration and first consultation costs 300 rial

 and the daily therapies price is 250 rial included every treatment

 It is not far from Ikea  . If you visit their page on Facebook then you can see the exact location .

 You can call them : 0097444174333

Partial solar eclipse tomorrow

Partial solar eclipse will be seen  from Qatar  tomorrow around sunset .
If you are not working at that time  then go to a park or to any open place even better if it is  high from where you can see the sunset . As it is happening  at  4 :20  - 4 :50  - there is no need for protective filters or glasses as the sun shines   weak at this time around here .

Just go  and enjoy the wonderful  celestial event .
 It is so uplifting -one just feels that she is part of the universe !

See what to expect !
expat Qatar