Saturday, November 27, 2010

You can learn art and you can teach art in Qatar . I took photos at an art exhibition at the Tribeca film festival . This was in the tent of International Academy for Intercultural Development

You can contact them to learn more about their art courses .

Friday, November 26, 2010

middle east sunrise speckcase

middle east sunrise ipad skins

middle east sunrise speckcase

middle east sunrise iphone 3 skins

middle east sunrise speckcase

middle east sunrise iphone 4 case

Falconry in Qatar is an old tradition . These birds can be bought at the souq /bazar .We saw this man with a falcon at the heritage tent at Tribeca film festival

Saturday, November 20, 2010

ipad / iphone cases with photos from Qatar
 by Alma Wad
Fully customizable speck cases with a photo background . It was taken in Doha , Qatar in 2009 by Alma Wad.Great gift for architects , for  Qatar expats and for  nationals and for the lovers of modern architecture .
For more details click on the image

Modern Cityscape speckcaseModern Cityscape speckcase

According to my experiences it takes 3 -4 weeks to arrive.It comes from the US .If you happen to be in the US it will be only question of days to get it .
And a great thanks to the great number of customers from Texas and recently from Italy who keep buying my photo art on Qatar .It seems to me that they had been living here  a day .
New Beach in Qatar

It looked amazing . Like a dream . Well maintained beach with colorful parasols beach beds and seats - flag systems , slides for the kids in the water and WC and showers and so on . As you were walking at a famous French riviera beach . It was not open yet . It was not clear when would it open . Some signs said that one can use it from 9 am to sunset . It was not clear either if it was for the grand public or it would belong to a club . But the size of it - 2km perhaps or more - makes one think of a public facility . I do not think  it is possible to make a women only day  -as it is by the edge of the Cultural Village -also known Katara . However if it opens for us - ordinary people- it will be a great step ahead .

Monday, November 08, 2010

Important dates

November 16 2010 EID in Qatar and GCC
December 2  2010 the Decision will be revelead on the location of football worldcup 2022

December 18th Qatar's National Day

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Monday, November 01, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival - Family Day 2010

It was the second festival . Last year the free screening and family day was held on the Corniche at the Museum of Islamic art .This year in the brand new Cultural Village in the outskirts of Doha.Oh my so so much concrete ! Last year we were in the city still near the nature .There were enough seats for everyone .This year we were not allowed to see the free screening . No more seats was the answer .The open air theatre was a huge structure - not very kid or family friendly . You had to climb  so many steps and it looked frightening . Last year I bought some Middle Eastern stuffed cabbage from local women .It was cheap and delicious . This year we saw a lots of exclusive restaurants . Nowhere the traditional local women selling their dishes from their hot pots .Last year on the family day there was a Hungarian - Iraqi cartoon on . This year there was a Disney film on .I thought that film festivals are for films which can not be seen too often on tv .Now as they brought this Disney film - you did not have the feeling that you see something special .There were a lots of programs organized to have this festival feel . We managed to see some and they were really good . We got a program guide only there to see that we missed a lots of other performances .
Well guys , you wanted to make this festival and family day very good and perfect event and it was spoilt by your good will - I had this feel .Everything became too posh too artificial .And heard many people asking each other" But where is Adel Imam ?"
expat Qatar