Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Karwa was celebrating itself . I read in the Peninsula . The company is a success story .
Though they know that there are problems .Not everything is solved but they say that  there are enough taxis on the roads .
Are there ?
 Where are they ? Today I had an appointment  .I started to  wait for a taxi in Bin Mahmoud at 8:30 .Hundreds of cars were speeding on the busy roads .  I might have seen five taxis altogether  - none of them were available .Where are the taxis at this  time from the roads ? Are the drivers sleeping ?After one hour I gave up . I had to cancel my appointment . I was irresponsible not ordering 24 hours before a taxi .
Karwa is a success story . Success for who ?

 The other day I had to visit an embassy in the West Bay . The driver was new - and  could not find the place though I gave him exact address which number , what square . We were riding here and there  half an hour in the darkness .Finally we found a jogger who could help us . The cost was nearly double of the expected cost. Guess who had to pay  that !
Yes  be prepared if you ride a taxi in Doha you have to show the way to the driver . They are not educated before sending them to drive . They are new . They has just arrived and might leave soon as Singapore is a more attractive place for a driver .New ones are coming and leaving soon .
On the other hand the roads are full of illegal drivers  offering a ride . I had to turn down minimum ten guys during one hour .I do not dare to ride with them .It is not their beard or their  traditional clothes that disturbs me . Just that they are not registered and can not be controlled .They should get an official rank .They are the ones who know Doha and who are ready to live here .

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red sludge disaster near my hometown

We always loved to draw with those red pebbles and stones when we were children in Veszprem county , Hungary .Now it reminds me to that terrible disaster  which happened a week ago . You must have heard about the alumina factory which reservoir was overfilled and the toxic sludge poured on a village in the hills bellow the alumina plant 5-6kms .The Luck that it happened at lunch time  and not at night , This way most of the villagers had chance -around 20 seconds - to climb on a tree ,rooftops ,fence . Those living in lower part had less chance . Luckily the children were at school which was in an upper area . But the small ones were at home . Some of them died as their parents simply had no time or way to save them .They were drifted by the sludge which was burning their skins ...One mother told she had around 20 second to understand what was going on  and catch her little child put her on the top of a cupboard and then she was already burning  - she was standing  in the sludge until waste . as she was sure  she was going to die - she managed to grab her mobile and called her husband to tell him goodbye and begging him to try to save their kid  who was on the top of the cupboards surrounded by the toxic sludge . It was impossible to enter the village - the husband called the neighbours who rushed to save them . Everybody was saved  - though they pay the price  -suffering of burns ....
 This case was full nice of uplifting stories .Firefighters and policemen working hard to save lives ....
When the sludge dries it will turn into a toxic powder . People of three towns should leave everything behind ... and move and build a new place ....
The managers owners of the alumina plants are millionaires . Their greed caused that disaster .They should pay as soon as possible .They should be forced to pay .
Instead of that  money is begged here and there .I was shocked to see that money is  asked by our consul  here in Qatar for those victims .It is always nice to help however  the greatest help  would be if we Hungarians got rid of those corrupt people who grabbed  important factories ,facilities  20 years ago  then they irresponsibility causes danger  all the time .They are greedy in a revolting   way . Now this was a wake up call for all of us . We have to care about public issues  and not to burry our heads into the sand .

Friday, October 08, 2010

Royal Plaza at Eid . I love the look of this art deco structure at any time of the year but their festive image is so uplifting ! Five star for the designer !

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Torch Tower in Doha Qatar illuminated for Eid - as I managed to capture that two weeks ago ...

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Qatar News Agency

Again a building in good condition is being pulled down ...
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