Sunday, June 23, 2013

Qatari tourists top destinations

Ever wondered where the local  spend their summers when leaving the  richest country in the world ?
According to   travel agents  it is England , France , Spain , Morocco , Turkey   but if they choose to travel to the East  it is Malaysia and  Thailand .


VIllaggio Mall Fire - Five sentences

After nine months hearing the court sentenced  five people to jail .

 1 . The owner of the Gympanzy nursery
 2. The co-owner of that  nursery
 3. the owner of the mall
4.  the manager of the mall
5 . an employee of the Ministry

 here you can read more details
 I hope after this tragedy that  safe  day cares will be set up in Qatar  shopping  centers  next to the exits

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The gathering of the Whale Shark

 If you love the sharks and marine biology then certainly  you will love this  film .

 Whale Sharks of Qatar

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cirque de Soleil is coming to Qatar

Dralion  is their  show 's name  - it is a fuse of Eastern and Western cultural inspiration

 When ?   September 19  to 21

Where ?  Aspire Arena  Doha , Qatar

Tickets are on sale at the City Center -first floor , W Hotel , and online ( you have to register with them on their  official page first )
 They are quite expensive . The cheapest one is 250 riyal  the most expensive is 11oo riyal

Would you  spend as much money for a circus show ? Have you ever spent so much money for entertainment?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Leader of Qatar or Just a hoax

According to this British medium  Qatar has a succession plan .This very summer the leadership of Qatar will be shifted to the crown prince  Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad . This plan is not announced officially yet . I wonder if it will really happen so or this is just a hoax about the health problems of the ruler .Last year there  were news  spreading that  the Emir of Qatar was killed while meeting some Russian diplomats . That was a clear hoax as he appeared  soon personally on the Al -Jazeera Tv channel .

Update :  while being abroad I called my  husband just to learn that there was a national holiday and it was not a hoax  the power was shifted to younger generation in Qatar

Friday, June 07, 2013

Summer with kids in Qatar 2013

It will be hot that is sure .Ramadan makes  this summer  with kids  more challenging as many facilities will be closed at day time in the middle of the summer . After last year's day care tragedy   there are less facilities offering summer camps .Indian summer camps which used to accept non-Indians nowadays are open only for the Indians . And I find  only one camp organized for both English/Arabic speaking kids .Here is the ABC of the summer activities for kids who spend their vacations in Qatar. Browse  my list to find something  interesting . Come back weekly as  I am adding new ones .

A  for Art  camp for your kids ... 5 days  for different age  groups with lunch and a lots of fun  at the prestigIous  VCUQ  at the Education City . It is quite expensive .

B for Beaches in summer  - the  most attractive beach of Qatar is at the Katara . It has all the things that you expect from a beach and though dress code is strict  kids will certainly enjoy the sand  and the toys . However I must warn you about last years big jelly fish invasion all around the shores of Qatar

C -  for  computer  education  programs
for high-school students
      for  ceramic painting as well at the cafe ceramique  Doha at the Mall  - they expect kids from age five

D for  Disney on ice

E for  Exhibitions

F for

G - gymnastics  course at the Falcon taek wan do club

 I for Ice skating  at the City Center  daily
   for Indian Summer Camps   - there are several ones - the most famous is this one . They are a bit old fashioned but low cost camps .Apparently among Indians educators there are some idealist like me who think that these camps should be non-profit as they are for the benefit of the whole society . There was a time when it was open for non -Indian kids ,There were some expat Arab and Far-Eastern kids .My child was there as well - and though at that time she spoke  better in Arabic than in English  she enjoyed it very much .
 Birla public school also organising a low -cost camp  for six weeks . The age group is from KG1  to class VIII .

K  -  Karate

L-language learning

M  -  for  Media  programs  for high-school students at the Northwestern University in Qatar - great for those who are interested in films , journalism ,broadcasting

N-for  nursery camps  Star Fish Camp has quite a good reputation - they are a child centered facility and they  let kids playing in the sand and water ... what a nice activity for summer !  Call  4411 0355 / 5553 9798

O - for Oxford Learning Centre  summer learning

P for pizza making  at the Pizza Xpress at various locations  or Park House School  summer camp for kids aged 4 -10

Q  -  QMOTION summer camps are short programs filled with fun not only sports  - for kids aged 4-12

R - renting and  riding a bike  at the MIA park  - you have to walk all along the sea promenade to find this facility which  closes around  five  good bikes for kids of all age group  - rent 25 rial/hour

S  for Soccer Camp -they accept 5 -14 year old boys and girls
    for  Science Camp  for a month   for 6 - 16 years old   kids  - they offer  mad science   more info at :5543 2330

T   for Trampoline  it is 25 rial in the MIA park  - daily  except Tuesday

W  for Watersports

Y for Yachts  and sailing
Z  for Zoo  that is closed for facelift

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Slice of Lemon Print
Slice of Lemon Print by MDKgraphics
Look at other Slice of lemon Posters at

Do you like having breakfast out ? Do you like reading reviews ? I found a page that has a lots of breakfast reviews .Two of them are rating the places where they ate in Qatar . This can be something very simple fast food outlet or some posh place from the Pearl .

Saturday, June 01, 2013

week day lunch for less than a 100 rial

some restaurants are way more expensive at weekends and for dinner
so why not to explore them rather on week days at lunch time ?

1.Red Lobster
from Sunday to Thursday
from 11 am to 4 pm
LUNCH OFFER for 35 QR= starter ,main course ,dessert
dine in only
Suhaim bin Hamad street
Tel 974 44441066

2.  Chopsticks restaurant at the Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel
Business Lunch = three courses /daily changing set menu with modern Asian dishes= 59 riyals
Daily except Monday from 12 to 15
Tel : 4434 3203

3. The Cellar  ,Oryx  Rotana Hotel

  XpressLunch =three course set menu =QR 89
call   4402 3333

Did you know ?

Did you know ?  There is a free  bus service  between the Museum of Islamic Art and the Mathaf Modern Arab art museum .It is a nice bright pink bus and can take people  every hour between 11am and 5pm nearly every day .(Monday ,Tuesday NO )

For Art Lovers - Win a Luxury Dinner for two

Art and luxury dinner ?  Yes,you can win .All the thing you have to do is : visit two exhibitions out of four .Collect the stamps -fill in a form and wait for your luck .

Places to visit :
1. MIA Ferozkoh
2.Alriwaq Doha  Olympics past and present 
3.QMA Gallery (Katara) Heyya
4.Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art Forever now

The lucky ones are going to have dinner at Idam at Alain Ducasse restaurant
expat Qatar