Thursday, May 29, 2014

An awesome urban reflection

Qatar Airways new route

Qatar Airways  started services between Edinburgh and Doha.  It offers great transfers for those travelling to Asia or Australia .

The flight Doha - Edinburgh  takes around seven hours .Boeing 787 Dreamliner is going to fly this route .

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two years ago -13 kids died at Villaggio Mall

It was a nightmare even to read about the story .It gave sleepless nights to many mothers in Qatar .I was one of them .Even then and since that time we  could not have understood what had happened .
The day care /nursery was working without proper licenses . It did not have fire exit - the teachers got no training about emergency .When first they detected the light smoke -instead of evacuating the place -they called their boss for further instructions .Though the fire brigade was there on time- they were not informed for half an hour about the existence of that nursery .When they learned about the nursery they got wrong map . When they opened the roof finally to reach the small ones they were very slow and it was too late ... everybody died inside  -teachers kids ...The Weekes family lost 3 kids  -their triplets . Parents paid ad to remind the Qatari facebook community -it happened 2 years ago .The photo of the tombstone  was there ...

Laboratory accident in Texas AM University in Qatar

It seems now that there was a fatal laboratory accident inside a research lab which killed an employee .There was a scare early in the afternoon in Education City . All the building of Texas Am Qatar was evacuated  Police .ambulance were seen in front of the building .Tomorrow  is the day for mourning there  - no lectures .
 According to witnesses  there was a popping sound ( a small explosion ?) then the research assistant  was found on the floor .Officials are trying to find out the cause of today's incident .

Here you can read the Dean's message

Monday, May 26, 2014

The world's oldest Bactrian camel died at age 38

The world's oldest Bactrian camel "Tsugaru-san"

"Tsugaru" was born in the dude ranch of the Tsugaru area Japan.
It was closed by financial difficulties, and the parents of the Bactrian camel were taken over in the other place, but "Tsugaru" has been left behind.
Several years from it, she had got some baits from neighboring kindly people over a fence.
She survived it somehow.

She had to live lonely.
Someday, she was introduced by a program of NHK(Public broadcasting of Japan).
The man who lived in Yokohama Japan watched it, and he felt very sorry.
He spent a lot of private money to get her, and he donated her to Yokohama City Nogeyama Zoo.

She came to Nogeyama Zoo at estimated 7 years old on December 18, 1982.
After that she has been bred carefully.
She keeps beating her own record as the world's oldest camel after December 18, 2012.
She will bee 39 years old.estimate (120 years old as human years)
Now,she's very happy.

Qatar airways Brussel -DOHA flight incident

Qatar airways Brussels -DOHA  flight incident . It was flying over Hungary when it had a minor  technical problem and  the plane had to land in Budapest. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner  crew did not report emergency .It happened on Thursday .

A spy case in Qatar

A spy case in Qatar

A Philippine man was sentenced to death and two others for life imprisonment according to local daily papers .
He had passed important information to his government .He had access to sensitive information about the army , weapons , and their maintenance . He had been working here since 1993 and got himself involved with spying around 2009 .
The government in the Philippines denies the charges claiming that they have cordial relations with Qatar and no reason for spying .
Many Qatari were shocked when learned that such important positions are given to expats .
I remember a similar case 12 years ago . Then a Jordanian young man was sentenced to death then pardonned by the Emir of Qatar .

Sunday, May 25, 2014

yesterday fire at the Pearl Qatar

It was a warehouse that caught fire - full of building materials . Not close to residential areas .However some people think that risk awareness is quite low in Qatar at times .It took several hours to put it out . The Petrol Station itself was not affected .

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tse Yang restaurant - Pearl , Doha - review

The place was as mysterious as its name suggested .It was on the first floor so we had to take the lift .A Chinese looking woman was at the reception - she lead us through narrow corridors with dim light into a big room with oriental decor .
Tse Yang means the forbidden city .It was indeed as we arrived at the special dinning room of the Chinese emperor .
As we looked at their menu it seemed that they really expected the Chinese emperor to dine with them .The cheapest item on their drink list was 20QAR - it was a plain soft drinks price . 20 times more than at the supermarket . Quickly I made some calculation and found out that it would cost 100 QR to have a simple Coke /fanta whatever for five of us - something that we could buy later for 5 rials at the supermarket .Finally we decided to share a big bottle of mineral water .That was only 30 rial .
Luckily the waiters saw through the situation very quickly and they arranged everything smoothly so we did not feel embarrassed even later that we share the dishes .
It was easy as we sat at a nice table which had rotating plate in the middle .Soon the chicken dumpling arrived as entree .It looked beautiful -it was decorated with red caviar .Unfortunately it did not taste good at all .The dough was very thin and the filling did not taste chicken to us .One of my kids went for sweet corn chicken soup .I did not like that either - but he ate it all .
 For the main course we took sizzling dishes served in hot stone  casseroles .They were fantastic ! I ordered for myself tofu stew - it had the typical Chinese flavor with nice gravy and bell peppers ,tofu cubes and mushroom . Others went for chicken in hot stone  casseroles and that was great too .The stone dishes were put on the rotating plate and went around .We took turn to help ourselves to the dish .It was fun . The noodle with seafood was of ethereal type - so thin - almost nothing . It was not bad but we like it the rustic way - thick noodles .

The good thing about the stone casseroles was that they kept the food warm while we were chatting .
The caramelized banana and apple was a great end of our dinner . The sugar coat was perfectly covering the fruits and tasted wonderfully . It seems to be so simple but it is not .We tried the next day at home and it is not simple at all .They served six pieces for one person . Again we went for sharing .
The bill was as we expected - no surprise at the end .

It was funny as we visited the restroom . It was also made in special Chinese style with narrow corridors ,mirrors ,patterns .I started to feel dizzy . I had to go out quickly . I got claustrophobia - I almost forgot it - then it was a reminder .

Summary : " I think it was a real gourmet dinner . We had tasted things that were very special and you can not buy  at the supermarkets ."
My family members thought " It was very good dinner . much better than any of my business lunch I had earlier this week at five stars hotels"

" it was delicious but not so much that this very high price could be justified "
" Mummy did not allow me the fresh watermelon juice . She told me that 30 rial for a glass of fruit juice is too much "

If I were the restaurant manager I would include into the price the steamed rice and would not make people pay extra 15 QR for it .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

working at night can be easier

An army of workers putting our power back on

working at night can be easier when the temperature is very high

Why Amnesty not impressed with Qatar Labor Law

 Amnesty International announced that it is not impressed with the new Labour Law plan in Qatar

  They think no  restriction should be done when someone wishes to leave the country .In the  plan the Ministry of Interior would make an automatic  permission  -  they need 72 hours to check out if the person is wanted for something or not .
Amnesty thinks it is not fair .

Anybody should be allowed to  leave whether wanted or not at once .

I think it is very difficult to control so huge migrant population . To filter the criminals is a must .I do not mind  waiting 72 hours if it   keeps the country safe  from criminals .  Please note  - hundreds of thousands of people arrive in Qatar from countries where crime and corruption is extremely high ( Philippines ,India )  -  at the same time with this system they can keep the country running with low crime rate . No! Waiting 72 hours  does not make someone a slave !  Though I know that there are cases when leaving  quickly  is a must . ( sudden illness ,death of a relative )

 Changing jobs is allowed only every five years according to the new law . It should not be restricted  -at all -Amnesty  thinks .
  I do agree  with Amnesty on this point  .

(But then what would happen to those private companies who make huge profit  while keeping wages and salaries  low ? How would they survive ?)

Qatar announces changes to labour law

2 and half minute video from Al- Jazeera about the planned new Labour Law

the plan of the New Labour Law in Qatar - in brief

The New  Labor Law  system in Qatar - in brief

 exit permit' s system  -leaving the country

  nowadays : you must get permission from the employer ( sponsor ) to leave the country
  plan  : automated system  of permission through the Ministry of Interior ( it would take 72 hours )

 wages - getting payments

 nowadays   workers get salary in cash
 plan for the future :    wages must be payed electronically to improve transparency and timely payouts

 Confiscating workers' passports  is illegal now in Qatar
penalty for it now  10,000 riyals ($2,700)
increased penalty in the future  :50,000 riyals ($13,700)

 Note :

no timeline set for implementation


Friday, May 16, 2014

Photo Exhibition at the Katara

Barzan Park Qatar

Numbers in Qatar - more than 9000 accountants

Qatar needs  more than 9,000 accountants in the next five years

 for the time being only 100 accountant graduates yearly

Master’s programme in accounting s available at Qatar University’s College of Business and Economics  with US accreditation 

winnie 014 accountant kitty is not amused

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Numbers in Qatar - 900 teaching jobs

900 vacancies for teachers in Qatar’s Independent schools 
36,000 people aready  have applied for the positions mostly from Qatar and  from the Arab world - they will be trained by the  SEC but they must have  the minimum academic qualifications

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Aqua park new packages for groups

Aqua park tickets are not cheap at all .In the new season the individual discount ticket through Doha souq is 115 QR . In case you buy it at the Park itself it is about 130QR .
These packages for groups look like a real deal .

For example if you are minimum 25 in your group you will get at 130 QR not only entry and access to all the premium rides ( which otherwise need extra tickets ) but you will get a QR 30 meal voucher as well and you can use the beach soccer facility too .

If you want something cheaper with your group of 25 then at 100 QR you can get park entry with 30 QR meal voucher .

If your kid wants a birthday party then for 100 QR per person he/she can celebrate in the park getting not only park entry, but children’s meals, decorations, and a private area to celebrate upon request . Minimum 15 kids !

Schools in the morning hours get great discount - entry is only 65 QAR per child and Aqua Park notepads, children’s meal and water safety lessons are included. Minimum group size is 50 person and available only on week days .

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hungarian President in Qatar

He is the first Hungarian President to  come to this country . He was invited by the Emir of Qatar .Later today the president will meet Hungarian expats at the embassy party  in the garden of the embassy ! 46 C today in Doha !

46C in Doha today

Not only the sudden rise of temperature what makes one feel so tired this morning ( I am talking about myself)  but the strong northwesterly wind as well  which started today and  might remain strong till Saturday  . Baraweh is the name of this type of wind  locally .

Project Qatar expo

  It is about constructions and building materials.
   Where :  Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC)
  When :  13 -15 May 2014
  What time  4pm to 10 pm
  Recommended for  architects, contractors, consultants, designers, construction professionals,regulators, project owners and project managers
  Special guest of the annual event is Italy  .

City in progress stretched canvas prints
City in progress stretched canvas prints by almawad
Browse City Canvas Prints online at

Doha by night

 The futuristic urban scene - Doha - the pearl fishing town grew into a metropolis .

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Gluten free in Qatar

 You can see a lots of products  gluten free in the Megamart if you  have time to browse the shelves . In the French Monoprix the gluten free products are collected in one section so it is easier to find the item you need .
In the Finnish bakery - somewhere between the Villaggio and Zoo - 
you can buy gluten free bakery products and cakes - see their menu here  .

you can call : 44661200 for orders

 You can buy Far -Eastern products as they are usually rice based .There is a Japanese section in the Megamart supermarket/The  Center  and there is a Korean supermarket in Al-Jazeera street ,Bin Mahmoud .

At the Carluccio restaurant at the Pearl  they prepare gluten -free dishes on request - I read about it the other day when reading their menu .

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Lobster Cookout Invitation

Lobster cookout invitation with a red graphic lobster( from Zazzle fonts).Invitation template by Alma Wad. Customize it with the details of your own lobster party .

Red Lobster - Doha restaurant review

It is situated  in the center of the city . It is not a so friendly or picturesque area . From one side of the restaurant there is the huge traffic of Suhaim bin Hamad street   from the other side the rumbles of constructions of Al -Jazeera street .
 The gigantic buildings of Qatar rail on the other side of the street make me feel lost too . The lovely shaped restaurant is so much inviting ... and anyway I heard about their lunch deal on weekdays .

 It was a good idea to enter - that was my first impression . The place is the island of peace in the jungle of the city . Lovely interior evoking the life of fishermen  and sailors of New England . Different tools of the nautical life are also displayed .Live lobsters in a water tank .Three or four families are having their lunch with kids .
We did not come for a luxurious lobster meal - just for a simple lunch meal .
 It was only 35  rial . For this money we were given a three course meal .The first course was a creamy soup for me .It was too thick for my taste . So I added some water to it and some black pepper .It was better that way . Anyway - the scones which were served first were very good . I think in the US they are called cheese biscuits or cheese bread  . That came without order  - it is something that we call pogacsa in Hungary ....  childhood memories came to my mind then ... 70's 80's Budapest  cheap fish restaurant where the fish soup was served in cauldron and homemade  pogacsa came with it ...  for a price that even a middle class family with three kids could afford in the always expensive city ..... I think that does not exist anymore ...

 Then I felt back to the reality   - this is an American place in Qatar we write 2014 ...

 My main course the pasta with shrimps in Alfredo sauce . It was very  plain ... like a beginner housewife first try with this dish  - it was not a big portion but I felt I ate too much by the time the dessert arrived .The dessert with ice cream and brown sponge cake was a typical American sweet treat  that I always avoid but my kids ate it . The kids asked for different courses . Kids meal only for children under 12 year .They were given something to color and wax crayons .Nearly every meal came with French fries on their kids menu . That made my health conscious preschooler very disappointed .Shrimp popcorn was full of oil ... the fish sandwich looked fine but not eaten after   by them . The pizza as main course was better - they finished it all .

 Telling the truth I know that 35 rial was very little money for a three meal course but I expected something more delicious .

 I told to myself that I would return one day to taste a dish from  their regular menu and  not the value meal .
I can recommend this place if you are looking  for  a quiet place to escape  the urban noise .Their value meal  is  for you if you  do not mind  dishes in canteen style  with friendly  and polite service .

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Beautiful residential area in Doha

The Pearl island is an artificial island built in Doha bay . It has a very special atmosphere and luxurious residential areas . This is the Qanat district Qanat Quartier/ of the Pearl .I found this image on the facebook . MD properties is advertising its units from 9500 rial /month ( around 2600 USD )
expat Qatar