Friday, June 29, 2007


in June I have created this abstract design . I offer them as a wedding present, baby shower gift .
Last month most successful item was a simple
yellow t-shirt
with the words "supergrandpa " on it .
It seems that people tend to buy rather common things than original articles .

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I drink a lot . MY favourite ones are : Laban ( some kind of fermented dairy product)

kahwa maa zingibil( ginger coffee) ,jaljeera( cumin water ) karkade( hibiscus flower drink) .

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

MORE CHEERFUL EVENT was an astronomic one. As we came home in the evening we saw the crescent of the moon with the Venus very near to it . I saw such things only in tales books for kids . It was so much delight to see . Unfortunately my camera was not with me . But you can spot it here .


MURDER AT THE HOSPITAL It was shocking and depressing news . NO details were given ." A man " shot his own wife dead in the woman hospital . She had given birth to a child some days before it happened .
It is especially cruel thing to kill a mother of a newborn - I guess whatever the cause was . A woman who had just given a new life - who is exhausted ,needs protection and support . It is a real coward job .
It reminded me a case in Hungary . Just five years ago - when we left. There was a murder at the maternity ward as well- in the town of Kalocsa .I knew that woman . She was a Gypsy in her forties . Her husband killed her . For she had abortion against his will . She was seriously ill and that pregnancy could have killed her . She had a little baby to bring up . I am against the abortion - but in similar cases I do not know what is the right thing to do .
I knew that woman . Once we visited her with a worker of an American foundation .She was outstanding - soft speaking , intelligent ,poor and full of dignity ...It was really depressing to hear about her death .

A blog claims that this murder in Qatar was from the highest circles . And it was about money ...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Are Diana and Dodi hiding in Qatar ?

Well , Diana has never been the center of my interest . Nor her marriage , nor her divorce , nor anything else has ever puzzled me Well, why do I post about her now?
I heard the newest theory about her death . That is - she is alive and well - and lives here in Qatar .

You see Mum ,this is not the end of the world - where I came with the kids ...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Will Gonu cyclone hit Qatar ?

I have just heard that 12 people were killed in Oman by the cyclone .My husband says- he heard at work that the cyclone edges may hit Qatar as well .
I start to get worried .I start to ask myself where is the highest point in Doha- where to escape in case of tidal waves .

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cherry trees are all heavy with their fruits at this time in Hungary . Do not be sad - that you are not at home now . Act as you are there . Go to the supermarket and buy some cherries brought from Lebanon . Sure- there are some left - I mean - not all of them were destroyed by bombs last summer .
You got the cherries and make your own pie .Just get rid of the stones and pour some sugar on the flesh of the fruit s
Do you remember ? As a student you got once a summer job at the local bakery . They used to make cherry strudels and the students were pitting the cherries.What a fun was that to work around yummi cakes and eat as much as you could...
Mix some flour( half a kilo ), butter( quarter of kilo), sugar( a cup ) ,egg yolk ,baking powder and roll the dough into two layers and throw the cherries in between- bake it . During this sing the song "erik a ropogos cseresznye "- and imagine yourself to the cherry harvest into your step grandfather s vineyard where there was a big cherry tree with wonderful big cherries .Smell the nearby lake ,listen to the birds singing .
And do not get sad when you remember that your step grandfather had cut that cherry tree - for its great shade has covered some vine -and gave him less wine ...

Summer dilemma : to go out or not

Summers are hot here . WE have no choice to go out for the most part of the day - but it is possible to bear the sun somehow early morning and half an hour before sunset .
WE may avoid totally to go out- but it may cause very quickly vitamin D deficiency .
It weakens the bone , the teeth , it makes us depressed ,irritated and for the long run it gives one bigger chance for developing any kind of cancer .
So , we must go out . But if we do so - we get wet very quickly - returning to our cooled homes we can get cold easily .Besides, we can get skin cancer when outside .So what to do ?
We must cover our body - look for the shade - drink a lot .What I have learnt about clothing : only cotton and other natural materials are bearable in the heat .Tight jeans are real self-punishment ...
ONCE UPON A TIME there was a city somewhere on the globe. it used to be unnoticed for centuries . until some economical boom which has brought much money and created lots of jobs to that city . foreign workers started to flow into but due to the poor planning there was shortage of accomodation.The suddenly came wealth created crisis in hospitals , and the traffic became chaotic the education simply troubled .

dear reader - you may think i am speaking about our much beloved doha .
oh no . it happened in south argentine in the city of Ushuaia .
expat Qatar