Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No more plastic wrapping ?

There is a new law in Qatar that bans plastic wrapping of any kind of food that is sold hot .It is dangerous. Chemicals can be dissolved from the plastic ... I would also ban any kind of sour food sold in plastic . The pickles and salads also can bring out the chemicals .

It is very nice that the government thinks of our health - but many restaurant owners are reluctant to change their wrapping materials.I hope that they can force them to do so .

Just Say No to Plastic bag

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas carols in the desert in Qatar performed by expats living there .2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

lovely scene from the streets of Doha - a street sweeping truck

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a lovely street scene in Doha ..a cute kitty is on the fence of an old villa ...charming garden flowers are clustering on the fence... something not every day seen about Qatar

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

 Jaidah Photo Award Competition

Subject : reflections( the very best entries will show passions and poetry )

Deadline is midnight on Wednesday, January 11, 2012.

First prize : four-week photography course -worth up to QR30,000- at the world-renowned New York Film Academy. Air fares, accommodation and the workshop fee are all included.

 open to nationals and residents of the State of Qatar aged 18 years and above

 Only one (1) entry per Entrant. Only digital photos will be considered. The entrants must not Photoshop or watermarks and the photos must be taken and sent in a high resolution without any crop as well a minimum of 3500x2300 pixels (20x30 cm) at 300 dpi resolutions.

Once the photo is uploaded on the website, Entrants should submit the Raw/TIFF file to “W Hotel- Concierge Desk- West Bay- Doha- Qatar”.

See more on terms and conditions

Monday, December 19, 2011

 The National Day in Qatar was marked by huge celebrations yesterday - military parade in the Corniche ,fireworks at night  etc .

 from our part -we celebrated at home ... we tried not to go out ... but finally we decided to go out to a restaurant ... around noon ... well we were blocked by those red four wheelers of lekhwiya  because of a VIP convoys then we saw other local people's car with four-five year our old little girls sitting in the windows of the car while it was moving ... because of those children we do not wish to go out .. we do not wish to see them fall from the car we do not wish to run over them ... we do not wish  our kids to see this ....
otherwise -we are happy  to see the success of Qatar in the world ... we feel it is like our success ...  the fireworks was also great from the roof top ... that is how we celebrated
" It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important "
we have been here for almost a decade

Friday, December 16, 2011

As weather turned into nice spring like so we spent a half day in the park . We saw a lots of families enjoying the early afternoon outside . The flags in Qatar were blowing in the mild wind and we saw soldier gallopping on camel back - as part of the heritage show I think for the coming National Day ...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I saw ads at the City center about an ongoing Youth festival in the city . They advertise sport activities and more - however no one phone number / web page is about the events .

I found some information here - but not even the Katara's homepage is mentioning the festival....

However if you are young person and looking for entertainment then try to visit Katara ... you might catch something interesting ...

I remember skateboarding was also mentioned as part of the events ...


Monday, December 12, 2011

It is cold around here ... It is nice to stay inside the warm flat  and   reading some good books while sipping some  hot drink ....
Sweet Vintage Girl mug

 If you do not know what to read then you have to go and see the annual book fair  to Doha Exhibition Center .It will be open for ten days ....


 Doha 22nd International Book Fair
December 12 - 22, 2011
Location: Doha Exhibitions Center
Tel: (+974) 44429955
Fax: (+974) 44429976
Organizer: Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage   
Email: anal@qatar.net.qa

Annual and regional regular fair specialized in books and all printing and publishing homes. It includes different writers and international publishers.

Reading is Fun wrappedcanvas

Saturday, December 10, 2011

So the Arab Games started ... be prepared some security forces may hold  the traffic up  to make way for the VIP convoys ...
In spite of the tension in the area it seemed to me that every Arab nation sent his/her sport men/women to the Games .I was surprised to see that even people in wheelchairs arrived to participate ...Also it was a surprise that Somalia and Comoros Island is also considered as Arab country .. I have always believed that those countries are non -Arabs .

The Opening ceremony was spectacular at least on TV ....My best wishes to the competitors and organizers ..

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Photo competition in Qatar

Anybody can submit his/her original photo that shows Qatar, its people, culture, tradition, landmarks and landscapes. The photo should not be more than 3 MB in size.
You do not have to live in Doha to participate but the the prizes will be only handed over in Doha .

Qatar Airways Qatar National Day contest will run the contest from 09:01 a.m. (Qatar time) on December 06 till 11:59 PM on 15 Januay, 2012. Winners will be announced by 25 February or earlier.

10 prizes for top 10 voted photographs and 70 prizes for all entrants to win through a lucky draw

Ferrania Eura
smiling ostrich posters from Zazzle.com

smiling ostrich print
smiling ostrich by almawad
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Zoo photo featuring a smiling ostrich .Funny photo poster by Alma Wad . You can customize this item with your own words .

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Cold winds are blowing in Qatar . It is about 17 C ...The other day my mum called me and told that it was unusually hot in Hungary  - it was 14 C  . So  we had some days when the weather was very similar in the two countries ... very rarely it happens so !
 Not only the temperature but the lack of  precipitation is  also worrisome in  my home country. For four months there was no rain at all in some parts of South Hungary . And in Qatar last week it was raining heavily .
So we can say that Qatar is a wetter place than South Hungary .:)

Be prepared cold nights are coming with 7 C !

Saturday, December 03, 2011


Xmas in Qatar for beginners

If you have spent here some years I do not think that there is much news I can tell -but as there are always newcomers around here -this way I try to sum up the basic rules ..
1 . Xmas is not an official holiday in Qatar
2 . Xmas atmosphere is not so high - you can look for it in some malls/ five star hotels
3.If Xmas means for you something else than pampering yourself in luxury -but you really want to do something for someone in need in Qatar -then it is hard to find the way ...some years ago I read about a group on the Qatar living who had collected money to buy some T-shirt ,caps etc and then they distributed these things among laborers ...it was a great hit ... those who got those goodies were really grateful and touched ...the simplest thing just to put the things you wish to give away next to the bins ..

4 . Do not be surprised that not every Christian celebrates the Xmas on the 25 the of December - there are people here who celebrate in January ...it can be embarrassing that you wish Merry Xmas to a co-worker and he /she needs to explain that this is not his/her time to celebrate

Practical information : you can find a lots of kind of Xmas decor in the Carrefour - I have heard that they  even have real Pine trees for sale( 700 riyals) -most of the Christmas gourmet food there are in French style ... if you are looking for  English style Xmas decor and items then go the the Megamart to  The Center ( near Jaidah flyover)...  you will find very nice decor shop inside the main building of The Center -next to the Hello Kitty to shop
expat Qatar