Thursday, August 30, 2007

HAVING ICE CREAM ? It is good. It used to be . The flavour of the vanilla would be simple and tender ,free of any exaggeration , No artificial touch in it .The chocolate ice cream would be little bit bitter .The strawberry one used to be sour a bit.These used to be the real ice creams .The ice creams of my early childhood .The smell of the ice cream used to be mixed with the smell of beer as it was at the drink bar where it had been sold .
It used to be in April that the ice cream parlour reopened after winter .Kids of the area would run around the blocks and shout cheerfully : ice cream .
Some years later the flavours changed .They became artificial . It seemed as we had a great variety of them but in fact the flavours became uniform .God save us from that period .That was the time when small shops were encouraged in Hungary to be opened and their was a great demand on colorful ice creams .These terrible things used to be made of imported ice cream powder ...
Nowadays we have a lots of very good ice cream parlor .They cook the ice cream and natural flavours are preferred in my country .If you happen to visit Hungary and you would like to taste some gourmet ice cream then try Szamos brand .
It is a family business with great fantasy !
And if you ask me what is the Qatari ice cream tastes like then I would say that there is no typical Qatari ice cream , but some of the imported creams are good .. Yeah ,if you ask me what it tastes then I would say it taste mocha almond yes it taste mocha almond

Sunday, August 26, 2007

tall and ginger qatari expats fellow-blogger 's site is blocked by qatar censors .I wonder why ?
During the last five years I found that they block things which are difficult to explain why .They had blocked a Hungarian page"taltos" which was about the origin of the Hungarians .Then they had blocked our town 's favourite pizza restaurant's site -I have no idea why .I had my first gallery and still I have on a Hungarian page .
It has been blocked for three years . true ,there are some nudes among other artist's pictures - but my page was free of that . It is very difficult to manage a gallery when it is blocked . Then I decided to open a gallery at the biggest international site .Two month later my gallery had opened that was blocked as well .
I do not know why - but some month later they changed their minds and nowadays it is not blocked at all .

Saturday, August 25, 2007

BACK TO SCHOOL is the topic for what I have decorated some notebooks . At the same time I felt I am betraying my inner child who hates this topic at summer .
expat Qatar