Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Qatari woman at the taxi station

It was at Villaggio Mall 's taxi station ... there were around three families waiting ... There was a queue . Then came up a Qatari(looking) woman -she stood right to the first place to get the first taxi coming ... The Indian supervisor sent her to the last place - taboor -he said ... the woman did not want to accept ... she could not understand how this Indian guy is sending her to the last place ... after all she is Qatari ...
But the supervisor was firm and sent her to wait ....
I could see through her veil how much she felt humiliated ... she had to wait like a foreigner ..she tried to call her family - but nobody had time .... then she just stood there staring bitterly into the dark parking space ... She must have been thinking about the golden age of Qatar when the Hindi guys served them first and would not dare to tell them taboor...Things have changed .....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buffet breakfast - Le Notre , Villaggio Mall

Though I was not fascinated by the lunch we had there a year ago - I decided then to try their breakfast . The buffet table's selection were not as big as I expected ...though there were a large selection of cakes - somehow this was not exactly the thing I wished to have for my breakfast .I expected a lots of bakery products , some cereals - but we foud some little croissants and that was all . We were almost disappointed and took some grilled frankfurters and some salads with tiny sandwiches when it turned out that some parts of the breakfast are served for you as it is freshly prepared . In a bowl they served the rolls and bread - which were excellent ... their American coffee was also very good . The selection of drink is only tea or coffee . I expected some freshly made orange juice - but such thing was not included in the price . They served for as an omlette -which was rather a plain thing ,falafel -wonderful and the freshly made fatira stuffed with cheese or vegetables were also five star dish .
As you can notice it was a blend of Arabic and continental morning dishes ...
After all it was not bad - especially if you know what to expect ...The place was half empty - some local families had breakfast there and some western looking ones .. The background music was the jazz hits from 1930's ...The waitresses really were waiting , standing by to take away the plates or to serve you .
You pay 59 QR for that + 12% service charges ...
As not too many places have buffet breakfast in Doha - this place can be called the number one buffet breakfast cafe here ...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recently awarded design

5.5" x 8.5" stationery is great for all your baby shower invitations, birth announcement . Choose from five paper types and colors. Laser and inkjet compatible. Playful floral pattern with some retro feel . Decorative gift by Alma Wad . Customize it with your own words ,initials .

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Thai Smiles restaurant - Al Bida park

at long last a restaurant at Al Bida park . that was my first thought when I saw Thai Smiles near the mosque of the park .
It is a small place but very much above the standard of other eateries in the park. The interior decor is just my cup of tea , Burgundy walls with some golden floral motifs - it is fine art deco . The waitress is friendly and helpful . The noodles soup is fresh full of things that you would expect from a soup ... spring rolls were OK .We must come back one day to try their main dishes .. It has got excellent reviews and the location is wonderful with the park all around .Just the perfect thing for families with kids .
My best wishes to the staff .

I. Phone : 431 6466

II. Mobile : 696 6209

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Studies have found that reading level of children in the Arab region is weak, with a child spending only an average of six minutes annually to read books beyond curriculum.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Impressions Doha Book Fair

Lots of books -most of them in Arabic .
Lots of books in English too .
But nothing made me really excited ...

Scientologists are selling their stuff . .. That made me sick ...

French corner ... some books ... not very interesting ... there was a very thin book called " the Great Book of Arabian Inventions " - it was a pure insult in this form ...

And the best of all : A French woman was offering some French chocolates from a box to anybody who had Qatari look ! I was watching her for a while ...

"Liberty, equality, fraternity "

really - this motto was not advertised ...
expat Qatar