Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earth day is coming . Do you recycle ? Some recycling bins in Al -bida park , Doha .
It is a most enjoyable thing . Before moving to Qatar it was like a social event for us . My friends and me went together to buy secondhand clothes which came by hundreds of kilos and were available for one day only . It was like a treasure hunting . While we were looking for the thing that was worth buying we were chatting around the huge tables set up for this event at the cultural house of the town . And so many things were there . For some women it became a passion - they became addicted ... not the poor ones .
Here it is impossible to do similar things . People are so snob here . Everybody wants new thing only . Secondhand clothes are for the poor Indians at the Najma market ... Though Hungary is not as rich as Qatar but there the really poor get free clothes from so many organizations ... for example my mum is collecting secondhand clothes all the year around in the shed - then once a year she rents a small room in the town center and let the needy know about it . Her one day charity is always a succes .
There might be here similar thing but I have never heard about that .

Recycling is not only fun but nowadays it is a must .
I really would like to find out where can I place our clothes we do not need anymore !

Tips and tricks on eco- friendly housekeeping !

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I went through my posters . I had to revise them because only now I realized that many of them are available in different sizes .
I found two or three in colossal size :: 69 " x 52 " colossal size = 175 .3 cm x 132 cm It means it is really big !
I want to show you my favorite :

A cheerful abstract fantasy by Alma Wad . A real visual fiesta ideal at any room or office with retro touch ! Available in five different sizes . the large sizes are the following : 69 " x 52 " colossal size = 175 .3 cm x 132 cm 47" x 35 " huge size = 119.4 cm x 88.9 cm 31" x 23 " large size = 78.7 cm x 58.4 cm

Nowadays I got problem when creating large images . I can not even make out how I managed to create such a big file ! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do you need a HUGE POSTER to decorate your rooms ,office etc ?
Some of my posters are available in HUGE size 35" x 35 ".
Zazzle posters can be even bigger than that .When browsing posters I saw COLOSSAL SIZE as well .52" x 64"

When buying a poster at Zazzle then always have a look at the print options .First you have to choose the size :portfolio ,small , large , huge ,colossal ?
Not every artwork is available at every size .It is depending on the size of the digital image .
The prints at Zazzle are of excellent quality - brilliant colors , made in UV-resistant archival inks !
After selecting the size you have to choose the media of the poster .You may want a basic poster print or something special . Basic poster prints are appropriate for all types of images and are affordable solutions for everyone !
BRONZE MATTE Paper is more expensive solution and it is recommended for paintings and historical images (such as old maps and lithographs) where a matte finish and archivality are desired.

SILVER GLOSS Print is more costy than bronze matte . It is Particularly suitable for photographs and most digital images, where brilliant colors and archivality are desired.

GOLD MATTE Print is the most expensive paper medium print at Zazzle This ultra-premium paper is a textured, natural-colored, print medium with a matte finish, imprinted with UV-resistant archival inks (100+ years of fade resistance when displayed indoors and protected from direct sunlight) to create vibrant, long-lasting art and photo reproductions.

PLATINUM MATTE Canvas is one of the most expensive way to have the artwork printed .When to choose that option ?
In case you wish to have a vibrant and lasting work of art that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

PLATINUM GLOSS Canvas is Recommended for fine art reproductions such as paintings, digital art and photos where a high-gloss finish and archiving are desired.

Dizzying ? Just opt for a basic poster then you will see the quality .

Mandala in refreshing colors. Ideal at any room or office where more light needed . Available in four different sizes .

Abstract design on the sun with some oriental touch .Alma Wad's design . Great for homes or places with oriental touch .

Monday, March 23, 2009


Some days ago I switched on Al Jazeera Children channel to see my homeland ,Hungary . It was about an Arab family living in the city of Szekszard in the southern part of my country .They were telling about their every days and the little Arab boy 's life . He is a swimming champion .
I like how Al jazeera Children Channel shows the Arab children that there is life for the Arabs even abroad . This was not the first time I saw report on Arab kids in Hungary . Some months ago I remember seeing another one living in Budapest whose hobby was the pigeons .I wish I understood more Arabic to be able to grasp more from these reports !

The very same day I switched on the Hungarian sat channel Duna TV - to see that all the evening was about Tunesia .Tourism , traditions , and interviews with Hungarian -Arab couples living there .

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Mother's day .It is celebrated on March 21st here . Yesterday my preschooler was so busy with creating gifts for me.Also she wanted to help me a lot .. Finally she cleaned one carrot and washed up five plates .:))
My big child did not care . She might want to celebrate on the first Sunday of May .As it is the custom in Hungary .
My toddler banged her head into my nose with such big force that I nearly fainted . I am still not sure that it is not broken !
All in all -it was a happy day ! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

My popular birth announcement stamps .

Baby girl postage

Baby boy postage
They seem to be my most popular artwork at my Zazzle shop .
Annoying things in Doha

Taxi drivers : we are waiting with my friend and with our kids .it is evening -it is windy - it was nice in the park but it is time to go home and have a rest .A taxi comes - it stops around ten meters from us -then before we could arrive at it - goes away .
The second taxi stops for us " Where " " we say the address " Not " is the answer and he drives away before we could say a word .
The third taxi stops .We tell him the address : Do you know it ? No .
No problem we will show you the way . We do so .We arrive home -but all the time he was talking and behaving with a stupid superiority on his face .As he did a favor for us . As he was in India in his village .

Accommodationn - the second time within a week the sewage flooded all the street . it was a challenge to our nose and our cars .And the worst : to our flats . The floor started to sink in the middle of the room . "no danger " - I hear from expert since the structure is not sinking .But our cupboards are leaning towards us and the gas cooker as well . telling the truth it has never been totally horizontal - even before the flood . My cakes always got strange shape ...We live in a ten year old building .

The lack of information
The other day one of my Hungarian friend complained to me . " I was at a private clinic with a minor problem : rude doctors , much money , waiting too much .
I was shocked : " Why do not you go to the Health center ? " Then it turned out that she did not know that she has the right to have free consultations and nearly free medicine in case she has a health card . She has been living and working in Qatar for years .She is on a medicine that she needs to take every day -and so far she has payed so much for it every month .She had applied for a card and visited a doctor and was very much happy with that .
I know that the Health Centers are not perfect - but are affordable solution for many of us .
Why nobody explains officially to the newcomers how things are working around here ?
Sympathy Card

MY deepest sympathy to the parents and siblings of this young boy and to every one who loved him and misses him now .

May this tragedy open the eyes of the adult society here : children need more time and more care .Even if they do not show us - and want make us believe they are independent ,big guys .
We should not close our eyes . This is not the first suicide of a young man , in my views many suicide is disguised as road accidents or accidents on the dunes .
Had anyone talked to this guy in time about the ups and downs of life - and how to manage our failures - he would not have ended his dear life ...

A hot line for teenagers is very much needed here in Qatar where the generations of parents are working day and night and grandparents are not given even a visiting visa easily - and their living here is simply impossible .

Action should be made fast before a copycat jump ...before another family's life turns into nightmare .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is the ice rink of City center plaza Doha . The talk of the week is the tragedy of a young Arab boy . The other day he jumped to his death from the third floor traumatizing the kids skating there . It is really a miracle that he did not hurt anybody landing on them . This video was uploaded in 2008 -and is showing the beauty of the place .Somehow the song with it is melancholic ... who will be there to catch you if you fall ..
Qatar Jobs

a short summary on the ways of looking for job in Qatar

Friday, March 13, 2009


Please leave me alone ! I get too many letters and I have no time ! I do not posses any information on this topic that can not be obtained through the net .Please do not give me homework like " write me the list of hospitals in Qatar " !
I encourage the job seekers to use Google !
And no need to write me long letters about the sad situation at home . I am aware of that . Still I do not see why should I spend my time on searching for information for strangers when they can do it on their own !

Accommodation .No way that I can give anybody ! The laws of Qatar do not let anybody enter the country this way " I will spend some night at the flat of my internet buddy " ! If you arrive as a tourist you must have hotel reservation .

Sorry !

International Women Day

It was marked by several expat organization .There was an article in Gulf Times about life expectancy of Qatari women . It is 77 years . The same as men's life expectancy .Why do not women of Qatar live longer than men ?
My theory : number of birth per woman is high . Many pregnancies can be life shortening factor -though health care is excellent here .
Another theory : man do not drink at least as much as in the West -so it is not shortening their lives .

I do not think it is only Qatar in Arabia where life expectancy of women is nearly the same as men's .It is surprising only when it is compared to women 's of the West .
They like to compare themselves to the Western World .
Did I tell you ? One Qatari called me on their local forum Eastern European trash .I dared criticize them for something . The emphasize was an Eastern .I was laughing so much !!!He did not even think about it ! Compared to them we are the West !

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The much awaited buses arrived in December . It will be for families - it was promised. It started a line all along the Corniche . I wanted a fun ride the other day with my kids . I went to the bus stop .There was nothing written about its arrival . It did not come in fact at all .

Some days later I was riding our car when I saw a double -decker . I felt like crying . Why ? It was full of labourers !JUstlike the other buses !

The idea of providing a decent mean of transport for families was given up ?
Or what ?
expat Qatar