Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ferry Service is coming to Doha within half year .
Brand New ferry ships will carry the passangers between the New Airport and the West Bay .
How great idea to use the sea for the public transport ! It is convenient ,exotic and fun . I can't wait for that starts !
Rachel Hajar’s My Life in Doha: Between Dream And Reality
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Monday, February 27, 2012

on March 1 st  2012
 at the Race Track
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The world is not black and white .Not every Jew is the enemy of the Arabs and not every Arab is on the side of his own

people .We can say it for sure when we see the events of the past months - how some leaders are turning against

their own people when it is about losing their power .
All the good people belong to each other . The Jews United Against Zionism are with those who want a free

Palestine who are against the cruel acts against humanity ...

There was an International Conference for Defence of Al Quds (Jerusalem) at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel yesterday in

Doha .

One of the most important message was : do not to equate Zionism with Judaism ,stop calling Zionists as Jews.

It is unfortunate that many people do not differentiate between Zionism and Judaism. This is a success of the

Zionist propaganda. Judaism is religion while Zionism is a nationalist ideology. It is a transformation of Judaism

from religion and spirituality into nationalism and materialism, he added.
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grungy "Syrian Revolution" Syria Flag by abbeyz71
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It is getting cold here once again ...we must switch on our heaters again .But what can be  the weather like in the shelled cities of Syria ?At night I was there in my dream . I saw nothing I felt nothing just the emptiness .... a depressing  feeling  in the streets ,  or the people's tired eyes who are trying to survive .... the hopeless face of the aid workers .. they do not get enough help for basic first aid ... putting a bandage and so on ... the dead bodies should be removed ... old Syrian refugees  are walking in the streets of Doha - in their eyes the hurtful doubt - can we return to our homeland ? Shall we see again our friends/neighbours /relatives who remained there ? Or those who were taken away ?
It is  still cold here . Nobody knows the answer .

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barath Vegetarian restaurant Doha , Qatar

It is found in the Food World shopping center - it offers traditional North and South Indian vegetarian dishes . It is cheap .Most of the dishes are written in their original Indian names . It is better to read about them in advance ...to be able to choose the right one ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Numbers : Qatar  has opened its annual jewelry exhibition . Some of the jewels worth $65 million .( pear shaped diamond )
What a luck that I can not afford that one .What a big headache storing ,guarding an  item which so expensive  !

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Images from the Food Festival . The Indian man offering sweets ,a cheese sculpture ,beautifully set table .
It was so nice to see the tables set  the  artistic way  - it is a real art I think . It was nice to have some German specialties at the Kempinsky's stand ...their service was extremely nice . The W Hotel's sushi was  not so good . Though this hotel's restaurant was called  the best one in Doha ... I must say that I have had much better sushi at  other not so highly rated places - like sushi minto/oishi sushi ... the Japanese embassy's stand was disappointing as well ... when we arrived there nobody  knows anything about the food and the programs to offer ... then we were told there will be sushi /mochi making demonstrations later in the afternoon .. when returning we were offered some algae pudding .. . Take one ! -said a Japanese woman at the stand - it is free -and was smiling cynically into my face ... I would have rather payed for that treat than to see this expression on  her face .... after that I saw there were visitors at their tent and they had nothing to offer and three women were standing there and laughing at the visitors who wished to have some food at the food festival .
The festival was very big with a lots of hotels and restaurant . One is able to taste only a few thing /and what I described here was just a small part of it . Go there next year and taste the dishes on your own !

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today is the first ever National Sport Day in Qatar .It means no working  - and tons of sport  themed programs for families . The main venues are the Corniche ( MIA - Oryx ) -Aspire zone - Katara ...
Do not miss it ...
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Qatar skateboard
Qatar by Sphinx_N_Phoenix
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According to the Gulf Times the Wheels and Heels festival took place today at the MIA .I liked very much the idea of riding a bike watching shows with the kids while enjoying the nice spring .The only problem was that we could not find out how to reach the place by car .We tried three roundabouts near MIA to get closer but all of them were closed by police cars .We got into a traffic jam where an ambulance tried to find his way among jammed cars .Suddenly we got this " you should stay at home on Friday afternoon: feeling and we returned home .I learned about this event only when sitting at a cafe at the food festival and I was reading the Gulf Times . So we arrived home with crying kids . But not only the kids I wished to cry as well as we missed a bubble show ,a jazz concert and so much more !We only hope that the spring festival at the souq Waqif will somehow compensate us .

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sand sculptures from Doha 2011Marine festival . A traditional couple from the past .
This murder at New Salata really astonished me .This is something one really does not expect to happen when living in Qatar . Being murdered by an iron rod by some merciless burglar is simply not typical here .It is even sadder that the victim was an old lady -a local one who was over 82 and whose maid was also brutally beaten up .
My sincere sympathy to the family of the victim .

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Food Festival in Doha

  It is fun . It will start this afternoon . All restaurants of Doha will go out to the open area behind the Exhibition Center  - they will offer some gourmet dishes and a lots of junk food :) . This year Japan will have its own corner . Let's hope that it will improve that level ...:) Otherwise it is cheap and there will be programs for kids as well.
 Do not expect too much from it - but do not miss it !

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Winners of the Qatar Airways Qatar National Day  photo contest are listed here .I was surprised to see Hungarians among the winners Tamas Kiss/ Bea Kiss . The winners were the ones who got the most public vote /I believed that it would happen only  to Indians , Arabs , Fillipinos .We are so few here in Doha . After all congrats to all  the winners .

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

retro birds flyer
retro birds by almawad
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It is like April in Europe . It's cloudy then suddenly comes the sun .Warm winds and cold ones . Capricious weather but it is not winter anymore .
Sales started in some luxurious places . The Center was full of customers the other day . Locals and some westerners . They were happy with their findings and went to relax to the cafe with huge bags .I dared to check the price of a shoe . It was only 800 riyal with 50 % discount . I quickly put it back to the shelf .:) :) :)
Well well even the rich like the bargain ...

I checked out the Blue Saloon as well . They had some real bargain among the perfumes = under 100 riyal after 50 % discount .But the clothes were overpriced . A pair of jeans for a preschooler were 600 riyals after discount .I remembered that some years ago I bought one for 20 riyals for my preschooler in the H&M :) There were some handbags as well displayed as items with huge discount ...there was an orange one that I liked . It was around 1500 USD .Oh my -in some villages in Hungary you can buy a small old house for this price ...How the world is strange !
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