Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mein Schiff 5 - in Doha

 the ship can carry four thousand passengers  - belongs to the company TUI

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Young Musical talents concert at QNL

Young 🎶Musical 🎹 talents 🎻
Time: 5:00 PM -5:45 PM

Language: English

Event time

 05.01.2018 05:00 PM
 05.01.2018 05:45 PM

The library of my childhood

It was a dark November 🍂 afternoon when I was walking with my mom somewhere at our large compound . Passing near the cultural center I saw a lots of books 📖 and people  inside .

- What is this place ? - I asked

- The library - my mother answered . For a very small fee one can read the books there or even can take them home !

- Really ? - I asked happily 😊

- Yes - and even children can be a member . But now it is too late . We are about to move 🚚 to another town . Once settled I will take you
to their library .I promise .

It was a real WOW feeling just to learn about the existence of such facility .( I could compare it to the moment when I learned to ride my bike 🚲.) But even to be a member ! It was far beyond all my expectations !
I was seven and half and I already read all our books . Then the neighbours' books . Then I was starving and ready to devour any book I come across .I was waiting for my summer holiday visiting cousins and I was planning to read their books . Or a birthday , name day or something similar .

The existence of the library opened a new perspective to my life ☼. I praised in myself the one who invented it .I just wished to have something similar for toys and games . But my mom informed me that facility does not exists .

Moving to another town was a real cultural shock . The landscape , the people were so different .☹ But my mom kept her promise and took me to the library . That was a wonderful place ☺.It was in the town center   in an old historical building . Downstairs children's library - upstairs library for the big ones .

We had a really nice sized collection . Old books were well maintained not discarded . I read a lot .
As a result I became a ✍ good writer .Essay writing was always an easy job for me . Walking home from school the sentences ,ideas formed by themselves in my mind . I just had to write them down when arriving home .

My very best friend whom I met at age 12 was also a bookworm . We visited the library together , would read at home cracking apples . Discussing the stories after .One year later we found no books to read downstairs we read them all . So we were allowed to be a member of the library upstairs. But often returned to the kids section for its special atmosphere .

And the kids library just improved year after year . The new librarians were not only advising kids about what to read but they were ready to chat with them . They could tell them about their problems , they helped them with their home works .They provided them a shelter for the afternoons if conditions at their homes were not favorable . They organized competitions , they made some puppets and performed operas with them using their audio collection . Those librarians were real fairies .
We were very lucky .
When visiting cities later in my life I noticed that those city libraries were quite different .So impersonal and less inviting than our town's libraries .

Later it was declining - the libraries did not get much money to buy new books . It was quite sad . Especially to learn how little money our "fairies" made . They retired with very small pension . The new librarians were not similar to them . But the Internet attracted a lots of kids who could not afford it .

Yeah - when I grew up the Internet came and I "owned" whole libraries in my room . That was a real wow feeling but this is another story .

P.S. similar facility for toys and games opened when I was in my twenties - my kids visited it and liked it very much ...

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reading is Fun - owl with book Tote Bag

This graphic design by Alma Wad emphasizes the joy of reading with bold fonts in white and red . Ideal for those who love reading studying . Great for teachers ,students ,librarians . This tote bag is printed both sides .

Qatar National Library - my first visit

I love libraries . I missed them here . I did visit smaller libraries here  belonging to clubs , schools , embassies .  But the big public libraries were in progress in Qatar .

 Arrival : the Education City is a well-known place for us . However arriving at the place was very frustrating . Due to the ongoing constructions in the area- traffic diversion was just too hard to follow . We missed one exit to  QF Gate 1 and the next one was at the Mall of Qatar's tunnel .There we managed to make a U turn . We lost minimum one hour .

 The building from outside is very impressive - a geometric shape with some retro feel from the sides . I liked the Dutch architect's work . Inside it was too cold and impersonal . Big spaces without any cozy  corner .  It would need some  green areas and some warmth . Some armchairs with  fabric -something soft  and inviting .

  Registration  - we  already registered online so we expected quick procedure . Unfortunately - there was no line for those who already registered . We had to wait until other families filled in the forms manually  etc . It took us again minimum 20 minutes . And no chairs around !

 Children's library -  surprisingly small collection . They must have spent too much money on the building itself - it was my first thought . Then I remembered  the rules - 10 books per kids can be borrowed . A lots of books must be out . My ten year old was looking for something about astronomy - but could not find anything . What is even  sadder that there was no one librarian ready to help the kids with the selection . Most of the books were for small kids .
Well behaving kids can visit the library without guardian if they are  older than 9 .

 Other facilities  -  toilets were far from the main entrance . But not far from the kids  section .
The restaurant was right next to the kids library . We just wanted to have some quick bites . It was still half an hour before closing  time but they already closed : ( . The cafe was open . One piece of cake was QR28 .
The elitist attitude !
 The library is clearly not the venue of the wealthy and rich . Some very poor looking Asian families - lower middle-class families  , students were  the majority of the visitors !  Why not to offer something affordable ?

  That was our first visit . We are planning to come back to explore more about it .

The four month Spring Festival at Souq Waqif just kicked off

Many surprises awaiting for us - the organizers promised .For the time being cold weather is coming and you can ride more than 30 games at the Souq .Anyway ,it has very nice atmosphere without those rides as well .It is almost impossible to find a free table outside  the restaurants for Friday breakfasts .

Friday, December 22, 2017

Meanwhile it is very cold in Sanaa

Meanwhile it is 0 C in Sanaa !

No way to heat - no electricity or gas !

MIA Park Bazaar

Weather forecast for Monday 2018 - fog warning

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Drawing competition for kids - I love Qatar

Portray your Love : I love Qatar

Drawing competition for kids in connection with Qatar National Day celebrations.

On Friday,15 December 2017 @ AIMAC centre.

Kids Drawing Competition                            CATEGORY 1 (age 4-6 years)

                                                                                             CATEGORY 2 (age 7-12 years)
                                                                                             CATEGORY 3 (age 13-16 years)
register for free

Flag of Qatar - heart shape

Qatar National Day celebration - restaurants and hotel offers

Qatar National Day  -  December 18 is celebrated all over the country . The crowd is sometimes really too big - so some hotels got offers  for those who rather would celebrate in private .
 Not a bad idea - I think .

 Here are some of the offers .

Millennium Plaza Doha is a new hotel  with excellent reviews . Small kids eat for free .


Golden Tulip also has excellent reviews

if you are the type who likes to save then celebrate with a coupon from Qgrabs. !



Watch the National Day Fireworks from the rooftop of Fraser Suits Hotel !

Monday, December 04, 2017

A new park and playground for people in wheelchairs

expat Qatar