Friday, February 28, 2014

Mortality rate of Indians in Qatar and in their countries -numbers in Qatar

There are around 500 .000 Indians living in Qatar
 The death rate in India is 8 death per year/1000 people
 It is bad but there are countries with worse figures in the world .
 It means that if those people are dying in Qatar at the same rate then it would result in 4000 death per year .

 But there are 250 death per year in Qatar among the Indians .So watching these  figures it seems that in Qatar the mortality rate of Indians is much better  than in their own countries .

This is the fact .
I do not say that Qatar could not do more for improving the conditions and dignity of those  expats who do so much for this country . But from these figures we can guess that  their lives in Qatar /the regular income improves their chances in this life .

death rate world map 
Indians in Qatar

Thursday, February 27, 2014

BREAKING NEWS - Explosion near the Landmark Mall

A   restaurant  called Istanbul near the Landmark mall 's petrol station exploded this morning .Most probably because of a gas tank . Minimum 11 deaths .More than 30 injured .
What a Tragedy !

A lots of people women and children  as well in critical condition .
Residents nearby heard a big blast . Then everything shook and windows broke . The Ministry of Interior claims " At the accident scene now: process of lifting the rubble is being completed at the accident site as part of safety measures."

more than 30 people injured
 among the dead are two children
the victims were expat Arabs , Asians and one Qatari national  -mostly customers  of close restaurants  as the exploded restaurant itself was not open
what ignited the gas  tank at the restaurant it is still unclear
officially it is an accident
 the 1000 liter gas tank was on the roof top
 it had been refilled by experts just 30 minutes before the blast
 it was not placed there according to safety standards
it should have been placed far from the restaurant with a safety chamber built around it

5 Indians, 4 Nepalis and 2 Filipinos died
among the injured there are 2  females -mother and daughter and 33 males

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Venus passing the Moon at dawn

What a beautiful morning I had . Just woke up at five to prepare breakfast . When I looked out the window I saw a bright star near the waning crescent moon .

 This event is called occultation  and you can read about  it here  .

 I remember seeing similar celestial event some years ago . How nice that I could search for it in this blog . Yes - it happened 2007 June  .

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have you seen this missing lizard specie ?

This type of lizard has not been seen for a while . If you spot it then report it please : or
Formerly common in gardens and parks in Qatar- he has not been seen for a while and scientists would like to know if there are any recent sightings.
Please keep an eye open for this little creature and if you see him, Dileep Kumar would be delighted to hear from you.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Qatar Total Open Final WTA Highlights

A five minute video of an exciting match - both girls were fighting with great enthusiasm on Sunday's final of Qatar Total Open . Watch Simona Halep defeating Angelique Kerber 62 63.

Contemporary paintings dumped at the car park at Katara

How very sad !
When an artist participates in an exhibition organized by a reputable institute like Qatar Fine Art Association one would think that his artwork is at the best place .However this was not the case . A local artist accidentally found his artwork with other contemporary pieces thrown away into the underground car park of Katara . The paintings were damaged and cut out from the frames . Later it turned out that the above mentioned institute refused to return the paintings after the exhibition saying " they are being stored securely" . It was even more vexing that a painting was sold without the artist's approval .

Some claims that all these sound like criminal acts and I really agree . It seems that someone tried to sell those paintings then with the hope of getting money from the frames tried to sell the frames alone . The person might have escaped and abroad .

I always say that reputable workforce should be appreciated and kept in the country ....


Friday, February 14, 2014

Are you Celebrating February 14 ?

Are you celebrating Valentine Day ?
There are a few places in Qatar where you can dine out . Otherwise  traidtionally it is not celebrated  .

 See the list of hotels and restaurants where you can have a nice romantic dinner .Nearly 50  places .If I celebrated I would choose a  roof top restaurant or the Victorian style one at the Grand Heritage Hotel .

Our Sports Day Experience - 2014

So I chose the Education City for our National Sport Day .It was nice ,sunny day .There was a  big pitch full of bouncing castles and other rides for free .My kids were first disappointed .They expected games and prizes like at the tent in the Aspire during last Ramadan .Or something like at the wheels and  heels day at the MIA . But finally they were cheerfully bouncing ,jumping and sliding for two hours .
Then we had lunch  -  some restaurant stall was selling American bagels with chips and cookies and orange juice . This was my first bagel of my life . I expected it to be heated but they did not have any oven !

Green apple ,popcorn and board games were distributed for free .
Then we took a  shuttle bus to see the famous Shaqab horse  riding facility . We felt sorry we  had not come earlier .Entertainment was free .But we had only 20 minutes left  - the kids were riding ponies , painting plaster horses and got a painted horse on their face from a very talented face painter .
At the end to our biggest surprise we saw Sheika Mozah appearing among us .That was  really something unexpected that The First Lady of Qatar would come to greet  the visitors but t was a very exciting end of the day .

We saw  a gymnastic display after by little girls and teen ones .Then we took the shuttle and had a rest at a traditional Qatari tent near the Student Center .

 My kids had a very deep and long sleep then at night .

I ,myself was tired too  - that was the first day in my life that I had a bagel (cold one ) ,the first time that I visited Shaqab  and the first time I saw a princess from so close ...

more activities close to Qatar Academy

Monday, February 10, 2014

National Sports Day

There are so many attractive programs on the National Sport Day of Qatar this year .Tennis for all ,badminton for all ,family marathon ,free cycling ,yoga for ladies only and so on . It is difficult to choose one while considering the best time for avoiding traffic jams .

National Sport Day is a relatively new event but it is a big hit .People from all walk of the life participate with pleasure in the activities

Have Fun !


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Vintage Tennis players

Tennis players by nha.library
Tennis players, a photo by nha.library on Flickr.
I found some inspiring images on ladies /girls playing tennis .Enjoy !

May Sutton [tennis]  (LOC)

May Sutton

Tennis match at Oxford College May Day celebration 1912

Tennis match at Oxford College May Day celebration 1912

Woman models tennis fashions at Burdine's: Miami, Florida

Woman models tennis fashions at Burdine's: Miami, Florida ,1929


Wooded lot, girls tennis, probably Peace College, Raleigh, NC, c.1900-1910's. Original glass plate negative is from the J. C. Knowles Collection, PhC.182, State Archives of North Carolina.

Qatar Total Open 2014

Qatar Total Open 2014

 For the lovers of tennis 

 the tournament  will features the best female tennis players in the world
Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka ,nine of the top 10 players on the WTA Tour headline 

 when : February 10-16, 2014
 WHERE :Khalifa Int. Tennis and Squash Complex
 Tickets online

Wheels and Heels Day on Friday

Wheels and Heels Family Fun Day on Friday

Where : at Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park
 When : on Friday from 2pm to 10pm 
Organized by : Reach Out To Asia (Rota)
 What to expect :  1 . jog, walk, cycle or wheelchair the three-km Circuit along Doha Corniche
                                    2.celebrities and sports icons
                                    3.Diabetes Village
                                     4,Kids Zone with bouncy castles /face painting /interactive sports/stamp collecting games for prizes /books /art and craft
Parking : at the MOI building or Qatar Sport Clubs with shuttle buses every 15 minutes

 more facts
10 .000 people expected to visit 
weather expected to be sunny but cool for Qatari standards 11 C - 19 C according to BBC weather
 this event will help  raising fund for poor kids  in Asia

Sunday, February 02, 2014

King of the Desert

King of the Desert by :: Suwaif ::
King of the Desert, a photo by :: Suwaif :: on Flickr.
a lovely shot from the UAE

what are you looking at?!

breastfeeding or not - new law in the UAE

Breastfeeding or not . This is not a question in the UAE anymore .Breastfeeding is mandatory .Women who do not breastfeed their babies can be sued by their husbands.
While breastfeeding is something wonderful   - not every woman is able to do it . It is not clear in the new law who will decide on one's ability of nursing a baby .
 Lactation specialists are hard to find in the UAE .

According to my views  it would serve the baby's interest if  i was not the law which enforces mothers but   proper teaching of the would be mothers by experts /other nursing mothers /lactation specialists .

Numbers in Qatar €78.5m

€78.5m was payed by the Qatar's armed forces for Barcelona's Renaissance hotel . It is a five star hotel in Spain .

Barcelona by

Barcelona, a photo by on Flickr.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

good news and bad news for the sweet-tooth in Qatar

Good  News ; a  French chocolatier just opened his shop in the Gate Mall . L’Atelier du Chocolat  is the brand 's name .It is a famous brand has been in the market for 60 years  which belongs to Serge Andrieu . This is the first outlet in  the MIddle East . Some claim that you won't be able to walk away without  buying from their chocolates  Unlike other chocolate boutiques  they offer free tasting !  Risky visit if you want to loose weight ! Especially if you are the one who prefers the dark chocolates to over sweetened ones .

 Bad news ;  no more home made cookies /cakes or chocolates at  the MIA  monthly park bazaar . Every kind of food was banned .Qatar has  very strict food safety  regulations - they said as explanation .I  understand it from one point of view . During hours  dairy products /  dishes with meat are there in hot pots -only few vendors used  frozen bags . But they should enforce   this usage /  about cookies and other items which  do not need a fridge - I  do not see their point of view ...

expat Qatar