Saturday, August 30, 2008


Beautiful , blue plaid pattern with matching laces and details .Classic ,casual wear .Unique design by Alma Wad .That's me .

Zazzle gave it TBA award - today's best award . Daily around 30 designs get it out of thousands I guess .It's a great honor for me .

Qatar Islamic Cultural Center -near souq Waqif
2 months courses - tel:444 7444
free tuiton

Qatar Guest Center -near Landmark
tel: 486 2390
free tuiton

Qatar University
135 hours QR 4000 evening course
tel : 485 6333

for both English and French speakers
tel :493 0862

CHN Institute
six week courses
tel: 4878288

Berlitz Language Center


Thursday, August 28, 2008

A BOY DID NOT RETURN home from summer vacations .
He had left for England for a five weeks language course .While having his dinner with his friends in a kebab shop he was attacked by a group of drunken youngsters .
he got a punch due to that he got fracture in the skull .Later he died in hospital .
It 's simply terrible !
The kebab shop owner said he had been attacked 25 times since 2005 when he opened his buffet .
Gang attacks are common in England nowadays -I simply do not understand what is going on . This attacks are not necessarily racists - but many times they are .
Anita and me this film showed how just by fun local ,bored teenagers from socially backward families beat to death a Pakistani man waiting for bus
Things are repeating -it seems .

This is one thing .
The other aspect of this case is that some local people feel nowadays entitled to call any ex-pats "racist leech " who dares criticizing the local customs at the local discussion forums.
That is also quite a saddening thing .

Friday, August 22, 2008

I kept asking myself for longtime .I mean you see a lots of expensive four wheelers but not stylish sport cars .
I know the four wheelers are great for the dessert trips - but here many families can afford a lots of cars .
I think I found the answer -people from Qatar do have elegant cars - just they use them for their European summer vacations .Even they ship them to Europe -even by air .
Check out these photos if you want to see some really stylish vehicles .
Still ,I do not understand where are these cars when they are at home !

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I have just created the first lens of my life at Squidoo .It seems that I am in the mood of trying new things nowadays .

Friday, August 15, 2008

Last week I learned how to design templates in the Zazzle .It was a bit difficult to find out how to design a frame for the pictures in a way that the customer's image would fit into it . The Zazzle June news letter did not give great information on that topic .Finally I found DT's blog on this topic .it was very well explained and I think I would return there later on -for more info on other topics . Here are my first templates :

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still life in the afternoon

After drinking my tea I am looking out of the window .Doves are flying .Cats are jumping in and out of the garbage can of the street .A pashtu family goes somewhere .A nice looking bus takes the workers home from a nearby construction .Then two men from Nepal are chasing away the cats from the garbage can .They are working very well organized: one of them is looking for the cans of drink -the other is beating them flat by a stone and then collecting them in a bag . Our black garbage bags are opened -they are examining our garbage then choose the cans .Only the cans .They work bare hand .Ten minutes of hard work gives them a bag of metal .
Then they leave .An Indian man is coming with a stick -looking for something he could not find .
The sun is setting .You can hear the call for prayer .

When you look at these snap shots you may think at first glance that they were taken in Europe .
But they are in a mall where they are imitating the Italian architecture .Isn't that miserable? Still it is much beloved and visited place .Like Europe is by the upper ten of Qatar .Yes ,the Arabs adore Europe .

Then there was this dessert pancake with ice cream . Nothing special -you may do better yourself at home .Dulce cafe as well .It is usually packed with Qatari people .Their cook may not know this style of cooking .Otherwise I can not make out what for they are visiting it in large numbers .

Gourmet blogger 2

That was a chicken salad at the dulce cafe at the Villaggio Mall .We had a coupon booklet in which there was this discount" you buy a main course and you get one more free" .So we had this chicken salad .I like the look of that cafe with their vintage advertisement posters and terrace look -but their salad was very plain .It looks so great -it is served in huge and heavy plates -then when you eat it -then you realize that you can make a tastier one at home .

Gourmet Blogger

This cake was one of the best cake I have tasted in Doha .I must say that compared to the Hungarian confectionery here the selection of cakes is poor .This one was really original - not the usual cream sponge cake style .There was a thick base - it was baked with plenty of ricotta -on it there was a thin layer of lemon cream then lemon ice cream at the top .WE had it at the Romano Macaroni Grill at the Villagio Mall .

Sunday, August 10, 2008


2,160,000 weddings YEARLY
$86 Billion SPENT

9,000,000 weddings in China per year
$19,900 per wedding SPENT

Number of weddings in the world around 115,000 per day!

Wedding cities of the world :
1. Las Vegas
2.Istanbul ,Turkey
3.Gatlinburg ,US

Beautiful ,romantic photo of a rose of our times .Some filter was added to the original photo to get this vintage look . R.S.V.P -text design wad added to get a stylish stamp for your invitation card 's envelope .

Sundays were marred, from the troops point of view by church parades:'Totally unnecessary ,really a matter of showing-off to the native population ."

Living in Qatar I also met h some of my compatriots showing themselves as very much Christians - to show off their superiority over the native Muslims .It's just making one feel sick .
Being far for home must have been very tough before the advent of the internet
" You would race back to your bungalow and read those longed-for letters from home .You lived for that letter day "

The hot season in India was easier than here as there were some Hill Stations to escape .
"It's difficult to convey how enormously romantic the atmosphere was in Simla -warm starlit nights and bright ,huge moon those towering hills and mountains stretching away ,silence and strange ,exotic smells ."
" But for most people these sojourns in the Hills were brief and uneventful .Many wives came down to join their husbands in the plains at the earliest opportunity and without waiting for the rains to end ."

summer joy Wall Clock

exciting and unique -inspired by the freedom of the summer joy .

More and more people are planning to come and I get more and more questions about the cost of living here .

flats : 6000 - 12.000 rial
villas :14-20.000 rial

per year : 4000 rial
universities ,colleges : 20.000 -100.000 rial per year

GP - free of charge supposed you have health card( 100 rial per year per person)
specialist:30-50 rial
one day hospital stay :100 rial
( most of the examinations and operations are free of charge )


a kilo fruit : 6-40 rial
a loaf of bread:6-10 rial
a cup of yogurt : 1.50-2 rial

buffet lunch : 30 -100 rial

Entertainment :
cinema : 30- 50 rial
ice rink : 30 -50 rial
zoo ; 5 rial
fun cities : 20 -50 rial
clubs : 11.000 rial per family per year to... the sky

Friday, August 01, 2008

These dreamy retro stripes look good on the shoes as well !

Mysteries in Qatar

Last week a tyre ripper attacked in Qatar .He slashed hundreds of cars then the coming night he smashed around ten car's windows .
He was caught - an American citizen -wanting to take revenge on one single motorist - but not quite sure about the car vandalised so many vehicles in two areas .
The other thing is the color of the sea which turned murky in the area of the Corniche .Was it caused by pollution or ground water ? It is not known yet .
Life is full of unexpected things .The other day I woke up and decided to design some wedding buttons when I noticed that new products arrived to the shop .KED shoes .
So I found myself decorating shoes all the day long instead of wedding pins . It was a real joy !

MY SUMMER READING : Plain tales from the Raj -edited by Charles Allen -first publishes in 1975

When reading this book - many times I say to myself .Huh ,just like in Qatar !" We were always meeting the same people .Everyone knew rather too much about every one else ;s affairs and it was a staple topic of conversation - what was going on ,who was going out with who so -and so ."

It was also very interesting to read about how they beat the heat without air -conditioning .

""We talked about shutting out the heat .Hurdles of dried straw called kash -kash tatties were put across the open doors and verandah ,and a man would be kept outside to fling water on them now and again .so that such air as did come into the bungalow was mildly cooled ."
WE never slept indoors in the hot weather ."
" Until the advent of air -conditioning the hot weather had to be suffered like toothache .
When the nights became intolerable we used to wrap ourselves in a wet sheet "
"those forced to travel by train did well to secure a large block of ice so that you could sit with your feet on it until it melted away "
" the only sure way of beating the hot weather entirely was to avoid it . The time -honoured custom of taking refuge in the HIlls persisted till the Second World War ."

As an army brat myself I was giggling when reading that :" wives tended to acquire the rank of their husbands " My mother used to be annoyed by that very much tough it was not in India but in Hungary - but human nature seems to be very similar .

expat Qatar