Monday, July 31, 2017

New sun protection mask from Japan

 this face protection looks like  a Muslim veil   that so many women wear around here 

 here women wear it for religious reasons  as they believe that it protects one from the fire of the hell

 Japanese women wear it for practical reason  - they wish to  have fair skin 

 many Arab women wish  the same 

 now - the invention  of this new Japanese Niqab is that it leaves an open area for the nose 
 the one who wears it  can breathe normally

 In Japan  many wears it  already while driving or exercising  outdoors .

  In Europe it is totally forbidden in most of the countries .

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Casting Call: Seeking Actors with Qatari look

Forthcoming production: “SH’HAB” – written and directed by Amal Al Muftah
Upon hearing a myth about falling stars, a young girl’s curiosity is sparked. When night falls on old Al-Wakrah village, she sets out on her father’s boat, with the assistance of her older brother, to chase the fabled comets.
Auditions will be held between July 16th and August 10th 2017 for the following roles. All applicants should have Qatari look and speak the local dialect.
AMAL (8-11 years old)
Confident and adventurous.
NAHLA (35 – 45 years old)
Amal’s beautiful, caring mother.
SULTAN (10 – 13 years old)
Brash and confident.
ABDULRAHMAN (40 – 50 years old)
Protective of his children. Strong and stern from years working as a fisherman.
VILLAGERS: (all ages, male and female)
We’re looking for 10 aspiring actors to be play background cast in selected scenes. All cast should look Qatari. These roles are a good opportunity for those seeking to participate in their first professional film production.
Please send the following information to:
• A recent photo of yourself (preferably a headshot)
• Date of birth, nationality, languages spoken
• Previous acting experience / Showreel links

Meanwhile in Yemen :(

The Funniest Fake news about Qatar

 some of the "best of  "the fake news spread about this country 

Dairy products and Turkish vocabulary - Qatar 50 day of siege

It  had been the Saudi who brought to Qatar  a lots of dairy products before : milk  , laban , labneh , sour cream , keshta , creme caramel used to be my favourites .  They used to be the cheapest counter . It  has been for 50 days that they do not bring it anymore ...

 In one  supermarket where I frequently go  - there is a long  counter offering dairy products . Two third of it has been always Western ,expensive , medium priced products from France , Germany ,USA  even there is one Hungarian cheese brand .

 When my friends ask me if I find  food for us  in Qatar then I say - yes . There is no reason to feel sorry for us . Especially when I think of some war torn countries citizens in the area .

Some brands disappeared -  new ones came.

 Now the dairy counter - the cheap part is filled with Turkish and British milk . The latter is more expensive , but people understand the labels . As it is in English  .

 The Turkish dairy products do not always have info on them in English . So  at the supermarket there is a small help with  Turkish words translated into Arabic , English , Hindi , Tagalog .

  something like this

 Süt - milk ,حليب ,दूध , ,gatas
Ayran - laban 

yoğurt - 
yoghurt ,dahee ,زبادي

Meyveli  yoğurt -  fruit yoghurt ,

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

this is the most expensive restaurant in Qatar - I guess

I have never been here - they offer very special delicacies with camel meat and date syrup

Generally , I find there are only few restaurants in Qatar that offers special local dishes .Ducasse reinvents the Arabic cuisine . That sounds very  exciting .

Cities with the most trees in the world

Monday, July 17, 2017

Silver lotus spa business card

Silver lotus  spa business card

Silver lotus spa business card

by almawad

Personalize both sides now .It comes 100 in a pack .Great for spas ,beauty saloons , yoga studios .

Will be made by
Zazzle Paper
San Jose, CA

Health Club - Saraya Corniche Hotel review

We arrived  on a Friday afternoon in Ladies Time . It is a great thing that they have such hours .So few places in Qatar has such time when the expectations for most Muslim ladies not to mix with  men when swimming . We had a pass for one single day . We were thinking about a two monthly membership before arriving .

 In the changing room water was flowing everywhere  . Some people took shower and due to the wrong inclination of the floor   water  did not go to the  floor drains but came out . So typical mistake around here !  

I wanted to work out in the fitness room and my trainers got all wet !

We were the only customers in the gym and it was fine . No music , no  employees - just the CNN and Trump and Macron - we were forced to watch them .:(  no remote control ,either .

After that we got to the swimming pool area .  Right as we entered  there was a pool of 1 .46 m  with jacuzzi and two families . Kids pool was in an upper level . It was a strange ,long narrow pool .

There were only 2 other mums wit their kids .

So I just started to swim in the pool near the jacuzzi  when a little girl jumped into the deep water and started  to sink  and come up  - she did not know how to swim ... I screamed and swam towards her -  I hoped to be able to grab her from behind without she pulls me down  ... just a second before I could have caught her  the mom jumped in and pulled her out .So much relieved we were .

She was showing me  that her hearts beats very much . So did mine . My relaxing afternoon project was ruined . I was very tense after this traumatic experience !Though I kept swimming  during the coming one hour every time a child approached I yelled at them " this is deep water - can you swim ?" Most of them was not able  to do so .

While swimming I was reading the house rules . Number 12  -  everybody is using the pool on his own risk . The hotel does not take any responsibility in case of injury  or death .

No lifeguard was employed . A five star hotel ! 

When the ladies hours finished we returned to the changing room's area  - it was incredibly messy . No cleaner turned up during all this time . However it  had sauna and steam room . We opted for the sauna but it was out of order . The steaming room worked . Finally it was the best part of our health club experience . It was very small -only two seats -but strong ,clean vapor came without any bad smell . 

Meanwhile I came across an employee  who just came to use the toilet  - i asked her to bring us towels as in the swimming pool area   towels just finished  - she was just kind  to help us  -it was not her job ... they did not provide  shower gel  - only lotion and hair conditioner was available ...

 It could have been a nice afternoon if they had some cleaner in the changing room area  and some employees in the swimming pool .it is absurd that customers has to pull out drowning kids from the pool ! House rule number 12 should be cancelled !

 I can not understand how any hotel not alone a five star hotel can leave  their guests on their own without staff  this way they did !

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Musfer sinkhole - by the Salwa road

I wrote some years ago that I grew up in a special town in Hungary that had an underground cave right under the hospital building and a cave lake and a system of unexplored system of caves
. The limestone there looks like very much like the limestones in Qatar . and that I suspect that there are similar places in Qatar as well .It is exciting to see now this video and hear that these people also suspect more interesting caves around here .If you are brave enough you can go down to the cave like these people  and visit this sinkhole .
Who told that Qatar is boring in summer ?

French patriotic napkin

Custom napkins with French Patriotic design . It features the Eiffel Tower and the principles of equality, citizenship and inalienable rights.It is designed in the colors of the national flag of France .Design by Alma Wad . You can customize it with your own words . Great for Quatorze Juillet celebration

Happy Bastille Day! from Warwick Hotel Doha

Happy Bastille Day! Join us On Friday 14-July to celebrate this special day with a delicious French dinner buffet. For French nationalities, show your QID or passport and get a 50% off!

Online shopping from Qatar - Connected by QPOST

The Great Gate of Kiev Poster

New Route of Qatar Airways - KIEV

Coming from August 28 Qatar Airways announced its new direct service to the Ukrainian capital Kiev .

 seven times a week

 new route to be served by an Airbus A320 aircraft

12 seats in Business Class and 132 seats in Economy Class

read more

hello - computer screen T-Shirt

Qatar Computing Research Institute to conduct first summer computing camps for kids | Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Qatar Computing Research Institute to conduct first summer computing camps for kids | Hamad Bin Khalifa University

QCRI will run two separate programs – two separate week-long Young Makers Camps for children aged from 9 to 12, and a two-week Arduino Teen Camp for teenagers aged from 14 to 18 – from Sunday, July 16 to Thursday, July 27.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Palm trees in Al-Bidda Park , Doha Wood Panel

Palm trees in Al-Bidda Park , Doha Wood Panel

Palm trees in Al-Bidda Park , Doha Wood Panel

by almawad

Palm trees in Al-Bidda Park , Doha - original photo in sepia tones . This park is near the seaside promenade " Corniche " and Alma Wad - the photographer used to spend a lots of time here with her little children . Currently it is under construction . Great gift for anyone who likes , Doha , palm trees , travel .

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Batik , mandala painting , creativity for kids this summer

 Batik , mandala painting , creativity for kids   age  8 and above  .
  From 4 - 7 pm , on 13 , 14 ,15  July  - 250 rials per day .

The latest updates the Gulf-Qatar crisis

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