Sunday, May 30, 2010

Museum of Islamic Art print
Museum of Islamic Art by almawad
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Museum of Islamic Art is a very interesting building . If you are interested in architecture then the building itself is worth a visit . it is built in a man made island by the seaside promenade called  Corniche around here . The architect had been studying the islamic architecture for years before proposing this building design .  The result is a modern building with traditonal elements reminding one to famous  Mosques . 

It has got court with fountains and arches ... Refreshing and elegant .

court with fountains card
court with fountains by almawad
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Turkish Vase card
Turkish Vase by almawad
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 and it has got a lots of old objects to see ....

if you have not been to the museum yet
 I can highly recommend  to visit it ! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sarah Gazdhar , the four year old  , the one who was forgotten on the school bus was burried  in Doha.We just feel so bad and helpless . We adopted her into our heart . It feels a little bit as she was our child .

Many people keep asking why did it happen .So do I .
Answer number one : it can be that drivers or bus supervisors simply do not understand that locking someone into a bus or car in this heat can be very quickly fatal . They should be educated by videos to make them understand  how dangerous it is.

IN this video one can see  how quickly temperature rises inside the car . it is 27 C outside  and after one hour it is  over 50 C .
One can imagine how it is when the outside temperature is over 40 C . Plus children 's body get hot much faster than adult's .
In fact - it is so big danger around here that some minutes is enough and kids are baked inside a locked vehicle .
 The danger is so big  in the heat of Qatar that a system should be  done to be sure that no one will be left there .

 My child  had attended a small nursery  with 70 children and one bus . The place was not perfect but the principal took this issue very seriously . She did not trust the life of kids on untrained drivers and helpers . Every day she checked the bus personally  at arriving and at leaving . She registered personally who arrived and who left .
With big schools this system  does not work .Still there are other ideas  to use .

Friday, May 21, 2010

School Buses in Qatar

 Doha has got  very large number of students . Big ones and small ones .At the same time Doha's expat population is not steady . Many people come and go . So do the drivers   so do the teachers  and  bus attendants.
 When we trust our children on a school we have no option to check the driver  and the bus attendant if they are reliable persons .The school management  should do this job .

But it seems that they are  simply not interested . My child went to DPS MIS school for summer camp . She had a great time there  and  I believed that she is  at  the careful hands of professional adults . It was only after the camp that my six year old mentioned that once she fell asleep on the bus  and found herself alone and closed for some time . Luckily the driver came back  to check something then she was set free . Another time another little boy found himself forgotten in the bus . He managed to jump out through  a window .
He was a little bit bigger . The four year old Sarah Ghazdar was not so lucky . The driver did not come back and she could not set herself free . A little child died . She could have been yours  or ours .

Why ? Because schools are not supervised properly .Because bus drivers do not get proper training on their duties .Because bus attendants   do not care either  and many times simply the school does not  hire any .Because the drivers and attendants come from countries where they are not taught to think independently . They are taught only  to respect and follow ... and their common sense  is simply not working ...

Sorry to say so . But I am angry . I am furious .
A Little Girl who did not return home from school

It was just another school day at the kindergarten . Looking forward to meeting friends and having a day full of fun , singing , numbers,colors , rhyme .

For Sarah Gazdhar it was the last one . Somebody  forgot to check the school bus  after arriving .  A simple one minute job .Sarah fell asleep and was forgotten  there . It was 40 C outside . The bus was closed for four and half an hour . She  must had a terrible death .

That is the story .
It could have been your child or mine .
And the bus will come tomorrow and we will let our kids to school . Praying  that someone will not fail to do this one minute job .Hoping that no child will be left on the bus .

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I found a gift shop in Islamic art museum it was selling neckties with patterns of famous traditional Islamic art .As a necktie designer myself I was pleased with their idea. There were also different kinds of  wrap paper with the same pattern on sale in case you like the pattern just do not wish to pay for a tie 130 QAR .

I found some hand painted china in cream color with golden motifs .They are nice presents .Just they are not cheap .  There were also  some cheaper mugs with printed motifs . Not as special as these ones but still they make a nice Middle Eastern souvenir .

But best of all I liked this oval plate with calligraphy on it . It is a real exclusive piece . If they had a cheaper version I would buy it .

They are offering t-shirts with calligraphy .umbrellas ,posters , cards ,jewels whatever you would expect from a gift shop to sell.

The Museum itself is open between 10:30 and 5 30 entrance is free . It is on the Corniche

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pearl exhibition

It is on at Islamic Art Museum until the 5th of July . You can see a lots of pearls . Natural ones and cultivated ones .Pink , white , cream , golden ,black .From Qatar ,from Panama , from Australia , from the Philippines ,from Japan .The natural ones come in small cups and dishes -the cultivated ones by buckets . The heydays of pearl fishing around here was from 1850 -1940 . The era when the rich Westerner and Indian maharajas all wanted to decorate themselves and their surroundings by pearls . Then the pearl beds were depleted -then came Mikimoto the Japanese inventor with his cultivated pearls . The natural pearls are never as regular in shape as the cultivated ones . You can see a lots of jewels Indian dresses , Coco Chanel 's dress , Indian carpets all decorated by pearls . You can read a lots of interesting things on the pearls . It is rather dark inside the rooms and there is some mysterious music which made my preschooler feel uncomfortable .My bigger kid enjoyed it and found it relaxing .
It was worth the 20 riyal we payed for the tickets - for kids it was free ..

The Building of the museum itself is worth a visit ..but about that I am planning to write another article .

No photos were allowed inside the pearl rooms :(

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Casol square silk scarf - Princess Grace Kelly style

Some vintage summer fashion from the era of Grace Kelly when wearing a scarf over the head was not banned in any European countries  from the era when France was not so restrictive and paranoid about a piece of clothes to cover the head  It was simply chic .

O tempora! O mores

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Alma Wad's neckties for summer

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


According to the official site of the singer the concert will take place at the PEARL QATAR - MARSA ARABIA

DATE : 13 th of May 2010
 TIME -7 pm  - from 6 pm onwards
Tickets : Virgin Megastore   -for more info call 
(+974)  4135823/4135824

online ticket 
350 - 600 -1200 rial 

Event : Antologia de la Zarzuela

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Qatar ,the multicultural

This video features an international cultural night at CMU -Q ( an American University in Qatar ) -th performers are not professionals but simple students ..
If you love photography  then just have a look at the submitted images of the photo competition of the British Council .

is the year when the hatchlings of turtles will return
to the shores of Qatar to lay eggs at the same place where they saw the daylight themselves
expat Qatar