Friday, October 26, 2007

Walking has always been part of my life .
WE used to live around one and a half kilometre from the school and would walk there and back daily with my brothers and friends .
It used to be a pure delight for us : we either used to stroll along the main street of the green belt or explored the old town's zig-zag streets .There were several way to school and every and each was fun .
For this reason or other daily walking is a need of my every day life .
The other day I walked to the hospital from our home .It was great .The weather was nice .Birds were singing ,my spirit was high , my homesickness disappeared .Cheering the life – I stepped on the zebra crossing at the big junction near the hospital .Suddenly a Qatari looking four wheeler speeded towards me trying to hit me or just to scare me to death .
I escaped safe and sound .And I will keep up walking in this country despite the snob living here .
At the same time I wonder what we could do for the right of pedestrians and cyclists of this country .Have you got any idea ?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My friend Magdi is a wonderful cook . She made some birthday cake the other day for her grandson's birthday .She had shared with me the photo and the recipe .
here it is
5 eggs I used to make the sponge cake base for the cake .I divided the dough into two half and baked them separately . Both got a little hump -so I cut those humps to use them later on .
I cooked some custard from nearly half a litre of milk and chocolate flavoured custard powder - and Let it cool .
I mixed 200 gr of butter with the same amount of sugar then I added some cocoa powder as well .
I mixed the cold custard with the butter -and saved some of it
for the coating of the cake .
To the rest of the cream I added the cut humps + 1 spoonful of apricot jam + rum aroma .
i filled the cream inside the cake .I managed to cut one of the cake disc
into halfs- so i got three layers of sponge cake .
I coated the cake with the cream previously saved.
For the coating of the top I mixed 15 dkg sugar +3 spoonful of cherry syrup and cooked them and coated the top .
I added some walnuts to the side of the cake .

Friday, October 19, 2007

that is how a traditional fishing village used to look

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this is a traditional lamp at the arab village ,for holidays only

Otherwise it is a lovely place - but at Eid the crowd was to big .

Henna please !

Ramadan has finished - and so did the eid celebrations . we have planned so many things to do - but time proves to be short to realize all of them . this way we did not go to royal plaza cinema theatres to admire its emerald & gold theatres inspired by the roaring 1930's.We found no time to take the kids to the circus or to go to the Midwest restaurant to taste its international meals .
We were at the Jungle Zone- which is a fun fair for kids .We tried to be clever and arrived at 3 pm. But it seemed to be late -as it was already crowded .The second day we visited relatives and wanted to have lunch in a Chinese restaurant at the Center 's area .But it was closed at eid .
So we had not much patience to think about where to go . Simply we were hungry and chose Ponderosa - and the crowd .Our kids were fussy - the waitresses looked at us nervously wondering when we are leaving as so many families were forced to sit at the waiting area .
After having rest we went to the Heritage village .Listened to some Arab music - khaleeje style - tasted some fatiras baked in a traditional oven and simply had good time .
The third day we only wished to find a nice place to eat out quietly .We were here . it was nice for there was no crowd - the service was excellent - the food was quite good - and there was a play area for fussy kids to leave their parents alone while they were having their meals .
it was not bad all in all our eid . Not the most exciting one - it was just simply good .



Wednesday, October 03, 2007

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