Sunday, September 29, 2013

stray cat problem in Qatar and the solution

Who loves living in a cage ?  Cats  do not like it  . The most human way to control cat population is to catch them then neuter them then let them live free .Do not stock them in Cages !
Did you know that Qatar government  agencies spay  and neuter cats for free ? No need to pay hundreds of riyal to a private vet or "animal welfare " ...Learn more 

You can help  with trapping .A British expats tells about her experience here .

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Explosion at Al-Andalus petrol station in Doha

It seems that it has a lucky outcome as nobody even injured as there was a big underground explosion at Al- Andalus petrol station around 1 pm or earlier yesterday . However it sounds quite frightening .The petrol tanks had blown off .It is near a hospital and some small restaurant and a big traffic junction . Witnesses said that there was a big bang then everything shook then the ground collapsed at the petrol station ....

 I was shocked reading here that in 2009 there was a similar accident at  Hilal petrol station with 50 injured . I  remember nothing from that though I usually report things like that here .

Friday, September 27, 2013

Swiss delegation and stroke rehabilatation in Qatar

Swiss delegation  and stroke rehabilitation in Qatar

Swiss delegation of neurologists  has visited Qatar recently

 interesting facts  they mentioned 

 - most of the stroke patients in the GCC countries  are middle aged

- keeping your blood sugar well controlled ,giving up smoking ,taking half an hour daytime nap  and not grumbling about every little issue may save you from stroke

- new methods in neurology can  give full recovery for stroke patients if treated in time

9 out of 10 stroke patients can fully 

recover due to robotic technology

-exchange of visits between doctors of both countries are planned

- treatment of patients in Switzerland  may  also be possible in the future 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Numbers in Qatar - two billions

 Egypt returned  the  aid that  Qatar had sent earlier to the country . It was 2 billion dollars .


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Numbers in Qatar

 99.5 % of Qatar's population is going to live in cities by 2020

 in Egypt only 45.5 is expected to be a city dweller

in Sudan only 35.1 % is the urban population


Monday, September 16, 2013

retro photos - lady diana in the middle east

Retro photos .Can you remember ?Lady Diana in the Middle East . She wore a transparent shawl in Egypt on the head but in Oman she did not cover her hair .
The most bizarre outfit is from Pakistan . She is wearing hijab and mini-skirt .

I wonder what was the message of combining that two pieces ! Traditions and modernity ?Coexisting Western and Eastern values ?

Anyway , I have never been a Diana fan  - it always disturbed me that   we had to read about her and her marital problems  in every women magazine .How much I hated this topic .
 But she represented very well the multiculturalism of the world .

steel structure collapse at construction site

It was early morning some days ago  that a steel structure collapsed at a construction site in Lusail City .Luckily half of the workers on duty were late for work but the 15 laborers who were early risers got seriously injured .I wish them quick recovery and  fair compensation and for the company  in charge better professionals !
"If you pay peanuts you get monkeys "

school bus drivers went on wildcat strike

As a mother I am not very sympathetic with those school bus drivers who refused to take home the kids from Doha Modern Indian School .They went on strike suddenly to get better salary leaving kids stranded at the school and parents in panic  . I wish the bus drivers were well payed ,satisfied people but simply this is not the way  to fight for your rights!
Reading about this incident  I felt  that I have to buy a cell phone for my child - though it is strictly forbidden at schools .
All the panic could have been avoided if the parents could contact their kids !

manhole accident in Doha

What a nightmare for the parents ! A little Indian boy is floating between life and  death  in Hamad hospital . He had fallen into an uncovered manhole while walking with his family some meter ahead of their parents ! The manhole was full of sewage water and 5.5m deep . A rescuer went down to take him up risking his own life and health .
I wish so much that this little child could be saved !
Similar accident had happened not long ago .Walking in Doha has its own dangers .Newcomers may not understand the risk .The whole city is under construction and transformation . Uncovered manholes ,uncovered lamp posts speeding cars had caused accidents .Hold your child's hand tight when you walk !

Unfortunately he died .
How could these things be avoided ? Whose child is the next ? We have to think all of us who are living and rising up kids n Qatar .

reading is fun

For every bibliophile ! A floating book fair is approaching Doha .It is expected to arrive on October 10 with 5000 books .Logos Hope is the name of the vessel .Browsing books on the sea ! Fun idea !

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sandstorm in Dubai caused panic on QA plane

Luckily nobody was hurt but it must have been a terrible experience . Who would have thought that something goes wrong on a routine flight like Doha Dubai ? Unfortunately , a huge sandstorm made the plane lose altitude -so sharply that the passengers were sure for some moments that the plane was to hit the ground .
The QR 112 from Doha ' pilot lifted back the plane to normal altitude and returned to Doha .

I am not an aviation expert and I would like to understand how and why all this happened .Why the poor visibility the brownout made the plane lose altitude ? Aren't there sophisticated devices built -in the plane to avoid such incidents ?


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Confusion about the first day of the school

Qatar has a lots of different nationalities .They have their own community schools and so far they had the freedom to choose the first day of the school / the vacations etc . But nowadays the Qatari  authorities try to make every  school to follow the same school calendar .

Here it is how it went this year . We called the school of our  kids just to be informed that the first day of the school would start September 10 . How nice -  I thought . On Tuesday they start and they go to school three days only. For the first week it is enough .  Considering the difficulty to get up early after the summer when many kids go to bed late ...
Then my husband went to the school to pick up the books on September 8  and learned that the school already started . So September 9  we sent the kids to school . Then we opened the Gulf  Times to read that every school should start September 10 . Many parents believed  this was the case and only one third of  the kids turned up at the school  yesterday .

I hope next year we will be informed on time about the first day of the school .Even better we should get a school  timetable  at the beginning of the year about holidays and the last day of the school .

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Qatar now has its own satellite

I read the other day that Qatar has its own satellite .It was launched from French Guyana  and it is going to operate from December .What a big milestone in this country's life ! Congrats Qatar !
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Monday, September 02, 2013

Gang rape in Qatar by Indians

I just read about the missing 60 million women in India . They were the ones who were killed as fetus or new born or just neglected to death .Besides  that it is a disgusting mass killing  India now has a great shortage of women . Tens of millions of men are without hope of marrying ever .Especially those who are badly trained or not at all /poor young guys .There are more and more gang rapes in India and this will only increase .

Now , we believed that this type crime will remain in India . But we had to  wake up when we learnt about this rape case on the  10 August 2013 in Doha . A poor maid was at home  when some men was ringing the door  acting as they were detectives . She believed them and let them in just to be raped by them .

Now they are caught and will be jailed I hope . But  will this be enough to deter the others ? Can we keep the misery of the subcontinent out of the borders while masses of poor Indian males are allowed to enter ?

We must be vigilant however . It seems that those attackers are more and more tricky and blackguardly .
We can not be prepared for everything  but keep some rules 1 . keep an eye on your kids / do not leave them unattended  nor home /in the yard /shopping mall  2 . do not open the door to anyone whom you do not know - rather let  the person be hurt rather you look unkind than feel sorry after  3 . when you enter your car again left in the parking lot peep into it -as there were cases elsewhere in the world when  the rapist could enter the car and was hiding until the female driver  got into the car ... the same goes for your home ...if you expect the flat to be empty  but there are signs of somebody is in -even if it is just a bad feeling - do not enter ....
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