Monday, September 02, 2013

Gang rape in Qatar by Indians

I just read about the missing 60 million women in India . They were the ones who were killed as fetus or new born or just neglected to death .Besides  that it is a disgusting mass killing  India now has a great shortage of women . Tens of millions of men are without hope of marrying ever .Especially those who are badly trained or not at all /poor young guys .There are more and more gang rapes in India and this will only increase .

Now , we believed that this type crime will remain in India . But we had to  wake up when we learnt about this rape case on the  10 August 2013 in Doha . A poor maid was at home  when some men was ringing the door  acting as they were detectives . She believed them and let them in just to be raped by them .

Now they are caught and will be jailed I hope . But  will this be enough to deter the others ? Can we keep the misery of the subcontinent out of the borders while masses of poor Indian males are allowed to enter ?

We must be vigilant however . It seems that those attackers are more and more tricky and blackguardly .
We can not be prepared for everything  but keep some rules 1 . keep an eye on your kids / do not leave them unattended  nor home /in the yard /shopping mall  2 . do not open the door to anyone whom you do not know - rather let  the person be hurt rather you look unkind than feel sorry after  3 . when you enter your car again left in the parking lot peep into it -as there were cases elsewhere in the world when  the rapist could enter the car and was hiding until the female driver  got into the car ... the same goes for your home ...if you expect the flat to be empty  but there are signs of somebody is in -even if it is just a bad feeling - do not enter ....

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