Monday, May 30, 2011

Zebra at Doha Zoo /The stripes come out beautifully as the animal came very close to me .
My favorites at Doha zoo are zebras  -look at this adorable little zebra calf ...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Elevenses at Paul Cafe Villaggio

I have not been there for a while ... It was Mother's day and my first born just got her first salary of her life -so I was invited for a treat .I prepared my taste buds for a salad une salade de saumon fumee ou Salade Ni├žoise peut etre ...But at the restaurant we learnt that salads can be ordered only from twelve o'clock . I looked at their breakfast menu and there was nothing tempting there -at least nothing for a meal at eleven o clock .So we chose this cheese platter . We expected that they would serve French cheese as it is a French cafe but as you can see in this picture only one kind of cheese was French .
However it was a a hearty meal ... too much for one person .. we shared it with my child ...

then when seeing the bill we were pleasantly surprised that there is no service charges anymore...I was really happy to see that - no need to do menthal math every time you pay ...
Next time we would go after 12 ... there menu is much more exciting then ...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Go Qatar ! Go !
I was really shocked the other day reading the accusations against Qatar -published in the British paper Sunday Times .They claim that Qatar won the 2022 Football World Cup by bribery . I guess this paper is a kind of one which likes publishing defamatory news and even they calculate the costs of the fine if the person they attack would dare to go to the court .

  Why I am so sure that -it is not true ?God knows best of course but  I think If it was true  then they would turn to the police  to the court first of all ...They just want to create an atmosphere against Qatar . Reading discussions about this topic the Brits have strong feeling against this country and the World Cup . .They claim things like - women are not allowed to wear mini-skirts , it is not allowed to drink alcohol  and the people live here like slaves .Then a gay person mentioned that he would be stoned to death if he went there . .. Well -this is certainly not a gay friendly country  -but nobody investigates on anybody's drive .It is allowed to drink at certain places .And I see western and even Arab women wearing miniskirts daily .Certainly it is not the West . But as somebody mentioned this is not a County Cup -but the World Cup . It can be held at any country in the world not only in the West .

Go Qatar go ! Do not care about those accusations .Just Kick It !

photos of the marine festival 2011 in Doha -it was in March ,there were a lots of programs but the main attraction -the seal show was not available for most of us vain we were waiting an hour we could not get into the free show .. it was so big dissapointement for our kids that we would have been ready to pay for the show -but they did not give extra performances ..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday is expat day at the aqua park in Qatar  . I read  the colorful ad in the Gulf Times.
What does it mean ? Are we allowed to enter only on that day ? Or does it mean relaxed dress code .
I had read before local women complaining about the expat ladies who are wearing swimming suits at the aqua park .Does it mean that we have to wear abaya on the other days ?

I just wonder why the women of Qatar  fight against the expat women . They should ask ladies only day for themselves . Then things would be all right .

Thursday, May 19, 2011

City in progress no4 tie from
City in progress no4 tieCity in progress no4 tie
City in progress no4 by almawad
Make a necktie on zazzle
Tower buildings being constructed in Doha .Digital photo-based painting by Alma Wad .Urban necktie for architects , engineers , contractors .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mango Season is Here

The fruit markets and supermarkets are offering mango from different countries like : India , Pakistan , Yemen , Kenya .
This is the season when we have a large selection of this fruit at the lowest price .
Take advantage of this -eat mango it is full of vitamins we need . Learn how to cut the fruit to get the most of the pulp .

How To Cut a Mango on Howcast

Monday, May 16, 2011

Doha expatriates held anti-Gaddafi rally

I read in the peninsula qatar .I was really surprised at the fact that there is a Libyan community living in Doha . I have never heard about anybody being Libyan and living here .

What the Libyans want is a life with honour, dignity and freedom. 

said a rally speaker .

 I do understand what they mean . Once it happened that a group of Libyan musicians of traditional music performed in our town . I had to translate for them . There was something terribly depressing around them - nobody was behaving relaxed everybody was concentrating on the orders of their leaders too much .
The day  after an Egyptian group came to perform - they were so lively and cheerful // It was so nice after the Libyans .

I hope that will change soon and the Libyans will also experience  how to be relaxed and leave without fear .

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Exhibitions at the Katara

 It was a nice afternoon and evening at the Cultural Village , Doha . First we went to see the Islam and Science exhibition . This is a topic that interests me very much . This is something that we were not taught at school . At least not in my time .So I had great expectations . It was nice but not so great . The explanations were in French and Arabic .No English text .  Many  text came in small letters -and  it was difficult to understand the way of devices work despite animations .

 There were a lots of astrolabs  and other devices for astronomy . Mechanical illustrations - how  they lifted water in gardens  how they made automatic drinking machine . How they made operations etc .

 The topic is much greater than this exhibition could show us .

 It was not very child friendly .

We saw also at other rooms contemporary art exhibitions . A calligraphy artist with his art -which looks certainly great -but much more enjoyable for those who can read somehow the message . My kids got little gifts there , Coloring pages and even pens to color .So we relaxed at the Karak and Chapati tea house and we were enjoying the fresh Indian flat bread and spicy tea and the mild evening weather .

After that we ventured to other exhibition .  I think these are  expats living in Doha . I love watching this kind of art very much . I know I should mention names - but I only remember Hilda , the Brasilian one . She had big sized female shapes dressed in patterns . They were great , striking ,original artwork .

 There were some  light colored graffitti like paintings . Like an artist in good ,relaxed mood was scribbling on the canvas . I liked the result - fresh , urban art .

But the most memorable certainly will be the charcoal tree trunks and their prints  on white canvas . It was some kind of minimalism-  I guess .A big size of  trunk slice turned into black charcoal . There was a lizard on it . next to it the canvas with a print.  We kept explaining to our little kids . No need to be afraid . Not a real  lizard ! Then suddenly it ran away . There was a big scream then came the guard .
That is how art and reality meets in Doha .:)
expat Qatar