Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Irish PE teachers die at Sealine the sand dunes

 It is not known how exactly the accident happened . The news talk about two teachers ( one of them was from the Compass international  School ) two young souls in their 20's who lost their life in the sand dunes while riding a sand buggy .They were Irish and worked as expat teachers in Doha . Two more  Irish expats got injured  .
Sad news indeed  - especially that summer vacations just started !

Garangao Challenge - by QNB - City Center

You can download the game for iphone and ipad   here

Garangao celebrations by QNB on the 13th and 14th of
3rd floor , City Center Mall

from 7:30 to midnight

expect traditional treats and free download of their game mentioned above

Monday, June 29, 2015

Emirates flight from Sydney to Dubai - emergency landing in Sri Lanka

It happened on Friday the 26 th of July . The A380 was 600 kilometres from Colombo .when smoke was detected in the cockpit .They landed safely with 500 passangers on board .
The airline told the smoke came due to a technical fault .It was an A380 aircraft .


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Why the New Residence Card

Why the New Residence CardThe new residence card system implemented since 15 June 2015 comes in the framework of...
Posted by Ministry of Interior - Qatar on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Selfie Competition at Aspire

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Garangao 2015 - Shaqab

 Garangao  celebration is early at the Shaqab  this year  . It is on the 29th of June from 8pm to midnight   . Be prepared for pony riding , traditional songs and games , sweets  and more . Last year there were free local dishes offered and free photos  taken . But you must know that early arrival is essential . Otherwise the celebration will turn into an endless queueing for sweets and rides  !

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Iftar Dinner at the Mercury Hotel - review

 La  Brasserie  - was the name of the restaurant where we went some days ago . How very strange name for taking a dinner at the end of a fasting day - I thought . Luckily ,most  people here do not understand French  - then it did not disturb them .

 We arrived just on time for the iftar  . The receptionist looked on us and  without any  question he told us where to go . How did he know that we were heading to have dinner ? Did we look so tired and hungry ?

We were seated promptly - fruit juices and water on the table  to break the fast .  I am great fan of starters and salads . I was very disappointed when I tasted the lentil soup  -  the adas was cold and the harissa was nearly cold . The salad bar looked mediocre when I noticed the stuffed tomatoes .  I have not had this delicacy for so long time ! Not in  Qatar ! It was wonderful - the spices and the  texture  and the presentation in tiny bowls ! The whole thing !
 The samosa counter  ran out of samosas  quickly . My smallest child was yelling " Samosas  - I want samosas " - It would have been very embarrassing  if he  had been  the only one  - but luckily the restaurant was full of  whining kids . So my one was just one of them ! It took the staff around ten minutes to refill the samosa trays . It is not easy to feed  so many hungry customers !

 There were 5 -6 main courses  . I  went for beef picatta ! It was cold too  - luckily it was tasty even this way - actually I like cold meals   - I just expect the soup to be hot or warm at least ! So I went for  the beef again as it  tasted so good !

   There was some fish stew and rosemary lamb on the buffet tables . Vegetarian dish and tandoori chicken as well . I tasted the chicken just  out of curiosity  . It was excellent - but  by that time no more room in my stomach for main dishes .

 The dessert table apart from the chocolate fountain was very modest -some tiny cups with mousse or Middle Eastern sweet treats like Ummali or Mohlobiya .I liked their mohlobiya  served in tiny cups but   it shocked me that they were not able to provide me a dessert spoon . I had to eat from the tiny cup with a regular  table spoon !

 I know that we came with coupons but somehow organizing this dinner was not so much well done !
 Little things do count !  Hot soups ,dessert  spoon  or providing  tea at the end of the meal would not have cost much money - just some effort !
 Their waiters and waitresses were nice and helpful - the cook made wonderful dishes but the whole thing missed   a conductor  -a  manager who would  have organized  the whole event to be flawless !

 We had some coffee khalejee style at the end  -as there was no tea available and took a family photo at the decorative Ramadan table in the  lounge .All in all it was not a bad dinner -  I think this will be the thing that we will remember - if we look at the photo after some years !

Garangao June 25 for kids at Ezdan Mall

Very strange that it is held early on the 7 th day of Ramadan - traditionally it is held on the 15th day ! Either way - it is a fun part of Ramadan ! Kids aged 3 -12 years can register at 8 :30  at Gate 1 !

Sunday, June 21, 2015

brewing and selling illicit liquor - two years in jail

Three Asian made and sold some kind of alcoholic drinks for what they were sentenced for 2 years prison and  QR20,000 ($5,500) fine .
  Their bank account showed sudden increase - nearly half million rial  was made by that . They were caught in Al -Shammal .

3rd largest density of millionaires - numbers in Qatar

highest density of millionaires in the world  according  to The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

1. Switzerland
3 Qatar


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Difficulties in travelling this summer

 This summer came with various difficulties . In the USA there was some glitch in the computer system  as a result  the visa applications will be delayed worldwide  . Here in Qatar as well . Italy and Hungary is full of illegal emigrants and there is some chance that the residents anger can turn against tourists .Not very much inviting ! European countries got too many visa applications and they are not able to handle it  - for most of the European countries it is impossible to get visa for this summer .They give appointment only for the end of August  and it takes two weeks to get the visa . If you are preparing for an Eid break in  Europe in September it is time now to apply for visa !

 The only good news is for those Qataris who would like to travel  to France  . They are promised  quick process of their visa application - only two days !

Malaysia is advertising their country  but with their   safety records in the air they are not very much trusted .  Like bad luck is following them ...or like there is a plot .. Two groups of Singaporean kids died on Mount Kinabalu /Borneo / Malaysia some weeks ago when it was hit by earthquake .

Friday, June 19, 2015

Artistic illumination of KATARA FOR Ramadan

If you happen to go out on Fridays to Katara then you can take part in the treasure hunt . Boxes are hidden all over the Katara and one of them has QR 5000 in them .Exciting game after the Tararweh prayers .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

School hours change from tomorrow

Schools will start at 9 am from tomorrow to 2 pm  as the fasting month will start . Only a day and a week left from the school year .


working hours of some of the Ministry of Interior departments

As the holy month of #Ramadan is starting on Thursday, June 18, 2015, the working hours of some of the Ministry of...
Posted by Ministry of Interior - Qatar on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The first Fasting day of Ramadan 2015 is Thursday

The Ministry of Islamic Affair announced that the first fasting day of the Holy month of Ramadan
will be on Thursday - as the  new moon could not be seen tonight .

Monday, June 15, 2015

Family programs/ events during Ramadan 2015

 Hyatt Plaza 

Ramadan festival will take place  in the food court from the 1st to 20th Ramadan from 9pm to 11pm .
you can expect Malaysian Bazaar, and children’s programmes, including Garangao

Fast-a-thon - an event for non- Muslims who would  try fasting for a day

June 26 and 27

Aspire Zone


 competitions for the youth
 12 different sports
  from the 22nd June till 6th of July 2015
 fantastic prizes /giveaways
 evening matches / after Iftar

   more information  & registration 

Royal Plaza Garangao Festival

15th Day of Ramadan
from 8 to 10 :30

 sweets , cartoon characters ,facepainting ,henna painting ,ramadan welcome tent ,magician show ,
 Create your own Ramadan lantern
 4 th of  July 
 for kids 3 years and above
 food -court Royal Plaza

from 8 pm to 9pm

4413 0000 registration

Numbers in Qatar -24,554 males and 970 females blood donor last year

To celebrate World Blood Donors Day there was a celebration yesterday at St. Regis Hotel ,Doha
to say Thank you for those 400 regular blood donors who helped to save lives last year .24,554 males and 970 females blood donor
gave blood last year . 85 % of them were expats .


iftar dinners in doha 2015

The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant  QR25 - QR 49

Iftar Buffet for Chinese food lovers

Location :  The Centre, Salwa Road, Al Muntazah, Doha

Phone     :  44312812

Apple Bees 

  iftar buffet  =  salads , starters , desserts = QR 75   + 1 main course =QR 99

  tel 44360747

Iftar Buffet at Al Tabkha , The Pearl

 Adults : QR120

 iftar buffet with appetizers , main dishes , desserts , Lebanese cuisine
family-friendly environment 
terrace area

Souhour set menu QR 70

Al Liwan Suites Iftar Buffet ( QR70 - QR145 )

Hot and Cold Buffet includes a selection of Egyptian food, Gulf food, Indian food and other International delights!
Assorted salads, soups and appetizers to start you off!
Buffet has a range of fish, chicken and meat to break your fast with!
Comes with desserts, sweets and one Ramadan juice!

from sunset to 8pm

reservation contact: 44242807 / 44242888

Near airport road
Behind the HSBC Bank



 Iftar Combo  QR 15
 Iftar Combo Takeaway  QR 18
Iftar Buffet QR 25

Fareej Abdul Aziz Street

4444 0902
MRA Bakery N Restaurant/Malabar cuisine

 Iftar Combo  QR 15
 Iftar Combo Takeaway  QR 18
Midnight Buffet QR 15
 from 12 to 3am
behind television roundabout

4442 2073


Papa Johns for pizza Lovers
Ramadan - All you can eat

Unlimited Dining QR 27
includes cheese sticks , breadsticks ,pizzas ,potatoe wedges ,soft drinks

offer valid in all Papa Johns restaurants including food courts
from sunset

 ZAOQ  restaurant  - Pakistani cuisine

 Iftar Buffet Ezdan Mall  QR 115
 Iftar Buffet  Salwa Road QR 99
  Tel :4467-8909

Outback Steakhouse - Qatar
 Iftar Meal - 4 courses for QR 89 not only for steak lovers

 Location  : Lagoona Mall

 for group bookings cal 4414 9028
Harbor  Fish Market  for the seafood lovers

Iftar - Seafood open Buffet daily in the Holy Month of Ramadan QR100 

location -Bin Mahmoud  - Badriya signal

Reservation in advance
Moti  Mahal

 Indian restaurant

 Iftar buffet  - QR 65 / kids  younger than 8 eat free

 Location : 1st Floor, Barwa Towers, Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Al Sadd, Doha

 Reservation : 44426684


Aalishan Restaurant Doha  - sumptuous Indian, Chinese, and Arabic Specialties

 QR35  /70

Ibn Seena Street, Al Muntazah

4441 6098


 Gokulam Park Doha iftar buffet ( QR50 - QR100)

  • Ramadan beverages!
  • Soups, salads and starters to start out on!
  • Tasty main courses to full up on!
  • Finish with sweet and delicious desserts!
  • Enjoy the modern, spacious restaurant with their welcoming and friendly staff!
 Iftar Buffet Timings: After Sunset – 10pm

to make a reservation, contact: Mr Steeven – 66890578 / 77951451

 Old Salata Area


Doha Downtown Hotel Apartments - Iftar BUffet ( QR 80 -QR105 )

Iftar Timing: Sunset – 8pm

  • Iftar meals includes soups like vegetable soup and chicken corn with salads like fattuch, hummus, baba ghanoug, wark enab, pickle, green & black olives, muttabbal, chick peas salad, 1000 island and more!
  • Enjoy hot appetizers like potato samosa and spring rolls with an assortment of bread!
  • Dine on their main dishes like Egyptian rice, Indian Biryani, kharoof / mandi, sheesh tawok, chicken kardahi, fish, sauté vegetables and potato curry!
  • Fresh fruit and sweets also, like cream caramel, cheesecake and more!
  • Includes Special Ramadan Drinks like Qamrudin, Karkadeh, Vimto, laban, Orange Juice and Rooh Afza!

reservation, contact: 44380444, Ext: 500/300

Al Kinana Street

 L’auberge Restaurant at Warwick Hotel   QR99 -  QR199

  • Enjoy an extensive variety of authentic Ramadan dishes with live cooking stations of all your favorite delicacies!
  • Cuisine showcases contemporary Arabic dishes and daily Ramadan drinks and sweets!
  • Refined dining experience to tempt the taste buds!
Warwick Doha Hotel
Sports Roundabout
Al Rayyan Road
Al Sadd Area, Doha

reservation, contact 44563352


Mercure Grand Hotel Doha

Delicious International Iftar Buffet(QR55/QR110 )

  • Large Hot & Cold International Buffet!
  • Includes dates and assorted juices!
  • Assorted salads, including Oriental Salad with lots of delicious appetizers!
  • Depending on the day, you can enjoy a mixture of main dishes like grilled & fried fish, roasted beef, lamb and mixed grill!
  • Finish your Iftar with Oriental and International sweets!
reservation contact: 44462222 ext: 2011

Musheireb Street

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Heya Arabian Fashion Show at Doha Exhibition Center

Thursday, June 11, 2015

‫‬Cyclone Ashooba Hits Muscat (Oman)‎

Strong winds and dust can be expected in Qatar on Friday and Saturday !

Numbers in Qatar - 20 %

 20 % is the increase in the number of visitors to Qatar from other Gulf Countries ( GCC )
 in the first 5 months of 2015 - especially the Saudi tourists enjoy Qatar's hospitality 


Qatar's training for the match against Maldives

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

French Visa for Qatari citizens within 48 hours

 Amazing time ! Only two days . The  Qatari citizens  have to register at this site   for a Schengen visa .All they need for the visa is a completed  visa form and insurance certificate .

France became a popular country among  the local holidaymakers . Last year more than 27 thousand visas were issued .

 If it is not leisure but business trip then Qatari citizens need to visit the office for fingerprints .

  What could we say after reading that ?

Bonnes Vacances !

source page 2

Monday, June 08, 2015

new residence cum ID card in Qatar

#DREAMsterdam competition by Qatar Airways

Draw/paint/illustrate/sketch your ideal Amsterdam vacation! Image file that are either .jpg or .png will be accepted. The file cannot be more than 2MB in size.
Submissions can be simple pencil drawings, digital illustrations, or a canvas painting. One winner will be selected and will be awarded the following Grand Prize:
Pair of Qatar Airways return tickets from the nearest gateway city to Amsterdam via Doha
A 2-night weekend stay at the Intercontinental Amstel, along with a 3 course meal .

Competition starts

at 8:00 AM Doha Time (GMT+3) on 1st June and ends at 11:59 PM Doha Time on 28th June 2015

 You must be in legal age of majority in one of the State of residence ( no minors can participate ) .

Prizes are eligible for participants residing in the following countries: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines.

learn more

Sunday, June 07, 2015

the best shawarma of the world - prize won by a Lebanese restaurant

 Foodie Hub is a London based organisation . Mataam Joseph or Joseph's restaurant was chosen from 4000 competitors  , from 150 cities . Congratulations ! If only he was invited for next year's food festival in Doha !

Thursday, June 04, 2015

MIA PARK SUMMER TIMES OPENING from 6 pm to midnight

MIA PARK SUMMER TIMES OPENING  1 June - 1 October / 6pm - Midnight CLOSED Tuesdays and 1 - 31 August  http://mia.org.qa/en/mia-parkPhoto credit - https://instagram.com/p/3T1bnfD9E0/?taken-by=canelita_dolly
Posted by Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) on Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fire at the petrol station - in Oman - video


It is very hot in Qatar as well .. So far I believed that fires need a sparkle ... but this was simply caused by the heat... be very careful - they warn !


Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Kuwaiti tourist Bungee Jumping Death in Thailand

His death was caused by the badly fixed rope . When he was bouncing back in the air the straps around the  ankle broke .  The jump was from a crane and bellow there was a safety pond . He just missed the pond when he fell from  a height of 200 feet = as he fell from the 18th story of a tower building . His neck and spine injuries caused his death soon after arriving at hospital .

Later it turned out that the bungee jumping company has been working for years without proper licences .

 more info about this story 

women with moustache or the standard of beauty of the Qajar Iran

There is an exhibition in MIA about illustration of women in Iran in the second half of the 19th century .Women with moustache and strong , fusing eye-brows . Face hair was clearly considered chic at that time . Those who did not have enough of that  hair simply  draw a faux moustache !

 If you are interested in women's world in 19th century Iran then you can browse this online database.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Death of the little Birthday Boy

It happened in a private home in  Hilal , Doha ,Qatar . What was expected to be a great day turned into  a tragedy for an Indian family . The little boy  from Kerala came to visit  his daddy. While his birthday was celebrated he had fallen on the stairs so badly that he died 9 days later in Hamad General Hospital , Qatar .Rest in peace !


 This case is a warning to parents !

 Being a guest somewhere with a toddler is source of every kind of danger ! I know it . One knows his own home well but in a not well known house  there is a new challenge in every corner for the curious and fast moving  little kids !

source  page 3

Charity Dinner and Auction to support Nepal

when  : Thursday .4  June , 2015
what time : 6:30 - 9:30
where : al-silia ballroom  , grand hyatt doha

 what to expect :celebrity pianist , Sonja Park performing , local and expat artists ,
 cultural shows , kids fashion show , raffle draw ,

 donor pass : for QR 2000 ,1000 , 500
 buy them here  
expat Qatar