Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer with Kids In Qatar

Summer camps for small ones :
ICC from age 4 at DPS -MIS
Noble Indian Kindergarten: Al Hilal Area from mid June -art craft ,dance ,music ,public speaking ,indoor games - 5 days a week for a month - for kids up to 12 y.
Starfish kindergarten : creative sand&water play art &crafts ,kitchen fun 487 5939
Busy bees nursery :water play ,kitchen fun ,music ,art 447 2319 for kids aged 3-6 years
Elder Tree nursery :455 10 20
Little Cherubs :577 95 18 for kids aged 3 - years , summer camp : Medium French & English , sport ,art ,computer ,swimming , trip , cooking , music ,dance
Apple Tree Nursery :582-6234/ 551-4533 / 481-2147 Summer Camp
cool indoor play areas and weekly themed activities
timing :
from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m
location :
three minutes from Villaggio.

For bigger ones :Kid's camp on the Beach of Intercontinental Hotel for children aged 6-14 y.
tel:484 44 44

ICC at DPS -MIS school building .there are two groups 1. for children aged 4-9
2.for kids above 10
programs :art,craft ,swimming ,music ,dance ,table tennis and other indoor and outdoor sports and games
timing :daily from 9 -12.30
QR 500 for six weeks

REGATTA SAILING ACADEMY - at the Hotel Intercontinental
courses open for kids from the age of 6 years
5 day holiday courses
more info 4424577


for kids aged 4 - 11 years
3days /week
QR 2500 1 month
timing : 8 -13 30
tel :498 00 99 more info

Summer & Computer
starting from 5th July
4 hours a day = 2 hours computer studies + 2 hours painting ,karate ,games ,movies at the playing area
from age 8 years and above
tel; 4673399
more info at the Aptech :Al- Andalus Compound or here

Summer & ART for girls only
The Girls Creativity Center offers courses in art for girls 7 years old and above
tel:468 88 35

Summer Workshop 2008
for kids 4 -10 y.
transport available
art & crafts
fun games
cinematic dance
karate & yoga
drawing & painting
light music
Tel : 4655433 /4659481 /5403288

My Gym Qatar
It offers Gym courses from age 6 weeks to 13 years
babies are supposed to be with parents during training
from age 3 and above the courses are independent
tel :498 00 99 or here more info

SPECIAL SUMMER RATES - Dana club ( Dafna area )
special summer membership for families
3 months 5000 QR
with indoor - outdoor swimming pool for kids,large play area ,tennis court
children can attend the club only with parents
tel : 496 0600 or more info


Special summer rates for language courses : English ,Arabic ,Hindi ,Sinhalese ,Malayalam
Location : behind LULU hypermarket
tel: 4660559

ICDL course -Summer rates at the same place

International Academic Society
Special activities and classes
for kids aged 3-15 years
in July and August
Main Courses : Fun with Maths ,Science activities ,Art & craft ,Learning the world ,Game with languages ,Physical Fitness ,Social grace and Courtesy
tel :4554068

From 1st July
timing :9.30 -12.30
age group :5 -15 years
dance ,music ,public speaking ,swimming ,shuttle badminton ,aerobics ,yoga ,craft ,salad making ,cake dressing ,fun cooking ,tailoring , mono-acting ,farm visiting
tel :5244762 ,4669056

flexible timing and location
tel : 531 6644

Café Céramique Summer Camp

in association with Party Kingdom & Elder Tree Nursery
for kids 5 years and above
programs :china painting , cooking ,decoration
meal included
QR 95
tel :

SYSCOMS -Hot & bright Courses for the Wise
from 5 years and above
IT courses 20 hours ,32 hours
location ;Lulu Center 3rd floor
(opposite Hamad Hospital )
5881308 ,5100935 more info

I would rather be at Lake Balaton !

Travelling by train in Hungary

travelling by train was always a great pride for me .I used to be very proud of our country and our railways . I was very sad seeing the last ten years how the rails are neglected and how many little railway station is closed .
Here in Qatar there is no train .I heard plans about skyline train but I do not know ho w serious were those plans .
The nearest train station from here is around 800 km away ;it is in Basra ,Iraq .Thus I spend her my summers without the joy of riding a train .

The Hippie and the conductor

Everything was fun on the train .I enjoyed the speed ,the tunnels ,the buffet , the magazine for kids , the conversation of the adults ,the view of Lake Balaton .There used to be only one thing I hated : the conductor .She /He used to come with a grim face "tickets please " then my parents always got scared as they had something to fear -and served her/him our tickets .he/She checked them with superiority and gave them back then I saw my parents getting relief .Other passengers used to behave  the same way .It was weird all in all .
Once a strange man entered our compartment : he was barefoot ,he had big beard and long hair .He was wearing striped jeans and a waste coat without anything under just his bare skin .
"Can I sit here ?" -he had asked with docile face .
Everybody had a shock on his face -but they answered : "yes ,you can ."
There was a big silence after that .The man with a strange look closed his eyes - and fell asleep or at least he pretended to do so ."hippie " the passengers whispered to each other .
Half an hour later the conductor came : Tickets !!!
The man did not react .She shook him very much .When he opened his eyes he looked innocently to her ."Ticket ?"
He checked all his pockets .There were a lot in his jeans and bag .He was quiet and did not seemed to be scared at all .Everybody was mute .When he finished checking all  his outfit  then he told to the conductor :"it seems that I do not have ticket " - everybody was scared hearing about such a big mistake but him .
The conductor was scared  from his tranquility as well .In her most polite voice she just answered :" Then please leave the train at the next stop "
So he did . After he left I asked my mum about him : "a hippie" she answered smiling .
 Then I admired him very much and at once I decided to be a hippie when I grow up and I will never be afraid of anybody especially not of big headed conductors ...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This date takes me back in the time :six years ago our family was having a wonderful holiday at this time of the year in South Hungary in Mecsek Hills .WE rented a village house and day after day we went on hiking - exploring everyday something new -spending most of the day in the forest .Once we didn't arrive home before dusk -and the fireflies suddenly were all around us .It was a magical scene !
Six years ago I was a mother of one child .Six years ago my family was living around me .Six years ago bringing up a child was very easy as I got so much help from my mum .
Many things have changed .I became mother of three .I spent my years mostly far from my family ,far from my country .And I miss my mum and her help very much nowadays .
And before getting too old and bitter by these above I decided to make a rejuvenateing magic potion during this very night .

I took five lemons and 30 cloves of garlic cut them into small pieces and added some water and put them into the blender .After that I boiled it for some minutes -and all the flat got a very special smell .Then I let it cool and put it into the fridge .I took the first portion of the potion .It was teeerrribleee! After taking a spoonful of it -I felt something strange around my heart -then during all the night I had a burning feeling around my stomach .
I plan to take it for 30 days !Then I might tell you about its effect !

Saturday, June 21, 2008

NEW kind of Hungarian Cheese is on the market !

I was very happy to discover the new KAVAL sliced Hungarian cheese on the market .It is very tasty -ideal for cheese platters or sandwiches .It is made in Hungary but the name of the company was not clear for me .
At the same time I noticed the ewe cheese from HAJDU is available again .It is not cheap 46 riyal -but it has a strong flavor so one does not need a lot .I like mixing it with cow cheese in hot sandwiches and scones .Try it !

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cayenne pepper in baby food ???

I happened to buy some red lentil soup for my baby made in Poland by Gerber .It was spicy hot even for me !Why does a baby need it ?Isn't it dangerous?I think it may provoke allergy easily .How can it be on the market ?

The other thing I do not understand about baby food : the honey .I read everywhere "Do not give honey to your baby -as it may cause a terrible ,fatal disease the botulism .At the same time I find in the market baby food ,baby cereal with honey for small babies .

Friday, June 13, 2008


These are the most important places to go out when the weather is hot . How hot is it ? My relatives keep asking such things .Typical European question .Who cares here if it is 40 or 49 C ? It is not enjoyable to go out .Still we go -but only one hour before sunset .For vitamin D .

Last week I was at the Hyatt plaza .I heard nice melodies .I was shocked to hear Poliushka - the Russian song - which is calling the men to the war ."The girls are crying ,wind do not bring their sounds to us ,let us hear encouraging songs , and let the red flag fly " .Is Poliushka in ?

The other day I was at the small fun fair of the Villaggio .While my child was playing I was standing .One male employee working there was offering me a seat .It was very kind just he had forced a far eastern baby sitter to stand up for I can sit down .When I realized that I felt terrible and I left quickly the place .
The most terrible thing was that she stood up . She learned here that she is just a third class citizen .
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité - if you long for these values - you will have hard time here .

MEDICAL SPA - at the Villagio Mall

The staff was very nice .Ready to show you around even if you do not look Qatari or super rich .The place is out of this world . Relaxing atmosphere - the smell of the massage oils ,steam bath , the wonderful interior design ,some music ,makes you really forget about your every day problems .
In the center of the spa there is a court surrounded by columns a fountain in the middle .This is the relaxation area .Around this court you can find the treatment rooms : Moroccan bath ,Bride's room , massage rooms , hairdresser's ,beautician ,manicure ,pedicure .They offer every kind of treatment :chocolate massage ,green tea wrap , gold and diamond bathing ,algae and infrared ,stone massage ,aromatherapy ,Ayurveda ,Thai ,Swedidh massage ,reflexology .They offer private yoga lessons and ear spa . This latter I have never heard about .They claim it cures earache ,itching ,insomnia and depression plus it stimulates lymphatic drainage Well , they are not cheap at all .
A hair cut is 150 riyal , a facial 220 , a 30 minutes Moroccan bath with massage around 200 rial .En eyebrow sculpting is 40 and the gold ,diamond bath is 800 riyal !For special occasions !

tel :4517590/4517591

crunchy red apple wrappedcanvas

Friday, June 06, 2008

Father's day is coming .

and I have got some items for super daddies .This is the occasion when I should tell nice memories of our Father's Day - but I can't because this holiday is not celebrated in my country !
Anyway , thank you Dad for taking me with you to the wood and walking with me miles when I was so little thank you for teaching me how to ride my bike .Thank you for tasting my first cake I have ever made and accepting my choice when I got married .Thank you for coming and see me every time I was showing tourists around our town .It was a very nice feeling that there is a man in the background listening proudly to the words in English or French - and watching me with great pride as I had been performing in a theater.
If only we could meet more often !

It is not difficult to find out who is daddy's little girl after all !Just look !

expat Qatar