Saturday, March 30, 2013

Food Festival Experience - Qatar 2013

It was around four o'clock that we arrived at  the Museum of Islamic Art Park .The weather was still hot and there were not too many people there . On the stage a Spanish (?) folk group was dancing and  this " maria ,maria takeiro" music turned us into festival mood at once .Then we looked into the issue of having lunch-dinner . Foolishly we wanted to see everything first -so we walked around and we became exhausted .We bought 90 rials tickets and we had some sandwiches from the Deli cafe /lamb satay from W hotel / Thai chicken from a  fast food outlet .I love Thai food -but this one was very  much supermarket quality . The gourmet sandwiches from the Deli and the lamb was very good ,also the vegetables noodle from W Grand Regency hotel / but these five stars hotels give so small portions that you should call  it only a bite for taste  than a main course . I just wonder why they try to save money  -  this  would be great advertisement for them .When we went to  W Grand Regency for an expensive open buffet in summer they were so generous with the discount ! Actually those small dishes  here were so small that they should have been distributed for free and not for 10 -20 rials .
 We were sitting around a nice round table and a Qatari family asked if they were allowed to sit there too - as there were not enough tables for everyone .That was very unexpected for both families - their girls were laughing embarrassed at the idea of their parent that  they share a table with  strangers  . From the stage we heard jazz we were sitting around a table with total strangers and we were enjoying those little bites that we could afford .
 The night came and slowly the park became crowded .A crane lifted up  the hanging restaurant of a five star  hotel .Laser lights were dancing around them . It was 500 rial/person .I was very happy that we could not afford that because it looked frightening . Security sits and a table around - then you are  up in the air . Nothing under your chair . If someone can afford it and needs excitement then  he should go for it . Certainly it is a very special way of having dinner !

 Shifting the festival to the park was a good idea . This MIA park is so charming especially at night  .At the end of their promenade there were the BBQ donuts  -  round shaped boats  large enough for five people  to have dinner  in . Daytime they are serving tea /coffee - cakes and at night dinner on the boats while floating in the small bay  . That is 230 rial .

The festival last day is today when they are open from 2 pm-10 pm . It has very nice atmosphere -  go out if you can  this evening .

Friday, March 29, 2013

important trials go unreported

Important trials go unreported in Qatar and UAE .In UAE the  trial of 94 Islamist  started on March 4 . They are accused of plotting to overthrow the government .International journalists are prevented  from reporting on important court proceedings .The large number of arrested people makes the case   very unusual  - so  people wish to get more information .

In Qatar it is not the politics  but the case of a nursery fire of last May that people are interested in very much .It is understandable .13 little kids  - everyone who was in the nursery - died of smoke inhalation Somehow the fire fighters were not informed about the existence of a nursery when they arrived at the mall to put out the fire - and the teachers did not try to get out on time  . The case has a lots of points that are so difficult to understand . Critical reports came from a blog and a local English paper  -now both banned to report .

Rugged Justice Scales Posters
Rugged Justice Scales Posters by TradeWare
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Digital photography courses for beginners

I saw an ad on facebook - and I share  it because it might be interesting for some people .

 When ?

Sunday Mornings | 9 - 11am | April 14, 21, 28 + May 5  and 12

Tuesday Evenings | 6.30 - 8.30pm | April 16, 23, 30 + May 7 & 14

Field Trip Friday, May 10

 Where ?

Doha Golf Club

Course Fee:

QR 1,200 {US$330.50} per person

 Read More ....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This equestrian  festival  is said to be the biggest  event of this kind ever  organized in the Middle East or in Asia .You can enter the festival free of charge . It will be on from today March 27 to March 30 . If you want to see the competition then  day tickets are available  for QAR 30/15 for adults /kids at the Spectator Plaza.There will be also an exhibition  and other cultural and equine events .  The Spectator Plaza also offers food ,game zones ,tents with vendors , and child-friendly areas . Al- Shaqab is found at the QF .Even if you are not so much for  the competitions itself  you and your family still can find entertainment  and festival atmosphere there . Do not miss it !

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weather Forecast

Today it is partly cloudy. High of 28C. Windy. Winds from the NNW at 20 to 35 km/h.Low of 19C at night .Today  the chance for rain is 10 % .  During the week the temperature will go up to 33C . No  rain . Slowly but surely we have to say good-be to this wonderful spring to accept early summer weather .

QAFCO Flower & Vegetable Show 2013

Venue: Al Banush Club, Mesaieed
Time: 9.30 to 18.00

Date : 29 March 2013

 This is a traditional one-day event where local farmers gardeners and florists meet and show their pride .Professional and hobby gardeners display their  indoor plants /garden flowers etc .

 related words in Arabic

  flower  - zahra /zoohra
  flowers - azhar/azoohor

  vegetables - khadrawat

Food festival in Doha 2013

Garden Salad in a Bowl

Garden Salad in a...

Buy This at

When ?
March 28 to 31 2013
What time ?
Thursday from 6pm to 11pm, Friday (1pm to 11pm), Saturday (1pm to 10pm) and Sunday (2pm to 10pm)
Where ?
at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park
Featuring :healthy food and a healthy lifestyle highlighting traditional dishes from Britain and Qatar and a lots of other world famous brands who opened an outlet in Qatar
Entry : free
vouchers to buy food can be bought at the place

What to expect ?
 gastronomic sensations :dinner in the sky by W hotel  and dining in the sea  by The Diplomatic Club
Cooking Theatre with international chefs Ramzi Choueiri, Vineet Bhatia ,Chef David Okuda ,Valentin Krapf

  Enjoy !

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ikea Grocery Shop

 GEEE!  The Swedish love things I do :elderberry syrup /apple pie /salmon /herring and chocolate biscuits  ! That was my first impression when I visited the small grocery Ikea has  inside its huge furniture  store .Its selection is very much limited and unlike its restaurant it is not very cheap . Everything is written in Swedish  - and the small prints come in English :) this way I learnt that the cake or pie is called Kaka  the syrup is saft ...I remembered once working with Swedish schoolers for some days  - their language sounded very similar to  English . Oh my !  what uncontrolled children they were ! Whatever restaurants we visited  we left a lots of broken things behind  : taps /chairs  etc .Since that time I often ask myself if the world would be a better place if the Swedish style of child upbringing spread all over the world . And telling the truth I do not know the answer .
But for this time they imported only their food and furniture  to Qatar .

Buy it , Sell it , Swap it Qatar

One of my friends drew my attention to this Facebook Group .

Buy it , SEll it , Swap it

You can advertise your household items , books , cars etc for sale . It is only for the personal use of people who want to get rid of their used items - no commercial items allowed for advertsing. It is better than the usual adds because you can communicate at once with the seller at the facebook comments .It is only for people residing in Qatar .

Please use your common sense when buying or selling or swapping . Hope this virtual flea market will bring you good Deals !

 By the way ! Have you heard the story of the Chinese bowl which was bought for 3 dollars  at a garage sale in New York and sold for more than 2 millions recently ?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ikea restaurant review

Ikea restaurant can be found inside the furniture store -going towards Al-khor from Doha . It is on the second floor . It is cheap neat place with some simple selection of breakfast dishes and wider selection of dishes for lunch and dinner . They open at 9:30 and close around ten on week days and they are open till midnight on Fridays .
This is a self- service restaurant with a retro feel. Places like that were in abundance in the 70's and 80's in Budapest .You take your tray/tray trolley and then you take the dishes you like . There were sandwiches - gourmet plates /baby food /Swedish cold plate /Swedish meat balls . The most expensive dish was 30 rial - a large salmon steak grilled with steamed veggies .The dish of the day was 19 rial roasted chicken leg with Risi e Bisi . The other dishes were in between . They offered two kinds of soup . And three /four types of desserts : rice pudding , fruit salad ,muffin , and other pastries. The hot drinks came at the price of five rial - you must take an empty mug and pay for the nothing at the cashier .After that you can help yourself to your favorite coffee/cappuccino /tea at the machine and you can have free refill as many times as you wish . The same goes for the soft drinks. You pay at the cashier for an empty glass then you fill it on your own .Very generous treat -indeed !And the quality of the cappuccino was excellent !( and I am very picky when it is about the quality of coffee based hot drinks )
We tried the daily dish . It was the best risotto I have ever had . The roasted chicken leg was good . The rice pudding was excellent . My only concern was that we could not finish our dishes - they were too large portions and the restaurant did not provide any wrapping for take-away . So it was a sad waste of food for many other people as well -as I saw .

You can have a nice view to Doha -especially at night you can have this modern city feel while sipping a hot drink . There are two small playing areas for kids inside the restaurant -rather for preschoolers . There are products displayed for sale -large curtains this or that inside the place which somehow did not come out nicely to me . It was like they say " You are enjoying our cheap meals and drinks so you must have a look at our merchandise ."
Apart from that it was a nice new gourmet experience in Doha where I would return with pleasure .

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

newest hotels and attractions in Qatar

Nigel Tisdall reports on the newest hotels and attractions in Qatar

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to get rich in Qatar - my business ideas part one

I was reading the advertisement of a Hungarian cake shop :"Strawberry yoghurt cake with birch sugar, floating islands and mille-feuille with birch sugar: these are our New Weekend Specials ! You can taste them, come and visit us": Van Gogh's Cafe and Pastry Shop "

Then I asked myself ; why not in Qatar ?

Xylitol has natural sugar taste and it has far less calories than usual sugar .

Qatar has a high number of diabetics . Around 25% of the population . Qatar has wealth . Many people love cakes /cafes - but as far as I know - there is no healthy choice for those who wants to keep themselves away from regular sugar .

My recipe for this business : find expert pastry chefs who know how to use the birch sugar /buy birch sugar /open a cafe in a mall .. then sweep the money you earn :)
Easy isn't it / You can send me some cake as well !

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ionian Islands, Greece by Danielle Gali

Navagio, Zante, Ionian Islands, Greece

Navagio, Zante, Ionian Islands, Greece

Danielle Gali

Buy This at

Six Greek islands were bought by Qatar

$11m was paid for six picturesque and peaceful isles in the Ionian sea .Debt-stricken Greece tries to balance its books and is going to sell 50  out of their 6,000 islands.Qatar got those isles at bargain price .


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Computer Age

Computer Age

Computer Age

Buy This at

I found this print at - I liked the humor of it - the artist name was not found .

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sellng with Zazzle to every continent

I got an order from Egypt yesterday . Someone bought Hungarian  themed  greeting cards . With this new African customer I can  say proudly  that I have already sold  designs worldwide .My design shop at Zazzle have had customers from the US /Canada / UK /Brasil  / Australia ,Japan , Thailand , all major Western Europian countries . I must say that my micro business really became multinatonal :)
 Thank You Zazzle for that !  Thanks to my customers and visitors! Thanks to those  who invented the internet  and brought the world to my room !

Sunday, March 03, 2013

A beautiful March morning in Doha

Can someone love a city that one had known only from the car ?Can one feel the  tingling warmth of an early spring day?  Can one hear the joyful song of the birds? Can someone notice the fruits laden  tree while riding a car ?. (Yes, there is such thing in Qatar) Can someone have the delight of  seeing the old villas' fences full of bougainvilleas  upon which cats sunbathe? Can one be surprised when  the  gate of an old villa is opening and a little Indian  girl wearing a floral printed cotton dress is smiling in the sun on the passing stranger? Can someone know the city he lives in while riding his car on the main roads only?And knowing nothing about the little streets which  guard the pleasure of the past ?
 We saw thousands of wonders this morning on this splendid March morning while walking to the kindergarten with my  child .My dear friends  - may you  have  some similar pleasures  !Leave your cars in the parking sometimes .  Walk and explore the wonders of  the area where you happen to live !

  Mood   -  poetic
  Music I am listening too  -

Comptine d'Un Autre Été

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