Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ikea restaurant review

Ikea restaurant can be found inside the furniture store -going towards Al-khor from Doha . It is on the second floor . It is cheap neat place with some simple selection of breakfast dishes and wider selection of dishes for lunch and dinner . They open at 9:30 and close around ten on week days and they are open till midnight on Fridays .
This is a self- service restaurant with a retro feel. Places like that were in abundance in the 70's and 80's in Budapest .You take your tray/tray trolley and then you take the dishes you like . There were sandwiches - gourmet plates /baby food /Swedish cold plate /Swedish meat balls . The most expensive dish was 30 rial - a large salmon steak grilled with steamed veggies .The dish of the day was 19 rial roasted chicken leg with Risi e Bisi . The other dishes were in between . They offered two kinds of soup . And three /four types of desserts : rice pudding , fruit salad ,muffin , and other pastries. The hot drinks came at the price of five rial - you must take an empty mug and pay for the nothing at the cashier .After that you can help yourself to your favorite coffee/cappuccino /tea at the machine and you can have free refill as many times as you wish . The same goes for the soft drinks. You pay at the cashier for an empty glass then you fill it on your own .Very generous treat -indeed !And the quality of the cappuccino was excellent !( and I am very picky when it is about the quality of coffee based hot drinks )
We tried the daily dish . It was the best risotto I have ever had . The roasted chicken leg was good . The rice pudding was excellent . My only concern was that we could not finish our dishes - they were too large portions and the restaurant did not provide any wrapping for take-away . So it was a sad waste of food for many other people as well -as I saw .

You can have a nice view to Doha -especially at night you can have this modern city feel while sipping a hot drink . There are two small playing areas for kids inside the restaurant -rather for preschoolers . There are products displayed for sale -large curtains this or that inside the place which somehow did not come out nicely to me . It was like they say " You are enjoying our cheap meals and drinks so you must have a look at our merchandise ."
Apart from that it was a nice new gourmet experience in Doha where I would return with pleasure .

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