Friday, October 31, 2014

Unexpected wall-decor in an American restaurant in Doha

There was a Soviet WWII poster as wall-decor in an American restaurant in Doha . It was in ciril letters calling for the victory and tanks and planes - I understood only words .It has been for a long time that I used my Russian .One sees in Doha more and more Russians and does not get schocked when hears that they want to set up a Cultural Center in Doha . But an American restaurant to have Soviet propaganda wall -decor ! It was something totally shocking .

It has not been the only unexpected thing there - It has never happened to me before . The waitress took my changes with my receipt away though I did not want to leave them any tip . I left that jar with the changes on the table while I was reading an article . I wanted to finish that thing before I pack away my changes - then she came and asked me about the bill " It is arranged already " - I looked up from my paper then she took the jar away with 14 rials and my receipt !

I was speechless ! I could not believe that this happened . I left it with her just because I was too tired . She gave us a big smile and "Thank you very much for coming "

Their breakfast was OK . My kids were happier with it than me . I ordered Cajun omelet which was supposed to come with "smoked salami and jalapeno " .It had no one single piece of jalapeno and the salami was rather tiny pieces of ham ... well it is the cultural differences ... in America salami must have other meaning ... I told to myself . It came with two tiny pieces of bread ... for 25 -30 rial - I do not remember exactly . My kids were luckier -one of them asked burrito for breakfast which was full of mushroom and veggies - the others asked salmon sandwich with poached eggs . They did not have Cappuccino ! Only Latte ! How comes !No foaming machine or device !

It was not so original ! And the service was very very slow.
By the way it was Roger's Diner in the Suhaim bin Hamad street - nearly opposite the Red Lobster. It is  in the mighty looking building of the Qatar Rails.

Halloween Brunch - Four Seasons Hotel Doha

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

fire drills in the country

Horrific accident in Sharjah

The terrible accidents in Doha of this Eid  is still strong and fresh in our memory  - then comes this accident with speeding locals in the  UAE . It is sad - very sad . The same pattern  - youngsters playing on the road at dawn /night when they believed it was empty /nearly empty ....they find their fate under a parking truck ...horrible dictu  -  two of the speeding car's passengers literally lost their heads .
May the common sense rule on the roads !

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kids Yoga at SFQ Sports Academy

Kids Yoga in Gharafa and West Bay Locations. Classes start November 6th!
Al Gharafa:
3 – 5 Years
Thu : 4 pm – 4.45 pm
Sat : 9 am - 9.45 am
6 – 8 Years
Thu : 5 pm – 5.45 pm
Sat :10 am -10.45 am
West Bay:
3 – 5 Years
Tue: 3 pm – 3.45 pm
6 – 8 Years
Tue: 4 pm – 4.45 pm
Register Now as spaces are limited.

Airbus A330-243 takeoff and landing - Emirates' new route

Oct 27, 2014
Emirates' new route from Dubai to Budapest . Welcome Emirates!

Budapest - Tehran luxury train journey

Budapest - Tehran luxury train   arrived in Tehran yesterday . The passengers were mostly wealthy Britons and Australians .It cost them more than  $3o thousand.Two weeks on train ! I like trains very much but it is so difficult to imagine that so much time can be enjoyable . The Golden
Eagle Danube Express train, operated
by Hungarian Railways -it offers decorated beautiful carriages and city tours in Iran .
What an unusual route and way to travel abroad !

I miss trains so much in Qatar !

some photos found on twitter !
thank you for sharing .

Monday, October 27, 2014

youtube and my language preference

It has been for a week or two that youtube decided I must watch Hindi commercials . Every time I click on a video to see my favorite Hungarian singer comes an arrogant Indian woman who shouts into my face " let's surprise MRS . Mirza " -and Mrs. Mirza opens the door then this rich looking arrogant woman rushes into the home of a simple and kind Indian mother as a real intruder to teach her about the washing powder she should use . At this point it is possible to skip the commercial and I can listen to my favorite Hungarian songs .
I do not want to change my washing powder - especially that they want to force me to listen to an arrogant Indian woman .I swear I will never use their washing -powder !And some Hungarian commercials would suit better a Hungarian song .If it is too much to ask for then please some Arabic commercial rather ...I could practice Arabic at least ... Who knows how I could persuade the youtube robot to feed me with commercials in my preferred languages ?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

mangroves in Qatar

ideal place for kayaking tours

Numbers in Qatar - 25 kg weight loss in few days

One of the victim of last Saturday food poisoning claims he had lost 25 kg within a few days . He suffered from an extremely heavy  diarrhea .


Numbers in Qatar - Cars

800 cars of different types, including
contemporary, vintage
and sports vehicles  are on display at the Katara , Cultural Village 

Numbers in Qatar - Russian speaking

community here
exceeds 7,000 people,”


A380 super Jumbo -flying experience video

Post by Dubai.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Locked in the school bus - little girl died in the UAE

A little Indian girl died in the UAE on Oct. 7  . She slept on the bus while going to school .She was forgotten there ."It is not my

mistake says the driver " I was not even allowed to talk to the pupils " True that there was a supervisor on board . She

failed to check as well - to do this one minute job was right after Eid .. said the receptionist whose job would

have been to check if all the kids who entered the bus arrived at school many kids were absent - I realized only

late that there is a girl missing minute job ..which make the difference between life and death ....she is not the

first little student forgotten .. it happened to Sarah Gazdhar in Doha some years ago and there were other kids kid

was one of them -she was lucky -she could open a window and scream for help - and such things are happening over and over

again because the safety of kids of cheaper schools is not a priority ...principals can hire from the street a driver/ a bus supervisor and the authorities overlook those flaws ...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Huangs make the international Headlines again

  The  Huangs came some years ago to work in Qatar .Worldcup 2022 project . The man is engineer .This is very  important ! American - let us not forget !
Then it happened that their adopted daughter Gloria died .She was only five .She had  eating disorder -  claims the western media - the parents are innocent !

She had not been eating for four days when her condition turned critical - claims the Qatari attorney .She had eating disorder and the parents knew it . She  had other infection as well causing her abdominal pains and discomfort . And how many times they were looking for help ? How many times they visited the doctors ? Well , they spent two years in Qatar and zero times  -   Gloria was not  important enough for the parents to be taken to the doctor .Never . The couple says they did not trust the doctors in Qatar .

 They have four other kids now with the grandma now .I am scared to think that the so called innocent parents can return to the
USA and face no trial and they are allowed to raise these kids .

Gloria was a five year old African little girl . She had suffered a lot - in the orphanage she was starving ,infected and neglected . When the well-to-do  American couple adopted her - she had new hope for a better life .Her parents had all the means to get her treated .But  they locked her  into her room for night for she would not attack ,the fridge and the garbage .Yes - she loved eating from the garbage . And  at this point I can't  hold back my tears ! How much she had been suffered that she got used to the garbage eating !

Certainly ,the garbage eating was not the fault of the parents but the African conditions - but  they had one more reason to seek medical help !  They failed to do so ! You know, in Qatar there is a center where one can go with her child at any time of the day . Kids get free treatment and medication at nominal fee . It is a spacious, air-conditioned place with cute animal paintings on the wall and with  a lots of doctors .  Many wealthy locals go there as well  as the  doctors are trusted more than  the posh private clinics doctors .
 They did not go to any clinics .

They did not provide her with food while being locked up for nights .

I am trying to get the point of the Western media but simply I can not understand how they can call this couple innocent .Is it tolerated in the West to adopt a child with known eating disorder then let her starve to death ? Because this is the case .Simple and tragic .

kayaking tour this weekend

Paddle Qatar is inviting all for a kayaking tour .They run morning tours at 9am and 11.30 am and a sunset tour at 3.30pm.
To book your spot and for more information go to or call 5549 0895.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

City Center Mall - small fire at the Fun City

Food poisoning came probably from a Turkish restaurant

Severe food poisoning cases were reported from Hamad hospital -  20 people became seriously ill  - all had barbecue chicken on Saturday evening at a Turkish restaurant somewhere  near Al-Ahli hospital .The police sealed off the place and investigations are  going on .
The victims had very bad stomach ache and were vomiting some hours after having their dinner .Children and women -whole families became sick .A pregnant woman gave birth too early due to the abdominal pain of the poisoning . The baby is at the Intensive Care Unit now .

The local authorities are usually very strict with restaurants breaching the law  and they close them for minor offences for months . The problem is the  great fluctuation of the employees  - they come to this country  then  go - then new ones come etc .This way it is extremely difficult to find reliable workforce in every field .

Personally , I will stay away from restaurants for a while . Right on the day of our arrival in this country we got  terrible food poisoning -most probably in Egypt we had some salad with cheese the day before .Then for a half year we did not dare any restaurants in Doha . Once bitten twice shy !

 Today's paper named the restaurant which was closed due to the food poisoning " Marmara Istanbul " They must be closed for 60 days . Authorities plan to launch inspection campaign on food outlets ,beauty  salons  etc.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Road to be closed till 18Dec 2014

Dvořák’s Concert at the Opera House

When :Thursday, October 30, 2014, 7:30 pm
Where :Opera House, Katara Cultural Village Building 16
Tickets: QR75-200

What to expect :

Cláudio Cohen, conductor

Antônio Carlos Gomes: Overture Alvorada from Lo Schiavo
Heitor Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras No. 7, A. 432
Antonín Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95 (From the New World)

Swimming for ladies and babies

Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Taxi Company and the taxi service in Doha

I have not used taxis for a half year or so . Last week I needed one very much .I had to arrange some official papers and come back .Booking taxis is still a nightmare .The first day I called around 6 am but they were fully booked .I had to cancel my trip to the office . The same evening I called them to book a taxi for the coming day . Fully booked - you need to book 48 hours in advance -was the answer .
Is this a service ? We were promised some years ago to get taxis within 15 minutes wherever our location is due to the new technology . As some private taxi companies have been doing so in India for years .
Things are not improving just the opposite . In the past there used to be a line in front of the taxi stations at malls . I was waiting more than two hours with two little kids on the day before Eid at Landmark . The line was just there but the supervisor couldn't care less . Some people just jumped the queue and he let them take the cabs from those whose turn came . When I asked him to mind his job then he offered me a taxi with a Filipino male passenger already in ." he will go to the Villaggio first -then takes you home " No -thanks - I want a taxi just for me and my kids ." Taxi drivers themselves came and looked at the passengers then making faces deciding if they want or not this or that person . It is a complete chaos - the lack of supervision make these drivers behave like they are the kings of the transportation and we poor citizens who wish to travel in their car we should be happy an thankful if they are ready to take us to our desired location .
The silver lining is that new taxi companies come - the newest one is The Capital -they have 500 cars and charcoal-gray roof . They can be called through Karwa call center( 4458888)  - many of their cars will operate in smaller towns outside Doha .

The Sound of Music - live on stage in Doha -coming soon

when :
THURSDAY 27 NOV at 7pm
FRIDAY 28 NOV at 2pm
FRIDAY 28 NOV at 7pm
SATURDAY 29 NOV at 2pm
SATURDAY 29 NOV at 7pm
where:Qatar National Convention Center Theatre

ticket price :from 250 to 1200 QR /online ticket booking 

what to expect : performance of 2hrs 40 minutes including an interval
The sound of music is a story about a woman who leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the children of a Naval officer widower.This is a famous musical with great hits like "Do-Re-Mi , "My Favorite Things" " The Sound of Music"

Jazz in the park October 22 ,2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Stars of Science TV Show

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Anantara Banana Island Resort - coming soon

It is planned to open before the end of 2014.Luxury ferry will take the guests from the Corniche area . It takes twenty minutes to arrive there .Nine restaurants -stand alone villas with swimming pools are waiting for the guests of the resort .It has spa ,cinema , kids club ,teens club ,bike rental . It sounds like an attractive place if you wish to escape the noise of the city .

The Park Bazaar will begin again on Saturday 1 November 2014

The Park Bazaar will begin again on Saturday 1 November 2014 so we are two week ahead of the first Bazaar after the summer heat .It is fun -it is attracting so many people vendors and customers as well . I feel really sorry that freshly prepared food can not be sold anymore .
What is The Park Bazaar about ?

a mix of 150 stalls = MIA Park Bazaar

from 12pm to 8pm on the first Saturday of every month from November to May

What to expect : homemade and handmade products such as jewellery, arts, crafts and clothing as well as books and souvenirs.

You can also book a stall if you wish to sell something ( hurry up -they are free and let out very fast )

email :

Katara Art Studios - Family Workshops

Katara Art Studios is hosting a series of Diverse Family Art Workshops
from September 2014 to March 2015
with 5 to 10 year old kids are welcome
registration :
t or 4408 0235 / 4408 0233

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Picnic season kicks off in Qatar

The weather in Doha is cooling down  - it means that it is somewhere between 30-40 C .Even some light rain might happen today -according to the meteorologists . It is the beginning of the picnic season .I like it . So many families are getting out for a meal with their hot-pots and thermoses .
Even five star hotels offer picnic on the grass .
I love the breakfasts the most outside .Almost no people at 7 am - like we have our own park :)

A 380 - inaugural flight from Doha to London

Monday, October 13, 2014

plans for the Corniche of Doha

I like those plans . Go to the facebook page to see more . Especially the fountains and the retro style ,abstract statues are nice .Let's hope that they will be realized soon .

You can join Doha Joy Rides

Doha Joy Rides is a newly formed group for those who love pleasure riding with others . They are planning ridings for holidays like Halloween /Chrismtas /New Year etc on different tracks of Doha .

see their facebook page

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Olive Harvest in Palestine

Saturday, October 11, 2014

healing power of the sand

Moroccan people attract tourists in some areas to get them cured by the healing power of the hot sand -in Merzouga  area  they successfully cure people suffering from rheumatism, lumbago, polyarthritis and some skin disorders . A 10 minute neck-deep burial in the sand can detoxify the body - they claim .This is a cheap way of getting much better and such cure can be repeated yearly .

very hot sand is used (48-60°C), but, thanks to the sand special structure- as it  gradually releases heat - there is  no danger of burning  - 20-40 minutes of sand spa daily can be effective if repeated during two weeks 

 Now - I know for sure that here in Qatar there is a demand on easing the joint pains . If the solution is so easy then why not to find an area free of any kind of vehicles and why not to set up a spa for trying this ancient way of  cure .

There is sand and there is heat in Qatar .


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Google Camel View

MIA current and future exhibitions

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Death on the roads during Eid

It is very sad to learn how many people lost their lives on the roads during Eid . Even sadder to see that one of the accidents happened not in the peak hours but at night when it is considered that driving is safe . Unfortunately it attracts some youngsters as well who see the empty roads as a playground where they can do stunts and speed in a crazy way .
On Sunday morning three men died when two cars collided on the Corniche road somewhere near Halul Cafe .A Qatari, a Bahraini and a Iranian family now mourns their loved one .
As it was not horrible enough - Monday afternoon even a more horrific accident happened near the Hamad international Airport . A car caught fire after a collision and all fives in it burnt to death beyond recognition . They were all Filipinos !
Going home or meeting someone at the airport ...we do not know .
The other car which was driven by a young Qatari . He escaped with minor injuries .

A 26 year old Indian man died on the same road as his car got sandwiched between two trailers   on Thursday evening .

Nine death on road accidents during the last five days !


Saturday, October 04, 2014

Biryani Hut - review

  We tried a  restaurant in Al- Wakra - it is not very well known in Doha . Biryani Hut - as its name suggests it specialised on meat with rice and it is not very big .
It is easy to find -by the main street of Wakra before the Pearl roundabout  next to a famous junk food restaurant .
 We ordered 1. Persian byrian 
                           2 . chiken drumsticks  tandoori style
                           3. tiger prawn 
                          4 . lamb curry
All of them were tasty . All of them tasted the  same.  Four different dishes !!!
As they were made with the same sauce .
The persian byriani was supposed to come with minced meat and dried  fruit . It had no one single fruit in it and  it came with chicken cubes .
The chicken drumsticks did not look or taste as it came from the oven  - it tasted like some chicken curry put into the oven for 10 minutes .It was also very small portion .
 The tiger prawns were not tiger prawns but much smaller kind of shrimps that was also very small serving .
The lamb curry was real curry and no rice with it  with four cubes of lamb and a lots of heavy and spicy sauce .
Their menu was promising a lots of different and very special flavours . We did not taste any special flavour - just the usual Indian curry flavor that is served in Doha wide like in the Caravan restaurant for example . It was not worth the money and the trip to Wakra for this place .
 However try it once  - you might be luckier than us. I read in the reviews that sometimes they have good chef sometimes not .

Friday, October 03, 2014

Cycling in Aspire Park

In Doha cycling is still a kind of entertainment and not a mean of transport
This recreational activity can be practised now at the Aspire park as well with a new 5 km long cycling track .
You can bring your own bike or you can hire one .Anyone is welcome above age 5 .
Location of the bike renting : near the playground between Hyat Plaza and Villaggio -it is also close to the soccer pitches
Timing : weekdays from 4 pm to 8 pm
at weekends from 12 to 8 pm
Eid al Adha from 12 to 8 pm
PRICE :  20 QR  for the first one hour then 5  rials every additional hours  - it is free now until October 12
 valid ID and deposit needed
On Saturdays there is bike school as well from 3 :30 pm 

Al Dosari Zoo welcomes visitors

I love my bike

ilovemybike poster
ilovemybike poster by almawad
View Earth day Posters online at zazzle

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fares Karam concert in Qatar - only one night

Where :   St. Regis Doha Grand Ballroom
Sunday 5th October 
What time :  Doors open from 8:30pm

 What to expect : the highly acclaimed star of the Arab musical world is performing for one exclusive evening /three course set dinner menu is included in the ticket price
Price : QR750

 you can buy tickets here
expat Qatar