Saturday, October 04, 2014

Biryani Hut - review

  We tried a  restaurant in Al- Wakra - it is not very well known in Doha . Biryani Hut - as its name suggests it specialised on meat with rice and it is not very big .
It is easy to find -by the main street of Wakra before the Pearl roundabout  next to a famous junk food restaurant .
 We ordered 1. Persian byrian 
                           2 . chiken drumsticks  tandoori style
                           3. tiger prawn 
                          4 . lamb curry
All of them were tasty . All of them tasted the  same.  Four different dishes !!!
As they were made with the same sauce .
The persian byriani was supposed to come with minced meat and dried  fruit . It had no one single fruit in it and  it came with chicken cubes .
The chicken drumsticks did not look or taste as it came from the oven  - it tasted like some chicken curry put into the oven for 10 minutes .It was also very small portion .
 The tiger prawns were not tiger prawns but much smaller kind of shrimps that was also very small serving .
The lamb curry was real curry and no rice with it  with four cubes of lamb and a lots of heavy and spicy sauce .
Their menu was promising a lots of different and very special flavours . We did not taste any special flavour - just the usual Indian curry flavor that is served in Doha wide like in the Caravan restaurant for example . It was not worth the money and the trip to Wakra for this place .
 However try it once  - you might be luckier than us. I read in the reviews that sometimes they have good chef sometimes not .

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