Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Death on the roads during Eid

It is very sad to learn how many people lost their lives on the roads during Eid . Even sadder to see that one of the accidents happened not in the peak hours but at night when it is considered that driving is safe . Unfortunately it attracts some youngsters as well who see the empty roads as a playground where they can do stunts and speed in a crazy way .
On Sunday morning three men died when two cars collided on the Corniche road somewhere near Halul Cafe .A Qatari, a Bahraini and a Iranian family now mourns their loved one .
As it was not horrible enough - Monday afternoon even a more horrific accident happened near the Hamad international Airport . A car caught fire after a collision and all fives in it burnt to death beyond recognition . They were all Filipinos !
Going home or meeting someone at the airport ...we do not know .
The other car which was driven by a young Qatari . He escaped with minor injuries .

A 26 year old Indian man died on the same road as his car got sandwiched between two trailers   on Thursday evening .

Nine death on road accidents during the last five days !


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