Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kinga Szabo - the Hungarian artist had an exhibition here last week . It was just for three short days open .I wished to go - but I was informed that kids are not welcomed .After that I learned that there were plenty of kids there -ad I felt very sorry for this missed opportunity .Especially that her style is very close to Zsolnay's style which is my favourite types of ceramics designs .

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It is difficult to believe but true - postage bearing my designs are used in the USA .Who would ever beileve that it would be like that one day ?
This simple design turned to be the best selling postage at my shop in May .
Romano Macaroni grill restaurant definitely became our favourite .It is kid's friendly -my preschooler is so busy with drawing while we are waiting -that we can relax and talk .
At very few restaurant one can combine fine dinning with children entertainment .
The kids menu is generous : there 's six options 1. grilled chicken with broccoli and pasta 2.fettucine Alfredo -parmesan cream sauce over pasta 3.chicken fingerias with fries or macaroni and cheese 4.macaroni and cheese 5. spaghetti with red sauce or meat sauce + one giant meat ball 6 . Mona Lisa" master pizza
One meal is 18 riyal served with your choice of soda ,apple juice ,orange juice or milk .Free refills .The dessert is also included - and it is a real gourmet one : vanilla ice cream in choco sauce .Kids are given chalk -and they can feel free drawing on the table which is covered by a huge sheet of paper -or they can draw in the magazine - they get .
I had some portobello mushroom soup - it was fine - but as I have never eaten similar before I can't compare it to other portobello soups .
The prawn with spinach and cheese was also excellent -though the amount of spinach was very little in the dish .The mushroom ravioli was sweet a little bit -strange to my taste and that was the thing that disturbed me in the garden salad as well .
Last time I complained about the water that it was too expensive .This time we got water for free .
The most delicious part of the dinner was the lemon cake .It tasted like a Hungarian
cake called bottomless cheese cake ( aljnelkuli turos ) with some lemon mousse and fresh cream on the top .
it is not the cheapest place - we payed 160 riyals - they charge for the service as well .But as we rarely dine out without the kids - it was relaxing experience compared to other places .

Location :Villaggio Mall
tel:451 7585

Monday, May 26, 2008



This is what a Stuffed Cabbage in Hungarian style looks like .A dish that I have never mastered -so this was the highlight when my mom was here and she made it for us .
You need some sauerkraut and cabbage leaves .In a tricky way one has to put the whole cabbage into boiling water and to take the leaves off while it is cooked -then a mixture of ground meat and rice should be stuffed into these leaves turned into rolls .One should not forget the paprika either . Then in a large pot one should layer the rinsed sauer kraut and the rolls and the paprika .Another trick :one should not blend it with spoon ,but to shake it from time to time .
When it is cooked -then you can add a lots of sour cream .

Did you hear ? Recently it was found that those Eastern European women who move to the USA and give up the cabbage in their weekly menu -tend to get breast cancer more often than those who keep eating at least three times a week .
I am great fan of the cabbage and I like almost all dishes with it but the cabbage in tomato sauce .

Stuffed cabbage rolls are important part of Hungarian life .It is more popular during winter when it can be frozen naturally in a closed pot in the garden .The more times it is heated the better it is - people tend to think about it .

Monday, May 19, 2008


The school buildings collapsed and they crushed or buried alive hundreds of children and their teachers .While other buildings remained standing -most of the parents survived the earthquake .Corruption ,greed -say the parents ... an area as big as Spain is mourning in China .They lost their only kid - their little ,spoilt darling -and they only comfort would be to know that he/she did not suffer a lot ..But none of them can be sure of that .

Greed was the main cause for what a little Hungarian village lost many of their schoolers about 15 years ago.It was a foggy day -the school bus took them to the other village -as the small villages do not deserve a school nowadays .The signal at the railway cross was stolen .It was very common to steal signposts and traffic lights to sell them as melted metal ... Greed .

Would the block where we live collapse in case a similar earthquake ?What about the other buildings ?
I know I live in the least corrupt Arab country .But would it be enough to save us ?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some more zebras


The other day I went to the zoo .While I was observing the zebras - some of them came closer to me -like they just wanted me to take photo of them .
Later at home I applied a two color filter on the photo - and i was very excited as I discovered the nature 's tromp d'oeil . Two zebras are standing close to each other -whose head can be seen well ?
Zebras have a natural op art costume -and for that they have a retro feel when we find them on the designs .
Yellow t-shirts ,zebra clock and a lots of other of my items are bearing this zebra design .

Thursday, May 15, 2008

especially for those who have some nice memories of our capital .

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We set off as early as 6am on Friday .We thought that the shore will be calm .How naive we were !
The so called family beach was full of crazy riders of sand buggies .To have a quiet picnic was just a dream -as these vehicles were speeding right next to us .
Mesaid or Umsaid - needs a municipality run affordable and protected family beach .

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Lamb for our weekend picnic lunch ? - we nearly got objected as we do not like it -but when we tasted with my daughter the dish called "riyash " which seemed to be some spicy grilled lamb chops -then we were more than satisfied .It was a half year ago .Then we decided that we have to visit once the Shater Abbas restaurant for we can learn more about the Persian cooking here .

We entered the restaurant and went up the badly designed steps . It was a large place with separated family section -and even with some totally separated compartments . The whole place had some retro touch -and suddenly I felt as I was with my father in a club's restaurant at Lake Balaton as a little girl.Some columns as decoration even added to this feeling with their metallic op-art style .The walls were tiled with yellowish pattern -which was imitating a Persian carpet on the wall .One or two of this pattern was OK but it was repeated too many times all around us and made me feel dizzy . The wooden partition was decorated with art-deco motifs .The tables were large and nice and the chairs as well -they made me feel I am at an elegant place .Then I had to face a large screen on which there was a football match on -and it made me feel as I was at a pub .
I had mixed feeling about the interior design .I thought that the original design was spoiled with some amateur's elements .What a pity !
We opted for the open buffet .The tables were nicely set .The selection of dishes was very big - two long tables were full of main dishes .
A smaller table was dedicated to the hors d'ouvres and salads .
I started with mutabal -which is my favourite anyway - but it was the best I have ever tasted .The baba ganough was also very good .I went on with some soup - the addas was wonderfully spiced and the classic mushroom soup was excellent .
As a main course I chose first some khorma with beef and bean - it was not my plate of khorma .... Then I opted for some chicken biryani -it was very plain - almost supermarket quality .The kofta with potato in tomato sauce was very good .
I was almost full when I ventured for some mashi -in tomato sauce .It was some stuffed green pepper or zuccini - and it was surprisingly similar to the Hungarian dish called "stuffed pepper" ,some spicy roasted chicken was also tasted by me -and I felt sorry that I had not discovered it earlier .
There were too many dishes - and most of them one can't even taste .
The selection of the dessert was too modest compared to the main course selection : some egg custard in oriental style ,baklava ,melon .
The buffet lunch was QR 55 for adults and QR 35 for children .As they did not offer any kids meal we had to pay that for our four year old .It is not fair price for a small kid - I think .Plus we had to pay 17 % service charges though nobody served us .
The toilets were nicely designed with red and white tiles -but badly maintained .The flush was not working and the floor was flooded with muddy water .There was a cleaner who had some tools very 'retro 'besides she had to clean the glasses at the drink bar and even she had to serve some water to the guests .
Most of the customers seemed to be Arabs and Persians .It was full on Friday.

See other review !

This painting was made by me - based on a family photo .First a freehand pencil drawing was made -then I got it scanned and with this sketch as a base I made the digital watercolor .

I saved that .Then I went on with the work .I made every white spot transparent - then I added this burgundy background . The result was surprising for me : I got a little bridesmaid of African origin !
And look at the skirt - how beautiful it became !

May is a wonderful season in Hungary .Everything is green and blooming . May the first is the Labour Day -it is the day of eating out in plein air -spending most of the day outside -going to fun fair -to river banks .In the past companies and institutes used to set up a tent in the local park -and we used to gather there for a lunch .Nowadays - as there is a big unemployment in Hungary -it became only a nice souvenir from the past .
Mother's day is celebrated this month with a lots of flowers .This is the time for farewell days at schools -when graduating pupils stroll along the school building holding hands -and every class is richly decorated by flowers .In the evenings the same students take a horsed carriage and sing melancholic songs for their teachers as a sign of gratitude for their work .
This is the time when chestnut trees are blooming and fill the air in the public parks with their wonderful smell .
This is the time when I became mother first time in my life .

In Qatar this is the time of the heat .It goes up to forty C -and makes one avoid going out before 5 pm .
There is a film festival on in the Mall cinema on Palestine , in the exhibition center we visited a Wedding Expo with fashion show and we saw lots of nice decorated tables but too many flowers in paper .

My mother returned home after a month stay in Qatar .She was amazed to see the beauty of the blooming country -and was surprised how unpleasant it is without AC especially in the car .

On the other hand : many people expected her to return with a nice tan - and it was difficult to make them understand that one does not go outside day time -as it is too hot .
expat Qatar