Monday, April 30, 2012

kicsicsigak glass window with abstract painting in pearl island doha , qatar 

DSC03030 fountain at the pearl island doha , qatar 

DSC03045 ornamental pool in pearl island , doha , qatar

Saturday, April 21, 2012


The international community of the Pearl Qatar also include some real millionaires . The population density of millionaires in Qatar per square kilometer is the 5th highest in the world . :)
Water Taxi in Doha Pearl

It is a nice afternoon program for families . It will take you around the island and it takes around 20 minutes .
You can buy tickets at the office near the concierge at the end of the promenade called Marina .40 Qr/person - children also pay the same amount ...

Friday, April 20, 2012

The festival at the Pearl .It will end on May the 19 th . We went out to see it last night .We were very disappointed .The festival meant a group of eclectic entertainers strolling along the sea every hour/two hours .When they arrived to the stage -then absolutely nothing happened .Everybody expected them to perform on stage but they just took a rest then they returned to their place .What was the stage for ? I can not understand .All the strolling along took 10 minutes .We were there from 5 -8 and we saw no jugglers no clowns no street performers as it had been promised before .There was no festival atmosphere at all .
I left the island with the feel that we were tricked to be there just to increase the traffic of the restaurants and cafes .

Friday, April 13, 2012

Female athletes to the Olympics to London

Qatar has never sent before a female athlete to the Games .It is changing now The International Olympic Committee offered a wild-card invitation for Bahia al-Hamad to air riffle shooter. The swimmer Nada Arkaji and the sprinter Noor al-Malki had previously been given wild cards.

I am very happy for them .

All sports for all people.
Pierre de Coubertin

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Boycott for Adidas products in the Arab world . Adidas was the only non- Israeli sponsor of Jerusalem marathon .It tried to persuade the organizers to re-route the event and avoid the Eastern part ...But  even  the Eastern part was part of the marathon by this sending the message to the world that all Jerusalem belongs to Israel  “Israel is trying to misguide public opinion into believing that Jerusalem is its capital and that is a violation of all UN resolutions,” Prince Nawaf said
Spring Cleaning and  domestic help . It is not easy to find a part time domestic help in Qatar . There are a lots of live in maids but they are  expensive and not everybody likes the idea of a maid living  in  one's home . I  am one of those who can't feel relaxed while there is somebody/a stranger around  .
I did not have luck with the self-appointed maids so far . Usually they come - then they make faces - they criticize the flat  then they ask for more money , half of their time they spend by chatting on their mobile  and  I had things  that I  have never seen again after/ I had electric devices spoilt by their way of cleaning = pushing hot water into them ...
The other day I came upon an agency  - their prices were affordable ones .. they brought the woman to clean - she was net -wearing uniform . She was nice /polite working four hours continuously ...Finally I am happy...

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Did you get used to the those strange flavors while living abroad ? -asked one of my distant relative whom I came across on the skype ? Strange flavors ? -I asked back ...You think we must eat local food day and night ?  For some people it is difficult to make out how one can preserve her identity  included her favorite flavors ..Well,well  the paprika is not the best here so you have to bring you favorite spice from Hungary .But do not think that you have to eat local food here ... in fact it is not easy to find the local food if you dine out ....we buy from the  women who are selling their home made dishes in large hot pots ... that happens at big festivals ... so it is not every day event.
Doha is international .You can find here  a lots of Arab and Indian restaurants  and a lots of junk food from the American chains ...there are some Italian and Chinese ones and a lot more as well ...I f you are like me and loves the experiment in the kitchen then you are in the heaven.. there are so many kinds of fish , spice mix ,green leaves ,vegetables , fruits  in the market that you will  always find something new to try ...
As for the Hungarian flavors : I am great fan of the Hungarian fish soup and stews especially the ones made  with sauer kraut  - but from time to time I find that I  add some curry powder to some dishes ... when I stopped the chatting with my relative I went to the kitchen and served some Hungarian bean soup to the kids and to my plate I added some Indian flavors me those spice mixes are the best ones I have ever tried ...

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Exploding bulbs ...This is something that has never happened to me before .Tungsram the Hungarian bulb is/was excellent ... it happened in the 1980's in the city of Budapest that a man living alone died while the lights were on . They found it out only after  years because neighbors had thought he was OK since they saw  the lights on in the evenings . Tungsram bulbs last years though their quality is not as great since the GE bought it up . Still some Hungarians claim that some of their bulbs have been in use for 15 years ! Now here in Qatar the situation is quite different . I have been living  here a for a while but I still do not understand why the bulbs must be changed so often  and what makes them explode eventually . The other day it happened to me  as I switched the lights on in the corridor .. the breaking glass shattered all over  the room and even on my hair . It made me very upset .Then when I talked to some families they said yes it is like that for them too ...sometimes they have to change bulbs daily ....
 Is it because of  the bulbs ( Osram )? Or is it because the isolation is poor and there is leakage from  upstairs ?  Or  the voltage is not even what we receive ?Can somebody tell me please ! I am terrified by the idea that it would explode again and fall all over the kids ...
expat Qatar