Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good News for Bikers

A major track for cyclists has opened recently .It is going along the Al Waab road -which is the road from where you enter Villaggio Mall .It runs to the Aspire zone .There will be soon bike stations as well -to rent a bike .And this is just the beginning ! There will be more and more Bike track in the country .I can't believe it !So great !

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GUIDE 2010 -2011

The publishing house Planet News Business has released a Handbook of Private Schools in Doha. It is full of practical information on everything that you may want to know on schools in Doha .
The guide is free, it can be foundat the stands of Qatar Olympic Comittee in Villagio and Landmark.

1. It covers everything you need to know about schools in Doha. 99% of private schools are listed in this guide, as well as some of the Independent, the languages ​​they teach, how they pass the exams, their hours, their ages and dates of registration ... etc.
2. The guide provides detailed explanations for all examinations set in Doha and the country or which examinations are recognized.
3. It also contains step by step instructions to follow when visiting a school, before enrolling their child.
4. He explains the difference between schools in Doha, private, independent etc. ..
This book is what every parent should have at hand ...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

rainy day in the hills . the original photo of alma wad was taken in hungary- tolna county ... it was turned into a digital painting and applied on several items .
It is raining in Doha .A woman from Hungary just woke up. Her mum visited her unexpectedly in her dream .There is no need for visa anymore -she said happily ...I can come at any time  when I wish to see you .. .
It was just a dream ...Bitter feelings - but the rain is true ... It is comforting . It feels like home .It feels like being child . Sitting in the veranda of grandma well protected from the rain still enjoying the fresh air and watching how everything gets washed in the garden . The dreams , the smell of wheat and corn from the pantry the puddles in the streets of Doha . Everything get mixed .
A Hungarian man in Bolivia is being tried behind closed doors, a Hungarian  man who believed that one should fight against ugly dictatorships .His friends were shot dead in their dreams in their hotel rooms . His life was spared and now he is being tried without witnesses .
It is raining . It is comforting somehow ...

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ripples on Beach, Sealine Beach Resort, Qatar, Middle East

Ripples on Beach, Sealine Beach Resort, Qatar, Middle East

Qatar is a peninsula surrounded by the sea .It has more than 700 km of this kind of shore .It might be a day greater treasure than the gas and petrol .If you are looking for a job/position in tourism you will certainly find one .

expat Qatar