Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No more plastic wrapping ?

There is a new law in Qatar that bans plastic wrapping of any kind of food that is sold hot .It is dangerous. Chemicals can be dissolved from the plastic ... I would also ban any kind of sour food sold in plastic . The pickles and salads also can bring out the chemicals .

It is very nice that the government thinks of our health - but many restaurant owners are reluctant to change their wrapping materials.I hope that they can force them to do so .

Just Say No to Plastic bag

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas carols in the desert in Qatar performed by expats living there .2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

lovely scene from the streets of Doha - a street sweeping truck

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a lovely street scene in Doha ..a cute kitty is on the fence of an old villa ...charming garden flowers are clustering on the fence... something not every day seen about Qatar

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

 Jaidah Photo Award Competition

Subject : reflections( the very best entries will show passions and poetry )

Deadline is midnight on Wednesday, January 11, 2012.

First prize : four-week photography course -worth up to QR30,000- at the world-renowned New York Film Academy. Air fares, accommodation and the workshop fee are all included.

 open to nationals and residents of the State of Qatar aged 18 years and above

 Only one (1) entry per Entrant. Only digital photos will be considered. The entrants must not Photoshop or watermarks and the photos must be taken and sent in a high resolution without any crop as well a minimum of 3500x2300 pixels (20x30 cm) at 300 dpi resolutions.

Once the photo is uploaded on the website, Entrants should submit the Raw/TIFF file to “W Hotel- Concierge Desk- West Bay- Doha- Qatar”.

See more on terms and conditions

Monday, December 19, 2011

 The National Day in Qatar was marked by huge celebrations yesterday - military parade in the Corniche ,fireworks at night  etc .

 from our part -we celebrated at home ... we tried not to go out ... but finally we decided to go out to a restaurant ... around noon ... well we were blocked by those red four wheelers of lekhwiya  because of a VIP convoys then we saw other local people's car with four-five year our old little girls sitting in the windows of the car while it was moving ... because of those children we do not wish to go out .. we do not wish to see them fall from the car we do not wish to run over them ... we do not wish  our kids to see this ....
otherwise -we are happy  to see the success of Qatar in the world ... we feel it is like our success ...  the fireworks was also great from the roof top ... that is how we celebrated
" It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important "
we have been here for almost a decade

Friday, December 16, 2011

As weather turned into nice spring like so we spent a half day in the park . We saw a lots of families enjoying the early afternoon outside . The flags in Qatar were blowing in the mild wind and we saw soldier gallopping on camel back - as part of the heritage show I think for the coming National Day ...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I saw ads at the City center about an ongoing Youth festival in the city . They advertise sport activities and more - however no one phone number / web page is about the events .

I found some information here - but not even the Katara's homepage is mentioning the festival....

However if you are young person and looking for entertainment then try to visit Katara ... you might catch something interesting ...

I remember skateboarding was also mentioned as part of the events ...


Monday, December 12, 2011

It is cold around here ... It is nice to stay inside the warm flat  and   reading some good books while sipping some  hot drink ....
Sweet Vintage Girl mug

 If you do not know what to read then you have to go and see the annual book fair  to Doha Exhibition Center .It will be open for ten days ....


 Doha 22nd International Book Fair
December 12 - 22, 2011
Location: Doha Exhibitions Center
Tel: (+974) 44429955
Fax: (+974) 44429976
Organizer: Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage   
Email: anal@qatar.net.qa

Annual and regional regular fair specialized in books and all printing and publishing homes. It includes different writers and international publishers.

Reading is Fun wrappedcanvas

Saturday, December 10, 2011

So the Arab Games started ... be prepared some security forces may hold  the traffic up  to make way for the VIP convoys ...
In spite of the tension in the area it seemed to me that every Arab nation sent his/her sport men/women to the Games .I was surprised to see that even people in wheelchairs arrived to participate ...Also it was a surprise that Somalia and Comoros Island is also considered as Arab country .. I have always believed that those countries are non -Arabs .

The Opening ceremony was spectacular at least on TV ....My best wishes to the competitors and organizers ..

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Photo competition in Qatar

Anybody can submit his/her original photo that shows Qatar, its people, culture, tradition, landmarks and landscapes. The photo should not be more than 3 MB in size.
You do not have to live in Doha to participate but the the prizes will be only handed over in Doha .

Qatar Airways Qatar National Day contest will run the contest from 09:01 a.m. (Qatar time) on December 06 till 11:59 PM on 15 Januay, 2012. Winners will be announced by 25 February or earlier.

10 prizes for top 10 voted photographs and 70 prizes for all entrants to win through a lucky draw

Ferrania Eura
smiling ostrich posters from Zazzle.com

smiling ostrich print
smiling ostrich by almawad
Browse for more framed art posters at zazzle

Zoo photo featuring a smiling ostrich .Funny photo poster by Alma Wad . You can customize this item with your own words .

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Cold winds are blowing in Qatar . It is about 17 C ...The other day my mum called me and told that it was unusually hot in Hungary  - it was 14 C  . So  we had some days when the weather was very similar in the two countries ... very rarely it happens so !
 Not only the temperature but the lack of  precipitation is  also worrisome in  my home country. For four months there was no rain at all in some parts of South Hungary . And in Qatar last week it was raining heavily .
So we can say that Qatar is a wetter place than South Hungary .:)

Be prepared cold nights are coming with 7 C !

Saturday, December 03, 2011


Xmas in Qatar for beginners

If you have spent here some years I do not think that there is much news I can tell -but as there are always newcomers around here -this way I try to sum up the basic rules ..
1 . Xmas is not an official holiday in Qatar
2 . Xmas atmosphere is not so high - you can look for it in some malls/ five star hotels
3.If Xmas means for you something else than pampering yourself in luxury -but you really want to do something for someone in need in Qatar -then it is hard to find the way ...some years ago I read about a group on the Qatar living who had collected money to buy some T-shirt ,caps etc and then they distributed these things among laborers ...it was a great hit ... those who got those goodies were really grateful and touched ...the simplest thing just to put the things you wish to give away next to the bins ..

4 . Do not be surprised that not every Christian celebrates the Xmas on the 25 the of December - there are people here who celebrate in January ...it can be embarrassing that you wish Merry Xmas to a co-worker and he /she needs to explain that this is not his/her time to celebrate

Practical information : you can find a lots of kind of Xmas decor in the Carrefour - I have heard that they  even have real Pine trees for sale( 700 riyals) -most of the Christmas gourmet food there are in French style ... if you are looking for  English style Xmas decor and items then go the the Megamart to  The Center ( near Jaidah flyover)...  you will find very nice decor shop inside the main building of The Center -next to the Hello Kitty to shop

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do you Like  nice glassware ? An exciting exhibition is going to be inaugurated today at 6 pm .
Venue :Katara Art Center (Building 5) at Katara Cultural Village

 Glassware designed for new domestic rituals, from the everyday to the celebratory, will be showcased in the exhibition Shared Glass which expresses the joy of life, and the excitement of new experiences and new friendships.

 VCUQ student's  in collaboration with  students from Fabrica in a glass-blowing workshop have created the items to be shown .

The exhibition is open all December .

Monday, November 28, 2011

 The inauguration  of the 12th Arab Games, Doha 2011 will be on Friday December 9 and the ceremony which will be staged at the Khalifa International Stadium

Tickets available at :Virgin /both Landmark and Villaggio branch 
 They are priced at QR150  QR100  QR50 

 They promise a spectacular performance  with high-tech effects  featuring everything that Arab nations share and love from sports to live music, culture, and arts.

 It  sounds something worth visiting .

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It was raining in Doha yesterday .This made the day very special for my little kids . It was the first time in their life that they had seen a worm ...:)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Qatar and the World population

 The other day I was reading an interview with a Hungarian expert - it was on the world population ... is the world really overpopulated ? No -was the answer - it is not -  just to show how little is the number of the people on the Earth - he said that if we put all the people of the world next to each other then Borsod county would be enough for them . Borsod county is around the same size as Qatar . So just put all the people here in your mind .:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

BOOKRA  Tomorrow

  The present is grim : In Syria and Yemen civilians are killed daily  while the government attacks peaceful demonstrators ,residential areas and hospitals .Last week Saleh's tanks shelled the hospital of Taiz .

But the future will be bright ... at least this video suggests so .. life will be comfortable and modern while some Arab traditions will be preserved ... at least that was the message I understood with my poor Arabic and the pictures..

Shooting was made partly in Marocco and Qatar ...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Corniche, Doha
Concert of Mr. Károly Mocsári  -  the Hungarian Pianist  
Date : November 20th , 2011 
Time : 7:30
Venue : Katara , Opera House

Károly Mocsári was born in 1962. He ranks among the best Bartók and Liszt pianists in the world.

Mozart: Requiem Confutatis and Lacrymosa (Transcript of Liszt)
Beethoven: 4- Symphony 3.movement (Transcript of Liszt)
Valley Obermann


R. W. Venezia
Am Grabe Richard Wagners
Sancta Dorothea
Hungarian Rhapsodies V, XVI
Hungarian Fantasy (transcribed by Mocsari) 

the piano melody tie

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

People enjoying a day out at Mesaieed beach during the Eid weekend

this is a picture you should check out if you want to have an image on the public beaches in Qatar ..people in the beach means massive crowds of men

 though there is one single family beach in Katara - it is still not solution for women -as family beach means only that  single men are not allowed

   in this country there are ladies only sections in banks ,lifts etc .  where are the ladies only beaches ? if there are women who do not wish to mix with men even in the banks then sure there is a demand for beaches without men ...

Monday, November 07, 2011

It was raining in Doha today .It was the second day of the Eid .It was one day after eleven of my compatriots died in Egypt in a bus accident ...:(

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I have heard about this only yesterday . A building being pulled off in Mushreib district in Doha collapsed unexpectedly around a week ago and fell onto the road . At peak hours !Oficially the number of deaths is low.Let us hope this is the truth .
Hopefully it won't happen again .

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm walking along the street of the cultural village of Doha this evening with my two little kids and look who I just see there ?It was Banderas - his face could be seen sometimes from the dense of the reporters .. he was not too tall, was not very handsome, the hardened features of his face reminded me to an officer rather than to that Latin heartthrob with charismatic look ...I understand he is refusing even the idea of plastic surgery - the age is an honor according to his view - I do agree with him ...


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A film that looks funny and interesting . Though it is out of competition ....Almanya -Welcome to Germany ..A charming cross cultural comedy on three generations of German - Turks ...

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Family Day at  Doha Tribeca Film Festival

The week - end seems to be very special BECAUSE of the Film festival 's family day .There are too many activities to enjoy ... and as the weather is not so hot one can start in early afternoon to avoid the crowds and to secure a ticket for the free screening of the family movie Spy Kids .
You can take some  sand toys as well -at least last week a part of the beach was opened for the public and kids were allowed playing in the sand ... otherwise if you wish to swim the beach is open until sunset and it is around 100 rial for an adult and 25 for a child . The family day   will start at 2 pm

on Friday and will be open till Midnight

There will be arts & crafts, sports, workshops, film making, video gaming, storytelling, music, dance, kite making, and animation. Families can also experience local Qatari customs, crafts and traditions.

Enjoy free family film screenings in the Katara Open-Air Theater and evening performances along the Esplanade. There are activities and interactions for youth of all ages, from toddlers to teens, and even for parents and caregivers to enjoy as well.
6:00 PM in the Open Air theatre

Presentation of SPY KIDS FREE  -but according to my experience you must get a ticket from the cashier to be able to enter ....it is a huge place but tickets ran out last year by the time we decided we wanted to see the film   ..more info on this event

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Traditions and modernity -striking photo showing these two aspects of Qatar .

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Congratulations ! Tawakul Karman -the Yemeni woman got the Nobel prize for the peace this year shared with Liberian female activists .
At long last someone who really deserved it !

Qatar Airways has just collected its 100th Boeing ....

There's a week long Latin American festival in Doha  taking place in the Cultural Village /katara . By the time I learned about this event all the tickets had gone for the circus and the ballet .
:( ...

So we went to a park instead of the circus .Luckily the weather is much nicer than last week ,. We arrived around 4 pm to the Aspire park . It is so nice to come out and  enjoy it  at long last.After so long to find nice weather ....We saw the ducks - had a long walk and finally we were sitting  outside near a green tree  in the stylish white armchairs of the Petit Cafe and were having some drink  It was fantastic feeling !Only the small black flying insects were annoying after sunset ....

We were invited to a reception . The caterer was  the Grand Hyatt . It was an Egyptian themed buffet . The starters were really nice :green beans salad ,stuffed tomatoes ,stuffed egg plants ,stuffed grape leaves , eggplant puree  ,koshari . I was full after those entrees  so i skipped the main courses (like a child) and went to the dessert table . That was not so fantastic .I liked their ummali -but neither their baklava or basboosa was worth to try ... anyway we were having  silver cutlery ....:)


Saturday, October 01, 2011

The park was full of birds' song : minas , parrots ,doves ,sparrows and the low twittering of  some rarely seen swallows .The weather  is unusually hot this September .We have to go before nine in the morning .Before it gets too hot even under the shaded playgrounds ...
We like early breakfasts en plein air  ...    only a few families , listening to the birds , feeling the luxury of being almost alone in a park .. parks are safe in Qatar ..  at least you do not have to be afraid of dogs , drunken people ...like elsewhere in the world....

 Then soon we heard terrible shouting . Three cleaners in orange overalls had  a fight . They were very furious then started to beat each other with brooms and other garden tools .  The security was nowhere and other families were escaping .
I was  shouting with them with that dry and  determined voice that had helped me at times here in Qatar . " Stop it right now .. stop it or I will call the police "  ..it  helped they stopped beating each other but they kept shouting . The park is big but they had to do it right next to the  playground .

When my husband arrived he asked the security man how all this could have happened . He answered " I must have been to the hammam  that I did not  notice "

Parks are safe in Qatar - just their unsupervised staff can mean danger to the visitors .  This was not the first time  that we were annoyed in a public park by the staff .  Two years ago an Egyptian woman  who had some kind of vague position was disturbing us at New Salata Park .We left  the park we were so much annoyed .  Another time the security guard and  his local landlord were fighting  at day time - they had some row over unpaid rent before - it was last December in Aspire park .... it was not against us but somehow disturbing ....  and now early in the morning the staff behaves as they were allowed to do anything at Dahl al Hamam  ....

 They should not employ such substandard people   or if they do they should be strictly supervised .

 But after all this morning was  wonderful due to the birds  due to the rapid wings of low lying swallows and some cream colored small butterflies ...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daily flights from Doha to Budapest with Qatar Airways ! And it takes only five hours !That is wonderful news for us .Previously we had to take a flight either to Frankfurt /Istanbul -then change the plane heading to Budapest .They used to be long journeys ... and the most expensive ones . I remember there were years when it was 4000 QR one single ticket for adults .Now I found tickets for 2100QR all inclusive . It is a real deal !

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modern Cityscape from Zazzle.comGreat wall art for proud nationals and expats .This is the black and white version in three panels .

Friday, September 16, 2011

i believe in life jackets sticker

20-30/year is the average number of kids/year drowned into private /compound swimming pools and into the sea  around here....just happened a tragedy in a compound where a 10 y. o. died .Compound pools are not guarded and supervised and not surrounded by a high safely locked fence . ..


60% -is the salary rise fr the Qatari working in their own country
120% is the hike in salary for the army officers

They say it is more than expected .

Monday, September 05, 2011

Eid 2011 August September

The laser show and the fireworks at Katara was nice but not something very special . Green and blue laser beams were dancing while we could hear different music styles and the seaside was filled with smoke for the special effects .In the last ten minutes or so fireworks and the laser show were alternating ...it was a dramatic experience ...bit too loud ...

We found a new cake shop selling cupcakes at 18 rial per piece . Well for Eid we bought some for the kids and it was tasty ...

The good thing about Katara that it is big -very big and you never feel that it would be overcrowded .

We like also the cheap little place where one can buy cheap chapati and karak ( spicy tea) and sit there and relax in beautiful environment .

One of my child was badly coughing when we left home .Then she was ready to drink a cup of karak .I do not know if it was due to that hot drink or to the humid salty air by the sea but her coughing disappeared .Voila our secret of how to stop bad coughs in Qatar .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Garangau Festival at the Royal Plaza

 15th day of ramadan -there will be the traditional  children festival 
giveaway sweets and nuts , face painting , cartoon carachters and more fun..from 8 pm

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Man Reading the Koran in a Doha Mosque, Doha, Qatar, Middle East

Man Reading the Koran in a Doha Mosque, Doha, Qatar, Middle East


Buy This Allposters.com

Ramadan will start August 2nd ..Just a short reminder do not forget that a lots of offices ,health centers will be open only for short hours in the morning and will reopen only after 8 or 9 o'clock in the evening .No eating or drinking before sunset on public places except for some hotels .The hours before the sunset may be very quiet in some areas on the roads .If you wish to ride a bike you may find it the best time .

Friday, July 29, 2011

Numbers in Qatar - Summer Holidays

 90% of the locals had gone to Europe for summer vacations this year ...The usual places in other Arabian countries are empty ...just seen on tv that so many Arabs went to Jordan this year for holidays .I just learnt that the Egyptians and some other Arab countries call the Gulf Arabs simply  the Arabs .:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doha Mums Club is asking for fees nowadays . In the beginning I was happy to see that there is a club for mums . They were inviting mums of any age , nationality , religion ....Twice i went there   to a playground meeting and I did not feel welcomed there at all . Just the usual snobbish western bunch who would not chat with anybody else than there own kind ...So I am not puzzled at all about there discounts and programs .According to their offer  you can go to somebody's else compound or to a public cafe .park  and you  should pay for that 150 riyals yearly .

 There is  need for a real international  Mum's Club . We kept having coffee morning's but the leader of our group has moved . What a  pity . I still hope that somebody would reorganize it .I met there people from many countries ... and most of the women were open minded ....

Let us hope for better times ...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nine years ago we arrived first time in Qatar .It was the worst season to come .Humidity ,heat .It was the first time I saw these very poor people - the laborers of Pakistan , India ,Afghanistan . I came from a  society  with much more egalitarian values .
I missed the forests of Hungary , the little town where I always came across friends when I went to the town center . I missed my pupils ,my family . We were walking in the City Center and we knew nobody . But when sitting in a cafe reading the Gulf Times I saw some wonderful news Summer Festival ...Then came weeks jammed with cultural events ...folk dance ,play house ,musicians ...

It was great indeed ...

Why did they stop those festivals?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Arab women and the Arabian Uprisings

Women used to be taboo in the Middle Eastern societies up to now .When fighting for the power women just worked secretly in the background ...and they were not attacked ....Things have changed ...First in Egypt women went to the streets to protest ... then they were attacked. A prominent Egyptian actor said ;"Tahrir square ? Boys and girls together in the big crowd -every kind of immoral act "

Then the Yemeni president called the women who were protesting veiled and segregated -immoral ones .There was a big crowd of them . No wonder that someone took revenge by publishing Saleh's daughter photo on the youtube .In Western standard there was nothing indecent on this photo - a lovely girl was there in jeans and long sleeved blouse ...but this was meant as a big humiliation ...

Then the turn came for the Al jazeera tv channel's women presenters . They got nasty e-mails with fabricated nasty photos on these presenters and threats that full similar videos will be published soon .Their family members were threatened ...

Monday, July 04, 2011

Aspire Tower Metal Photo Print

This photo of mine gets more and more attention .It was published in Dubai weather blog first -isn't that strange ? Then I got customers from Japan who liked it .
Just to encourage the others who are trying to sell their photos on Qatar : there is demand for it but not here but in Texas ,Florida ,Italy ,Japan ...Since there is internet it is not so difficult to find them ...

Saturday, June 25, 2011


This poster got Today's Best Award in June 14, 2011 at Zazzle.com

The base of this design was taken almost three years ago at Doha Zoo .Then I isolated it and put it recently on different colored bases .I got awarded !

Unfortunately I did not see the elephant last month there .Did he die ? Who knows what happened to him ?
Renting a Bike in Doha

I was at the Sheraton park yesterday . THe rent of bikes was already working . For a valid ID from Qatar one was allowed half an hour ride on the bike  path around ...

It made me very happy .I hope that it is just the beginning of the bike era  in this country .

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer with Kids in Qatar  -2011

 Summer Camps-2011

Starfish kindergarten :Beach Parties
Aboriginal Art Days
Movie Days
T-Shirt Painting
Dance Classes
Kids in the Kitchen
(Healthy cooking lessons)
Cupcake Making
Arts & Crafts
up to age ten ... they start in July

for different locations contact different branches : 

Al Markhiya 4487 5939 &; 5580 5830 P.O. Box 55261 Doha
Al Jelaiah 4411 0355 & 5580 5103 E-mail : starfishkids@hotmail.com
QD Branch 4497 7673 & 3025 7845

mira's summer magnet

Busy bees nursery :water play ,kitchen fun ,music ,art  4447 2319 for kids aged 3-8 years .. they start in July
the frog according to mira card


Summer Art Programs

 1 .Art Exploration - drawing, painting, collage, experimentation with different art materials, and a museum visit.

Ages: 9 - 12 year olds
Dates: 10th to 14th July
Location: VCU Qatar, Education City

2.Creative Discovery  drawing, painting, digital media, creativity exercises, and group activities. This class includes a visit to an art museum and final exhibition open to family and friends.

Ages: 13 - 15 year olds
Dates: 17th to 28th July
Location: VCU Qatar, Education City

3.Design Intensive create an individual project related to: Fashion, Interiors, Graphics, or Painting & Printmaking. The program culminates with a final exhibition open to family and friends.

Ages: 16 year olds and above
  Dates :July 10-28, 2011, 9AM - 3PM, Sunday - ThursdayLocation: VCUQatar, Education City

Contact : 

contact Nisha Ramachandran in the Student Affairs Office (between 9AM - 3PM): nramachan@qatar.vcu.edu or (+974) 4402 0637

eat ,sleep .art hat

Café Céramique

Pottery Painting, Cooking, Crafts and more!

Ages: 5 years old and up

Phone: 4467-1100 or 3394-8483

Evolution Soccer Summer Camp

Soccer, soccer and more soccer! 

Ages: 5 - 14 year olds

Location : Doha College gym

Phone: 5506-4794
Soccer ball of Qatar button

Australian International Swim Schools
Swimming lessons, water games & activities, safety & survival skills, diving, squad training, swim races, aquatic education.

Location: Hamad Aquatic Centre, Aspire Zone
Ages: 3 - 16 year olds

Phone: 4499-7547 or 6699-3325

W like water magnet

My Gym

Yoga, Karate,gymnastics ,singins and dancing ,movies , arts craft, self defence and body jam.

Ages: 5 - 12 year olds
Location: New Salata, next to Indonesian Embassy

Phone: 4464-1429 or 4464-1540 or 5581-4170


Water Sports – Swimming
Indoor Sports – Chess, Table Tennis, Caroms, Scrabble, Bowling & Badminton
Aerobics, Karate / Judo ,Art , carfts ,competitions ,debates , recitations ,field trips to Jungle Zone Water Sports – Swimming
 Indoor Sports – Chess, Table Tennis, Caroms, Scrabble, Bowling & Badminton
 Aerobics, Karate / Judo ,

Duration of Camp : 7 weeks
Inauguration on
Camp Start : 10.July.2011 End : 25.Aug.2011

Age categories
Category 1: Nursery to Grade 2 Sub-Juniors
Grade – 3 to Grade 5 Juniors
Category 2: Grade 6 to Grade 8 Sub-seniors
Grade 9 & above Seniors


Application form and more contact details

Syscom Courses for Students -Summer training

C,C++ ,Java ,SQL ,Fun and Learning Games & Competitions

3rd floor of LULU centre opposite Hamad Hospital
Tel: 44326521

Gympanzee Summer camp
sports, swimming, dancing,field trips, workshops, Puppet Shows and sooo much more

Location :Villaggio Mall
Contact :44135993

Silk Painting

8 sessions

LEARN SILK PAINTING...techniques of silk painting, stretching the silk on the frame, the use of outliners (gutta), painting on dry and wet silk, salt/sugar/water and the wax technique will be done.

Area- Al-Sadd,Doha

Read more: http://www.qatarliving.com/node/1909030#ixzz0gJCTAVRX
Numbers in Qatar

expected economic growth :15.8%
investing in infrastructure :40% of its budget
new international  airport :$11bn
deep water sea-port :$5.5bn
transport corridor in Doha :$1bn
roads                      :$20bn

Monday, May 30, 2011

Zebra at Doha Zoo /The stripes come out beautifully as the animal came very close to me .
My favorites at Doha zoo are zebras  -look at this adorable little zebra calf ...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Elevenses at Paul Cafe Villaggio

I have not been there for a while ... It was Mother's day and my first born just got her first salary of her life -so I was invited for a treat .I prepared my taste buds for a salad une salade de saumon fumee ou Salade Niçoise peut etre ...But at the restaurant we learnt that salads can be ordered only from twelve o'clock . I looked at their breakfast menu and there was nothing tempting there -at least nothing for a meal at eleven o clock .So we chose this cheese platter . We expected that they would serve French cheese as it is a French cafe but as you can see in this picture only one kind of cheese was French .
However it was a a hearty meal ... too much for one person .. we shared it with my child ...

then when seeing the bill we were pleasantly surprised that there is no service charges anymore...I was really happy to see that - no need to do menthal math every time you pay ...
Next time we would go after 12 ... there menu is much more exciting then ...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Go Qatar ! Go !
I was really shocked the other day reading the accusations against Qatar -published in the British paper Sunday Times .They claim that Qatar won the 2022 Football World Cup by bribery . I guess this paper is a kind of one which likes publishing defamatory news and even they calculate the costs of the fine if the person they attack would dare to go to the court .

  Why I am so sure that -it is not true ?God knows best of course but  I think If it was true  then they would turn to the police  to the court first of all ...They just want to create an atmosphere against Qatar . Reading discussions about this topic the Brits have strong feeling against this country and the World Cup . .They claim things like - women are not allowed to wear mini-skirts , it is not allowed to drink alcohol  and the people live here like slaves .Then a gay person mentioned that he would be stoned to death if he went there . .. Well -this is certainly not a gay friendly country  -but nobody investigates on anybody's drive .It is allowed to drink at certain places .And I see western and even Arab women wearing miniskirts daily .Certainly it is not the West . But as somebody mentioned this is not a County Cup -but the World Cup . It can be held at any country in the world not only in the West .

Go Qatar go ! Do not care about those accusations .Just Kick It !

photos of the marine festival 2011 in Doha -it was in March ,there were a lots of programs but the main attraction -the seal show was not available for most of us ..in vain we were waiting an hour we could not get into the free show .. it was so big dissapointement for our kids that we would have been ready to pay for the show -but they did not give extra performances ..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday is expat day at the aqua park in Qatar  . I read  the colorful ad in the Gulf Times.
What does it mean ? Are we allowed to enter only on that day ? Or does it mean relaxed dress code .
I had read before local women complaining about the expat ladies who are wearing swimming suits at the aqua park .Does it mean that we have to wear abaya on the other days ?

I just wonder why the women of Qatar  fight against the expat women . They should ask ladies only day for themselves . Then things would be all right .

Thursday, May 19, 2011

City in progress no4 tie from Zazzle.com
City in progress no4 tieCity in progress no4 tie
City in progress no4 by almawad
Make a necktie on zazzle
Tower buildings being constructed in Doha .Digital photo-based painting by Alma Wad .Urban necktie for architects , engineers , contractors .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mango Season is Here

The fruit markets and supermarkets are offering mango from different countries like : India , Pakistan , Yemen , Kenya .
This is the season when we have a large selection of this fruit at the lowest price .
Take advantage of this -eat mango it is full of vitamins we need . Learn how to cut the fruit to get the most of the pulp .

How To Cut a Mango on Howcast

Monday, May 16, 2011

Doha expatriates held anti-Gaddafi rally

I read in the peninsula qatar .I was really surprised at the fact that there is a Libyan community living in Doha . I have never heard about anybody being Libyan and living here .

What the Libyans want is a life with honour, dignity and freedom. 

said a rally speaker .

 I do understand what they mean . Once it happened that a group of Libyan musicians of traditional music performed in our town . I had to translate for them . There was something terribly depressing around them - nobody was behaving relaxed everybody was concentrating on the orders of their leaders too much .
The day  after an Egyptian group came to perform - they were so lively and cheerful // It was so nice after the Libyans .

I hope that will change soon and the Libyans will also experience  how to be relaxed and leave without fear .

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Exhibitions at the Katara

 It was a nice afternoon and evening at the Cultural Village , Doha . First we went to see the Islam and Science exhibition . This is a topic that interests me very much . This is something that we were not taught at school . At least not in my time .So I had great expectations . It was nice but not so great . The explanations were in French and Arabic .No English text .  Many  text came in small letters -and  it was difficult to understand the way of devices work despite animations .

 There were a lots of astrolabs  and other devices for astronomy . Mechanical illustrations - how  they lifted water in gardens  how they made automatic drinking machine . How they made operations etc .

 The topic is much greater than this exhibition could show us .

 It was not very child friendly .

We saw also at other rooms contemporary art exhibitions . A calligraphy artist with his art -which looks certainly great -but much more enjoyable for those who can read somehow the message . My kids got little gifts there , Coloring pages and even pens to color .So we relaxed at the Karak and Chapati tea house and we were enjoying the fresh Indian flat bread and spicy tea and the mild evening weather .

After that we ventured to other exhibition .  I think these are  expats living in Doha . I love watching this kind of art very much . I know I should mention names - but I only remember Hilda , the Brasilian one . She had big sized female shapes dressed in patterns . They were great , striking ,original artwork .

 There were some  light colored graffitti like paintings . Like an artist in good ,relaxed mood was scribbling on the canvas . I liked the result - fresh , urban art .

But the most memorable certainly will be the charcoal tree trunks and their prints  on white canvas . It was some kind of minimalism-  I guess .A big size of  trunk slice turned into black charcoal . There was a lizard on it . next to it the canvas with a print.  We kept explaining to our little kids . No need to be afraid . Not a real  lizard ! Then suddenly it ran away . There was a big scream then came the guard .
That is how art and reality meets in Doha .:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good News for Bikers

A major track for cyclists has opened recently .It is going along the Al Waab road -which is the road from where you enter Villaggio Mall .It runs to the Aspire zone .There will be soon bike stations as well -to rent a bike .And this is just the beginning ! There will be more and more Bike track in the country .I can't believe it !So great !

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GUIDE 2010 -2011

The publishing house Planet News Business has released a Handbook of Private Schools in Doha. It is full of practical information on everything that you may want to know on schools in Doha .
The guide is free, it can be foundat the stands of Qatar Olympic Comittee in Villagio and Landmark.

1. It covers everything you need to know about schools in Doha. 99% of private schools are listed in this guide, as well as some of the Independent, the languages ​​they teach, how they pass the exams, their hours, their ages and dates of registration ... etc.
2. The guide provides detailed explanations for all examinations set in Doha and the country or which examinations are recognized.
3. It also contains step by step instructions to follow when visiting a school, before enrolling their child.
4. He explains the difference between schools in Doha, private, independent etc. ..
This book is what every parent should have at hand ...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

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