Sunday, July 27, 2008

Two days ago this simple design got Today's best award which made me very happy .

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


3000 children die daily due to malaria in Africa alone

300.000 people in India belong to the middle class

every 400 people on the Earth is Hungarian

Friday, July 18, 2008


I am just trying to make some exercises at home .
Apart from the Moroccan bath -which I tried at medical spa - I do not go out anywhere to follow a course though I know very well how much inspiring it is to do exercise in group ..
So I bought this DVD with Lizbeth Garcia .It came in a nice box with a ball .It was a bit challenging to inflate it -as no instruction was given on how to use the pump -but somehow we managed to do it !All the family was happy with the huge ball : the little ones were pushing and bouncing it or leaning on it and relaxing while the bigger ones are using the ball as a chair while sitting at the computer desk .What a nice way to make your muscles work while sitting !
The DVD with Lizbeth Garcia is simply dangerous to follow : it is full of outdated exercises which put too much strain on the neck and gives you headache .The very first exercise was : sit on the ball then while your feet are on the ground lean back - lie on the ball .It is very difficult - and the ball rolls from under you and you might find yourself on the ground very easily !It advertises itself as pilates but in my opinion it is rather a kind of old fashioned aerobics with a ball .Lizbeth hoarse voice makes one feel that an old chain -smoker is trying to teach you on the fitness and the whole thing is very badly shot . My favourite part is when Lizbeth says ' do it for long beautiful ,sexy legs "- then the camera goes on close -up and shows the imperfections of her knees :)) .Not talking about the fact that one can not get long legs if was born with short ones however hard she is working out !
Seeing how disappointed I was : my daughter surprised me with a yoga DVD with Rainbeau March :it is better -it is radiating some kind of spiritual energy though the exercises are concentrating rather for the upper body .It's not for beginners either as it is advertised -but one can feel where to stop when stretching her body .
So I am doing these things nowadays and dreaming about returning to the Moroccan bath .It was at the Villagio Mall 's ,Medical spa and was simply fabulous : tiny little bulbs with slowly changing colors in the ceiling ,with relaxing music ,vapor - some drink in an elegant glass, seeing a beautiful old styled lamp how it is projecting wonderful shadows above me ,lying in four -poster beds ,relaxing while drinks are being served ...

I have had stat counter now for a half year installed on my blog .It is a very useful service :I can see where my visitors came from ,I can study the keyword activity , and see the number of my visitors .
I learnt from that : my blog gets a lots of clicks thank to image search .Cooking+cherry keywords brought quite a lot of visitors .Practical infos on Qatar's every day are also very popular .
Most of my readers are coming from Qatar and the USA - then from all around the word .
Stats counter is a great fun !

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


THIS card with Hungarian folk motifs was my best selling design last month .

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

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