Thursday, August 29, 2013

Did You Know ?

You can enjoy a guided tour for free at the Museum of Islamic Art  every Thursdays and Saturdays, at 2pm (English/Arabic)

  The  MIA has an outstanding collection of Islamic art objects, stretching over 1000 years and three continents. 

No booking required, just turn up! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to get rich in Qatar ? Bring new flavors !

I think there is a great demand on restaurants , bakeries bringing new flavors to Doha .There are a lots of places offering Arabic , Indian ,Pinoy   dishes and there are some Italian , French , Japanese places  and more .

But what about some more authentic Arab flavors ? Like the tiny fish -market restaurant with a great cook representing some coastal area from Egypt .I am sure that there are more exciting regional cuisines in the Arab world whose flavors did not arrive to Doha yet .

Affordable restaurants with Spanish ,Hungarian ,Creole dishes would be a great hit among the middle class expats  and the locals who love exotic new dishes .

If you want to establish a restaurant here  do not forget that local Arab people and many well-to-do  expats love eating quality dishes .many of them have their own cook at home  -and not only the super rich .
( a shocking conversation I heard at the hospital  while a patient was chatting with a lovely nurse " Sister what is your favorite cuisine ? Indian , Arabic , Chinese ? " " Oh I really like all of them -our cook at home is just wonderful ")

Besides  many of the local and expats travel a lot -so they have experience on the world cuisine .

Cheese platter with red grapes posters
Cheese platter with red grapes posters by almawad
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why I like Ezdan Mall

Ezdan Mall is a new Mall near Landmark mall in Gharaffa area in Doha .It belongs to the Ezdan Groups which had built residential buildings ,compounds in Qatar .

After the Villaggio Fire I became fed up with malls .
Last summer we managed to avoid them .This year  after returning to Doha we started to visit this New Mall .And as more and more shops and facilities opened I started to like it .
Why ? Ezdan Mall at first glance is just like the other malls .HIgh-end boutiques selling clothes /supermarket /Fun Ville ,Food Court /Cafes...Somehow it is still different from the other malls .
- It is new
-It has a lots of benches /sofas /armchairs to sit down free of charge
-Turkish restaurant Mado is coming soon with traditional Turkish breakfasts and more
- At Slitti cafe kids can  make their own hot chocolate - they are served some hot milk and a cube of chocolate in a stick .They just dip this piece of chocolate into the foaming milk and watch how the chocolate melts
- At Cerutti cafe one is given an ipad to see the menu
- At Tim Horton  the doughnut is closer to our Hungarian Fank  than the ones other doughnut places in Qatar
- Fun Ville is brand new place for kids to play /it is clean and new and fun
- M& Co offers not only clothes for kids and ladies but special sizes as well  -yes they think about short people -there is petite size and they think about real people and they offer plus size as well  within one place most of their designs are  very attractive as well
-Neal's Yard Remedies offers organic essential oils !

Monday, August 12, 2013

2022 World Cup and the International Media

While the news in Qatar media concentrates on the Eid festival which is bigger  ,longer and better organised than ever  - the international media is full of attacks against Qatar and its rights to organize the  Football World Cup in 2022 summer .

It is very dissapointing . Have you ever heard of a country being attacked so much after a decision ?

They say : Qatar is too hot and football stadiums can not be cooled
The truth  : Qatar has long decades of experience in cooling public places -whenever I go out in summer to a mall I take a cardigan for the kids as it is rather cold inside . Besides   Qatar s most important trade partner Japan is ready to contribute with their technological  innovations . I expect that the Qatari  petro-dollars and  the Japanese innovations will bring  really cool events ......

They say : Even if the stadiums are cooled  the entertainment areas can not be cooled
 The truth : Cooling streets is not something new  - this exists at  various parts of the world  but expect indoor events at large areas  and the entertainment is solved

They say : Qatar must have won by bribing
 The Truth : Nobody ever could come up with proofs

I am not Qatari and I am not working for  any official place here  .I am simply an expat here who is just saddened by the attacks of the international media .
The Asian Games were held in Qatar in 2006 . The international media forgets to mention that fact . The international media did not mention the event then .Middle East on the western media is worth to mention only when it is about war /bombs / crime .

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Monte Carlo Circus will be performing to September 15

You still have nearly a month to go to the Circus with your kids .The shows are fabulous - they say .Acrobats ,clowns , jugglers and dogs show .Kids can be photographed with baby tigers .

Venue : Monte Carlo Circus  Tent  near Qatar Sport Club 
Time for daily shows  :6:30  for the first show
                                      9 pm for the second show

Tickets :QR 25 -150

Tiger Cub Twins Print
Tiger Cub Twins Print by CuteCritters
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Souq Waqif Festival - Some More Days the Show is on

The show will be on two more days

They start at 5 :30 - to 7:45 pm
                    8;30  - to10:30 pm

Somewhere near the Gold Souq

Tickets : Qr25   QR 100

It is such a  lovely place - the Souq Waqif .As one of my friend told me years ago "As you were not in Qatar " She meant as you were not in Qatar where buildings around you are destroyed to make room for another new ones - cars everywhere  -no respect for pedestrians .Why we love Souq Waqif so much ? Perhaps because of its quiet ,traditional atmosphere .Where we can sit outside the cafes and have some real Middle Eastern feel ? What do you think ?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meteors Shower expected After Midnight

Soon after midnight - so within some minutes-  meteor shower  can be expected . If you find a dark place - away from the city lights you get better chances to see this celestial events .The Perseid meteors are going to fill the sky with fire balls ... Do not miss it !

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Eid programs in Qatar August 2013

Malls are going to offer fabulous programs every evening and afternoon  City Center , Lagoona Mall ,Hyatt Plaza ,Landmark ,Villaggio Mall   - expect parade shows ,Angry Birds shows ,Zuma -Zuma ,Rola -Rola  ,Snow White shows   rotated between these places
 from 8 Aug to 17  starting at 2 pm

Katara is going to have fire works displays ,laser show with water fountains and music  - every evening from the 8th of August to 11th of August from 7:30 to 10:30 pm

Museum of Islamic ART will be closed till the second day of the Eid

Aqua Park -  5 day Eidventure  - games ,fire dancers , DJ -s ,face painting ,balloon twisters an more

 Doha Exhibition Cente -  Wanasa Entertainment City , 150 shopping stands ,shows ,games

Souq Waqif From 9 to 14 August 2013
 Eid festival with  children's theatre ,soap field ,acrobatic shows ,carnival atmosphere

Sunday, August 04, 2013

death and birth in the news

Death  : the 27 year old football player who just arrived a month ago from Ecuador died suddenly due to a stomach problem - he had some strong stomach pain first then he developed peritonitis and died .Shocking news  - but things like that happen all over the world .

Birth : the couple who lost their triplets in the Villaggio Fire  14 months ago -got twins  ... I was very happy to read that .They had enough energy  and courage to restart their lives .I hope that  the daily routine of two babies will fill their lives with pleasure and help to heal those terrible wounds that the loss of three toddlers cut into their soul .

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Why nobody is ready to save the QAWS

 QAWS is the Qatar Animal Welfare society .

 I read the letters asking for money -asking for help ...but nobody seems to be ready to help
 No answer from this rich country . I wonder why .

 I have got my own reasons why I do not give them a riyal .

1 .   Whenever we called them that we found a lost pet -  they simply could not help .

2 . I only support no kill shelters - here they put down the sick animals - as in most of the shelters they do here

3 . They had all their  animals killed when a fire - due to a short circuit -broke out and they simply could not put it out ... so many animals died a terrible death ... after this I simply felt that  animals are better off  without them .

 These  are my reasons . But what are the reasons of the others ? I wish  they let the cat out  of the cages . That is not welfare for them at all .

Kitty Scream Poster
Kitty Scream Poster by donnabellas
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