Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to get rich in Qatar ? Bring new flavors !

I think there is a great demand on restaurants , bakeries bringing new flavors to Doha .There are a lots of places offering Arabic , Indian ,Pinoy   dishes and there are some Italian , French , Japanese places  and more .

But what about some more authentic Arab flavors ? Like the tiny fish -market restaurant with a great cook representing some coastal area from Egypt .I am sure that there are more exciting regional cuisines in the Arab world whose flavors did not arrive to Doha yet .

Affordable restaurants with Spanish ,Hungarian ,Creole dishes would be a great hit among the middle class expats  and the locals who love exotic new dishes .

If you want to establish a restaurant here  do not forget that local Arab people and many well-to-do  expats love eating quality dishes .many of them have their own cook at home  -and not only the super rich .
( a shocking conversation I heard at the hospital  while a patient was chatting with a lovely nurse " Sister what is your favorite cuisine ? Indian , Arabic , Chinese ? " " Oh I really like all of them -our cook at home is just wonderful ")

Besides  many of the local and expats travel a lot -so they have experience on the world cuisine .

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