Monday, August 12, 2013

2022 World Cup and the International Media

While the news in Qatar media concentrates on the Eid festival which is bigger  ,longer and better organised than ever  - the international media is full of attacks against Qatar and its rights to organize the  Football World Cup in 2022 summer .

It is very dissapointing . Have you ever heard of a country being attacked so much after a decision ?

They say : Qatar is too hot and football stadiums can not be cooled
The truth  : Qatar has long decades of experience in cooling public places -whenever I go out in summer to a mall I take a cardigan for the kids as it is rather cold inside . Besides   Qatar s most important trade partner Japan is ready to contribute with their technological  innovations . I expect that the Qatari  petro-dollars and  the Japanese innovations will bring  really cool events ......

They say : Even if the stadiums are cooled  the entertainment areas can not be cooled
 The truth : Cooling streets is not something new  - this exists at  various parts of the world  but expect indoor events at large areas  and the entertainment is solved

They say : Qatar must have won by bribing
 The Truth : Nobody ever could come up with proofs

I am not Qatari and I am not working for  any official place here  .I am simply an expat here who is just saddened by the attacks of the international media .
The Asian Games were held in Qatar in 2006 . The international media forgets to mention that fact . The international media did not mention the event then .Middle East on the western media is worth to mention only when it is about war /bombs / crime .

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