Saturday, March 22, 2008


Creating an Easter ambiance here in Doha is difficult .We do not have spring here at this time - it is like summer 21C -31C .After that -there are no tulips or daffodils here -at least I did not ever see those flowers here .Our relatives are not here either : essential thing for a great holiday .Especially that the Great Hungarian Sprinkling Day at Easter requires male relatives who would sprinkle on you some water .( my husband never understands why it is so important for us )
What do we have ? Eggs to dye .Red food color . Internet to keep in touch .Delicious cakes I bought at the Center supermarket .Their bakery is really wonderful and I am a little bit tired to bake .And Duna tv to watch some old American film and other one on the life of Mother Teresa .That's how a Hungarian Easter in Doha .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When I was a little girl I liked those fine dots very much and I always wished to see my father in such tie .But he did not like the idea . I have just designed some ties with dots - and I wanted to know how others like dots in men’s fashion .
I put the question in a discussion forum for ladies and here are the answers I got:
I just don’t think polka dots belong on a tie.
If they are tiny, I like polka dots. But I don’t like the big 70s-style dots.
I’ve got nothing against polka dots in general, but IMO, some of those ties require sunglasses.
I do like the capuccino, cafe latte, burgundy dots, and fine dotted blue. I would never buy the very LOUD plaids and blocks though. But someone out there may like those.
Different strokes for different folks.
I would never buy anything polka dot for a man.
Truthfully, I don’t think I would ever see ties like those on men in my company...not even the gay ones.

This were the answers I got . I wonder what do you think about men wearing necktie with polka dots ?

Ides of March is an important date in Hungarian history : it was the date of an uprising in Pest in 1848 which later lead to a Freedom war .When I was in my twenties -we celebrated it in Pest with loud demonstrations - and anti -government slogans - citing the 12 points of those rebels whom we commemorated .
Here ,in Doha the Hungarian embassy gave a garden -party with goulash some years ago - these were nice reunions of the Hungarian living here .
This year there was nothing at all .
A Roman chatholic church was opened with 2000 seats .There is an estimated number of 150 thousand Christians living here temporary - out of whom 100 thousand is Roman Chatholic .
However ,the church was not full at all .

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Talmacsi,the Hungarian did not win the Losail race as he had planned .His motorcycle let him down .
However I am very proud of him - and it is a great feeling that one of my compatriots is performing very well here in Qatar .
My male relatives in Hungary were very much excited about this race .They strongly encouraged me to go to Losail to support him .The race took place 10 pm - and I do not know exactly how to get to Losail .The guys of our family could not really understand how I can miss such important event !:)

Balhmabar restaurant
We went there around two weeks ago after visiting the Robot Zoo at the Corniche .As we approached the restaurant we saw somebody going unconscious and the guests of the restaurant all jumping up from their chairs and were standing around the poor woman - who had nobody with her on that sunny afternoon . I kindly asked if she was breathing then they became happy for a moment thinking of me that I was a doctor - and for a moment I really wished I was one .As the ambulance arrived we left the scene to look around the restaurant itself .In the terrace a large shami Arab family was celebrating something with a delicious looking cake .Otherwise there were western looking tourists relaxing there .The waiter was a young Qatari .Real rarity - some people could not even believe me that a Qatari takes up a job where he has to serve other people - especially serving the non - Qatari ! Well- he did not do it with pleasure ! He turned up for a short time then he escaped .As I did not wish to wait for ages _ I entered the restaurant to order some drinks and egg custard .Traditionally built Arab house with thick walls is the restaurant building .Rustic interior design - calm ,quiet atmosphere .Some Qatari families just finished their lunch .There is an open buffet for 100 rial .Otherwise one can not eat much there !
The egg custard was very good - it had some extra oriental flavour added - I think it was rose water - and it was really something special .
When the waiter appeared I told him to bring the bill . Fifteen minutes later I ran out of patience and went inside the restaurant again . He was not busy at all -sitting quietly at his desk - the least caring about my bill. When he saw me he apologised .
Besides this special local way of serving - this place had impressed me very much .We were sitting in the terrace with sea view .The massive structure of the building isolated us from the busy city -and it was very calm there .
I do recommend anyone to sit there but only in case one has plenty of time ...
How I recovered in two days from a bad flu ?
I had been taking care of my ill four year old for a week when the flu attacked me on my turn . Usual symptoms : pain everywhere ,high temperature ,very painful coughing .
It reminded me a similar bad flu which had attacked me 17 years back in my twenties .Then it took me more than three weeks to recover .
Now I remembered what I read about the vitamin C and how to cure ourselves .I took one tablet of vitamin C C(1000 mg) every half an hour until it caused diarrhea .Then I took only one or two in the afternoon .The day after I repeated the vitamin C intake and like a miracle I became much better and I was able to get up from my bed and to do the housework .
So easy ,isn't it ? It is difficult to believe since it is so simple !
17 years ago I spent one week in bed - then another week just lazing around the house .We had a holiday booked in the mountains - I had to go . But I still felt terribly weak at times .As we were riding up and down the hills I had big pain on my ear drums . It was a wonderful Indian summer around us we were living in a villa in the middle of the forest and I was not able to enjoy it at all . Then as we were walking in the forest I found some rose hips _ I collected them. When we were kids we used to have a lots of rose hip tea - but it became somehow forgotten . I ate them fresh I drank some infusion ... It worked like a miracle : half day later all my symptoms had vanished ... and i enjoyed a lot our holidays ...

Monday, March 10, 2008

There was a cultural festival in Qatar last week . It started by Placigo Domingo concert and ended by another opera Il barbiere di Siviglia and Demis Roussos concert . There were a lots of events during this one week - exhibitions and theatre plays : fireworks and old boats show .
I wished to go and see it all - but like a typhoon -a virus swept across our house leaving everybody lying in bed with high temperature - so either I was treating my ill family members or I was ill myself - not able to go .

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A sentence that has frightened me : "Qatar Airways will be the first airline in the world to power commercial aircraft with natural gas . "

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