Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How I recovered in two days from a bad flu ?
I had been taking care of my ill four year old for a week when the flu attacked me on my turn . Usual symptoms : pain everywhere ,high temperature ,very painful coughing .
It reminded me a similar bad flu which had attacked me 17 years back in my twenties .Then it took me more than three weeks to recover .
Now I remembered what I read about the vitamin C and how to cure ourselves .I took one tablet of vitamin C C(1000 mg) every half an hour until it caused diarrhea .Then I took only one or two in the afternoon .The day after I repeated the vitamin C intake and like a miracle I became much better and I was able to get up from my bed and to do the housework .
So easy ,isn't it ? It is difficult to believe since it is so simple !
17 years ago I spent one week in bed - then another week just lazing around the house .We had a holiday booked in the mountains - I had to go . But I still felt terribly weak at times .As we were riding up and down the hills I had big pain on my ear drums . It was a wonderful Indian summer around us we were living in a villa in the middle of the forest and I was not able to enjoy it at all . Then as we were walking in the forest I found some rose hips _ I collected them. When we were kids we used to have a lots of rose hip tea - but it became somehow forgotten . I ate them fresh I drank some infusion ... It worked like a miracle : half day later all my symptoms had vanished ... and i enjoyed a lot our holidays ...

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