Saturday, March 22, 2008


Creating an Easter ambiance here in Doha is difficult .We do not have spring here at this time - it is like summer 21C -31C .After that -there are no tulips or daffodils here -at least I did not ever see those flowers here .Our relatives are not here either : essential thing for a great holiday .Especially that the Great Hungarian Sprinkling Day at Easter requires male relatives who would sprinkle on you some water .( my husband never understands why it is so important for us )
What do we have ? Eggs to dye .Red food color . Internet to keep in touch .Delicious cakes I bought at the Center supermarket .Their bakery is really wonderful and I am a little bit tired to bake .And Duna tv to watch some old American film and other one on the life of Mother Teresa .That's how a Hungarian Easter in Doha .

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