Sunday, April 26, 2009


Location : Sport City
A futuristic landmark built for the Asian Olympic Games in 2006 .It is the most beautiful in the evening when it is illuminated by thousands of small lights in dreamy colors .

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Hungarian similar to Persian ?

Where are you from ?
asked me the driver at the end of our ride .
From Hungary .
Hungary ? Is it in the USA ?
No , it is in Europe .
I see . So you speak farsi? ( Persian)
Not at all, we have our own language Hungarian .
Similar to farsi not ?

 That is a big  question !
 The taxi driver is not an expert just heard as speaking our language and it sounded him Persian .Officially the Finnish language is the closest relative of the Hungarian but in the 19th century there were researches pointing to the Sumerian ,Sanskrit ,Persian languages .

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Salata Park

Places In Qatar
A New Park in New Salata residential area ,Doha Qatar .
A nice , medium sized , guarded park with a building for indoor events . Nice place for the community in that area within walking distance for many living there .
Unfortunately in many parts of Doha there are no similar parks and as a result many children spend there days indoors !
Let us hope that the urban planners will introduce more and more areas like that !

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Childhood and recycling

Recycling is the most natural thing for a child .At least that is what I remember . I child can see the usable valuable objects surrounding one and will not let the things be thrown .

I remember that one day when playing we noticed that next to the garbage cans there were a lots of piles of material put .It was from a little clothes factory at our compound ...They worked for German companies .. and they did not get clear instructions on the usage of the leftovers ..

My dolls were dressed in the latest fashion that summer ! So was I - thanks to mum who knew how to sew ... simple designs ...:)

if you want to leave your secondhand clothes for charity organizations - then you can do it at the plazas of Doha . See it here !
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