Sunday, November 16, 2008


floral ,Hungarian ,folk art ,Hungary ,kalocsai ,,floral ,Hungarian ,folk art ,Hungary ,kalocsai ,

floral ,Hungarian ,folk art ,Hungary ,kalocsai ,,floral ,Hungarian ,folk art ,Hungary ,kalocsai ,

Wall clock and pillow with South Hungarian folk art motifs .
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The floral pattern around Kalocsa is the most popular floral folk pattern in Hungary .It's widely used to advertise the country - to sell souvenirs -but it represents only a small area of South Hungary .There 's an area around 120km from the capital,Budapest ,by the Eastern bank of Danube where this style of floral pattern was developed by simple villagers .
Around 150 years ago here the style of embroidery was not so colorful : the wool available for embroidery were of limited color -or faded quickly .Blue and red ,black an red patterns were common in that era.Later when more colors were available then this floral decorations became bigger and multicolor This used to be the wear of the peasants ,farmer women , agricultural laborers in that specific area -and only the Hungarian Catholic peasants used to get dressed this way .It was a cheap solution of having a great Sunday best -as the base material of these clothes was cotton . Having a silk dress used to be a sign of great luxury and these villagers could afford it only once in a lifetime if ever .The bride used to wear a plain black dress made of silk .She used to wear the same dress for funerals and when she died she was buried in this expensive outfit .It used to worth the price of a cow . But her other outfit for her special occasions was embroidered by herself and she could wear it when going to church ,to parties and other special occasions .

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hungary on Arabic speaking channels : the other day the while we were watching Al- Jazeera children channel -we saw a 15 minute documentary on Hungarian horse riding heritage . All the film was shot in Bugac puszta .I wish they were able to pronounce at least the name of this place ! ( not boo-ghak - but booghats ) Otherwise it was nice .
I do not watch a lots of TV . So I can not mention every occasion when Hungary or Hungarians are on TV around here . There was a documentary on Hungarian ethnic minority The Roma or Gypsy people some six years ago on Al-jazeera . It made me very upset . It spread such lies that " The Hungarians do not let the Roma kids go to school - that is why they needed a grammar School built just for them in Pecs "
The reality is that the Hungarian government , teachers etc beg the Gypsy parents that they send their kids to school . Then I heard such thing from villager Gypsy woman" The Hungarians do not allow me to get potable water - if I am lucky I can drink the water for animals " - and she was pushing the usual blue well - found all over the country in the streets - whose water is drinkable -and used by any villagers who do not have an access to tap water .

I just heard that nowadays on LB EU there is a competition of belly dancers and among a contestants there is a Hungarian girl . I was not surprised as belly dance became very popular form of exercise lately at home .
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